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Python integration with event system

From conversation with dash on #python, need to investigate this.
<dash> being able to add FDs to the selectable fd set from python would be a huge win
<dash> so have a look at how pygtk handles this
<dash> you call gobject.io_add_watch with an FD and a python function to call back
<dash> with a C function wrapping the python callable

opening stuff in preferred editor

open traceback errors


<mindrones> ideasman_42 I can move the mouse on the lines of the traceback, would be interesting/useful/cool of we can click on one of them and go to the line in out preferred editor, set in userprefs
<mindrones> ideasman_42 like crep
<mindrones> ideasman_42 would ease dev a lot
<ideasman_42> mindrones, yes, this would be nice
<ideasman_42> that should come back, but for opening text in editors based on errors, well I do this manually but automatic may be useful too
<ideasman_42> but it may also be that the sort of people who end up fixing these bugs also are technical enough to use cedit/crep/ style utils
<mindrones> ideasman_42 well I I click on a line like:
<mindrones>   File "/home/user/my/blender/builds/cmake/bin/2.55/scripts/op/", line 110, in execute 
<mindrones> then a simple parse for "line" would do
<mindrones> ideasman_42 otherwise on different lines click does nothing

open UI code in preferred editor

<ideasman_42> can also right click on a button and open that in an editor on the exact line
<ideasman_42> would be easy+nice function to have


breaking code written in console

<ideasman_42> Ctrl+C in terminal too
<mindrones> also in console

Misc Documentation TODO's

  • how to interact with bpy. The organization,
    bpy == blender python.
    what is bpy?
  • Explain '' - access many sequences of datablocks
  • how to panels reference, operators
  • Explain why you would have a text in a blend file? -- what is the purpose of this? (use case - rigging for eg.)
  • Explain why __name__ == '__main__'
  • Explain mysterious attrs. bl_*
  • What to ignore in the API reference? (explain )
  • Explain operator strings - how they inter-relate in the UI.
  • Docs should say if subclass function/attributes are required!!
  • IDE / tools / workflow - give some examples of known, good workflows.

BGE Game Jam 2013

  • 2d circle intersect function (in our games code).
  • bridge single edge can fail
  • action rotation on wrong axis, need an early version.
  • BGE add boundbox attribute