Reference/Release Notes/4.0

Blender 4.0 Release Notes

Blender 4.0 is currently in Alpha. Phase Bcon2 until September 27, 2023. See schedule.

Under development in main.

Animation & Rigging


EEVEE & Viewport

Grease Pencil

Modeling & UV

Nodes & Physics

Pipeline, Assets & I/O

Python API & Text Editor



Sculpt, Paint, Texture

User Interface


VFX & Video


Asset Bundles


  • The mesh format changes from previous versions are now included in the Blender file format.
    • Blender 3.6 LTS can read files from 4.0, but earlier versions cannot.
    • Blender 3.6 LTS will save meshes in a format compatible with older versions of Blender, so it can be used as conversion tool if needed.
    • See the section in the Python API section for more details.
  • The new blendfile compatibility policy (#109151) has been implemented (see PR #110109).
  • OBJ and PLY I/O add-ons have been removed, since their formats are now natively imported and exported by Blender (see the add-ons page for details).