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This page has some random info about programming fonts, Im a fan of small, readable bitmap fonts.



One that stands out as being one of the best is GohuFont, which I find better then Dina and Montecarlo - which are similar but not quite as easy to distinguish characters at small sizes.



This is a really nice font and is quite distingtive though not as compact as GohuFont.

The main downside of this font is there is no bold version.

I ended up making some minor edits for better use for programming (using fontforge).

  • changed encoding from winroman to iso8859 (for some reason Ubuntu didnt show the font without re-encoding)
  • slashed zero - essential for a programming font!
  • accentuate lowercase 'L' - not to confuse with 1
  • accentuate punctuation characters: ` ’ ,
    ... also to tell apart from similar characters.

based on the 2009-03-16 revision:

Made my own bold version: