Reference/Release Notes/3.4/User Interface

User Interface


  • Searching by name isn't possible anymore in the Hierarchies view of the Library Overrides display mode. This is to workaround big performance issues in complex scenes. (rB21b92a5f)
  • The data-block type filter was removed from the Properties view of the Library Overrides display mode. It isn't needed anymore since data-blocks are now grouped by type anyway. (rBb5fc8f61)
  • The context menu doesn't show whole sections of operations that cannot operate on the selected elements anymore. (rB7eda9d8d)
  • Improved element count display with better readability and higher numbers.(rBa5d3b648, 84825e4ed2).
Element count display before and after
D16284 - before.png
D16284 - after.png


  • The select menu (accessed by holding Alt while picking objects & bones) now orders results by distance (nearest first) (47d3e76567).
  • Improved display of text caret and selection when editing 3D Text Objects (a1e01f4c02).


  • Added shortcuts PageUp and PageDown to the console to scroll entire pages, as well as ↖ Home to reset scrolling to the bottom. (rB82fc52ff)
  • Detect existing file and add +/- auto-increase for output filepaths (render filepath and File Output node for now) (rB78bfaf1a).
  • Font thumbnails now preview languages, shapes, content, and intended use better. (4e7983e073).
  • Improved editing of text that contains non-precomposed diacritical marks. (12fdf9069a).