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Personal TODO list

Here's personal my TODO list and list of projects i would like to work on

Motion Tracking

Most of the projects from here are also depend on help from Keir

  • Make Follow Track aware of panoramic cameras
  • Weighted tracks (a way to say solver some tracks are not so good)
  • Relative tracks depth (define which track is in front of others)
  • Variable focal length support
  • Survey data support
  • Multicamera reconstruction
  • Improve scene orientation operators
  • Better stabilization tools (i.e. based on reconstructed camera curve)
  • Tracker-based segmentation
  • Edge tracker
  • Automatic reconstruction pipeline
  • Light estimation
  • Support of multilayer EXR sequence as movie clip datablock
  • Rolling shutter compensation
  • Lens estimation
  • Grid calibration
  • Single frame reconstruction
  • Dense surface reconstruction
  • Automatic keyframe selection
  • Multithreaded proxies build

Smaller tasks:

  • Choose unit for sensor size (mm, inch), requested by some users
  • Different grease pencil strokes displaying in different modes
  • Frames prefetching and multi-threaded load
  • Auto keyframe by default


  • Better API integration (support of function calls from C++ RNA, check on how Python API could be extended)
  • "Persistent" textures in memory (keep textures in GPU in-between rendering to save time initialize rendering)
  • Movies and packed images support
  • Tile size in pixels rather than in number per dimension
  • Highlight currently rendering tiles
  • Overscan support
  • Rethink preview.blend stuff
  • Write sample render engine demonstrating a way of integrating into Blender
  • Lens distortion (also for Blender Internal) -- more realistic VFX
  • Baking
  • Memory usage overview (for GPU and CPU)
  • Material preview panel

Color Management

  • Sequencer strips input space
  • Color picking color space support
  • Texture painting color space support
  • Better support of configuration for render farm (i.e. packed OCIO configuration or so)

Mask editing

  • Mask editing from sequencer and compositor

Other areas and smaller projects

  • Wacom Intuos 5 support, fixes and improvements
  • Switch all image blocks to common caching mechanism
  • Review FFmpeg presets, make them more clear from interface point of view
  • Remove unwanted internal buffers used for video decoding to enhance caching policy
  • Delete Lower for multiresolution
  • Make it possible to show sculpting data on multires level 0
  • Automatic image sequence offset guessing
  • Zoom to mouse location in image editor
  • Option to apply taper object on beveled area, taking bevel factor into account


  • Bevel Points are confusingly different for 3D and 2D cases. Could be nice to make this code unified.
  • Flags CU_2D for spline and CU_3D for curve are confusing. Better naming would help without damaging current .blend files.