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This project primarily aims at coding a shrinkwrap modifier. And some other modifiers/tools that can turn shrinkwrapping more interesting.

A shrinkwrap modifier would allow an object to be "shrinked" to match/touch another object shape. The modifier will work based on vertex groups allowing a part of a model to shrink or be projected (with controllable distance) to another object in scene.

Within this project other tools will be developed: plane topology extraction from a 2d image; other tools can be developed as more ideas can show up and based on available time;

Where to get the source or builds?

The source can be fetched from svn

Also, some community users have done a few builds. Most of them available at graphicall builds

User Documentation

Shrinkwrap Modifier

Shrinkwrap Constraint

SimpleDeform modifier

Import Plane from Image

Code Documentation


Bug on SweepingSphereIntersectsTriangleUV

Old code
New code


2 Planes witouth shrinkwrap
After shrinkwrap
Import a mesh from an image
Nearest vertex example
Simple Deform
Sphere cast
by mfoxdogg
by mfoxdogg

Some members have also made movies about it: