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Midterm Report

In my proposal I had intended to have half of the deliverables implemented by now. I had planned around 7 deliverables. However, until now I only managed to implement 2.

In conversation with my mentor, it was decided that the "Multiple Material Slots" deliverable is to be changed to Bonus Goals, that is, it will be the last thing implemented during GSoC iff I still have time to implement it.

Improved Extrusion

In all previous Blender releases, one would set the "Extrude" value for a curve and the resulting object would have twice that height.

Improved extrusion1.png

In order to address this, I added two new options: "Unidirectional Extrude" and its counterpart "Reverse Extrude Direction". These do what they are meant to do.

GSoc2016-improved extrusion2.png

GSoc2016-improved extrusion3.png

This patch can be combined with Bevel.

GSoc2016-improved extrusion4.png

Extend Tool

The Extend tool can be found in many CAD packages, and it was already available in Blender as an Add-on.

I implemented it directly into Blender.

To use it, add a curve, enter Edit Mode, open the Tool Shelf, scroll down to "Curve Tools". The extend button is the last.

Closing the same curve

Extending a curve

Intersecting two handles