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Shrinkwrap Constraint


This constraint is based on the Shrinkwrap Modifier which allows an object to "shrink" to another object.

This constraint will move the origin of the object to the closest position on a given target. Three methods are implemented to define that "closest" position (namely Nearest Surface, Nearest Vertex, Normal Projection).

One of the usages is for example to colapse control objects/emptys to the ground.


  • Shrink target defines the object to shrinkwrap around
  • Shrink mode defines the type of shrink:
    • Nearest Surface selects the nearest point over the surface of the shrink target
    • Nearest Vertex selects the nearest vertex of the shrink target
    • Normal projection projects vertexes in a given direction until touching the shrink target
      • Projection axis can be any of X,Y,Z
  • Distance offset defines the distance that must be kept from the calculated target position.