Reference/Release Notes/2.81/UI

Blender 2.81: User Interface


The outliner got many usability improvements.

  • Selection is now synced between the 3D viewport and outliner by default, in both directions.
  • Walk navigation with up and down keys.
  • Expand and collapse with left and right keys, hold shift to apply recursively.
  • Box select with click and drag.
  • Range selection with shift click, extend selection with ctrl click, and range select without deselecting with ctrl shift click.
  • Expand arrow click and drag to expand or collapse multiple.
  • Sub elements shown as icon row can now be selected.
  • Object selection with eyedropper now works in the outliner.
  • Filter option to show hidden objects.
  • F2 to rename active outliner element.
  • Parent drag and drop for multiple objects.
  • Icons for constraints, vertex groups and sequencer.

File Browser

The file browser was redesigned.

  • Opens as floating window with more standard layout.
  • Popovers for view and filter options.
  • Importer/exporter options in panels in the sidebar.
  • Vertical list view with interactive column header.
  • New and updated icons.

Mouse and keyboard interaction is also more consistent and powerful.

  • Select with left click, open with double click
  • Context menu with right click.
  • Range selection with left click.
  • Extend selection with right click.

Batch Rename

Where you could previously rename the active item with F2, you can now also batch rename all selected items with Alt F2.

  • Find & replace, with regular expressions
  • Set, prefix or suffix
  • Strip characters
  • Change capitalization


  • Changed the default drawing method of Vector sockets. They are now drawn expanded using a column layout. (26911ba1)


  • Option to use OS-Key for emulate middle mouse button. (d596a6368)