Human Interface Guidelines

Blender Human Interface Guidelines

The Blender Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) aim to provide a clear path towards understanding Blender's user interaction schemes and how they apply to its variety of workflows.
They should be a practical resource for contributors, including Add-on authors, designers and core developers.

Please respect that the HIG is rather extensive and that we can't reasonably expect contributors to know all of it.

Work in Progress
The Blender Human Interface Guidelines are currently in early development. This happens progressively, so there is no claim of completeness at all.



The term usability has special relevance to the UI team. Its ISO definition is as follows:

Extend to which a system, product or service can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use.
Source: ISO 9241-11:2018, sec. 3.1.1

There is an important implication in this: To maximize effectiveness of our usability engineering process, we need a deep understanding of who uses Blender, what for and in which context. Our aim is to build the engineering process around this implication.


Here are the things we should address before sharing the HIG more widely:

  • Initial vision statement.
  • Add more contents to Layouts page.
  • Add/improve contents on Process page.
  • Update Sidebar Tabs for 2.8 changes.
  • Clearly mark which pages are "approved".
  • Make things prettier :) (mostly through pictures).