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Sculpting doesn't interact with deformed mesh -- undeformed shape is used when user makes stroke. It's neither predictable nor comfortable to sculpt in in such configuration. But it's impossible to propagate displacement from deformed mesh to base correct in all cases, and it'll be unpredictable too for most of cases.


Separate displaying of mesh at which sculpting is applying and final mesh. So user would be able to see exact how and where displacement is applying to the base mesh and also would be able to see final result. Not sure it's ideal, but let's try!


Link to patch could be found here

Binary builds: linux 32 bit glibc-2.8, linux 64 bit glibc-2.8, Windows 32 cross-compilation


After applying this patch you'll notice that nmodifiers not applying on mesh in sculpt mode, but you should be able to see "Show cage" checkbox in sculpt options in T-menu. When it's switched on half-transparent final mesh would be displayed in sculpt mode.


This patch only shows general idea. There could be some iprovements, like

  • Configurable color and alpha for cage
  • Hidding cage when making stroke
  • Generate absolute new idea and tell me


I'm not sculpt-artist myself, so I want to know your opinion. Feel free to answer me in mailing list, or directly to me (g.ulairi at or man with nick nazg-gul in #blendercoders