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Asset Bundles

Human Base Meshes

The Human Base Meshes bundle got an update with new models, improved topology, and various fixes. Download it from the Demo Files page.

Base meshes update.png

New Assets

  • Planar Head
    • For reference or as a sculpting base
    • Generic base topology for flexible deformation
  • Generic Head Topology
    • Generic base topology for flexible deformation and sculpting/modeling base
    • Includes various shape keys for various example head shapes
  • Various Primitive Assets
    • For quick start into new character design sculpts
    • Stylized and realistic assets
    • Body and head assets
    • Separated into multiple objects with parenting for fast non-destructive object posing
    • Linked object data between left and right side objects.
    • Includes subdiv modifier
  • Replaced Realistic Male Body
    • Based on scan data for increased realism


  • Tooltips now are now added via the asset description
  • Improved eye scale on realistic assets
  • Various small fixes and improvements to existing assets