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Week 318: 1st - 7th January

  • General development
    • Most of the week was still in Russia, then in a transfer back to Amsterdam.
    • Friday was mainly spent on hardware maintenance here in the studio.
    • Was also doing some task scheduler refactor, to avoid API clutter and allow extra threadability and avoid threading overhead.

Fixed: 0, Closed: 0.

Week 319: 8th - 14th January

  • General development
    • Spend some time on getting Dell servers updated and checked from hardware point of view. Soon they can be moved to our rack!
    • Did 10% to 40% optimizations on subsurf and mesh deform.
    • Increase memory limit settings to their possible max on platform
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T53691 Motion Tracking Object Solver Constraint doesn't work as Bone Constraint
    • Fix T53759 Cycles / 2.8: Light position doesnt update in viewport render

Fixed: 2, Closed: 0.

Week 320: 15th - 21st January

  • General development
    • Sculpting: Add an option to hide mask in viewport (requested by Julien in the studio)
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T53794 Can't control color ramp node color values with drivers
    • Fix T53788 Camera animation not working
  • Dependencu graph
    • Fix fake cyclic dependencies for node tree drivers
    • Fix missing node tree updates when unconnected node affects output via driver
    • Fix for fake dependency cycle being created for shape key drivers
  • Blender 2.8
    • Fix/workaround for missing hair
    • Spend quite some time on passing depsgraph to fix 53788.

Fixed: 2, Closed: 6.

Week 321: 22nd - 29th January