Reference/Release Notes/2.81/Rigging

Blender 2.81: Animation & Rigging

Animation Curves

  • The default automatic handle smoothing mode for new F-Curves can now be changed via User Preferences -> Animation. (aabd8701aa)


  • The Inherit Scale checkbox is replaced with a dropdown providing more options, e.g. Inherit Average Scale. (fcf2a712fc)


  • New Copy As New Driver context menu option to streamline creating drivers that copy the value of a different property. (47335b4e47)
  • Support overriding the Euler order and access Quaternion values in rotational Transform Channel driver variables. (82ef1edc82, 8837063988)
  • Swing + Twist rotation decomposition to Transform Channel driver variables. (e91ea20ee9)


Copy Scale

Copy Rotation

  • Option to explicitly specify the Euler order used during copy. (18d4ad5a18)
  • Replaced the Offset checkbox with a Mix dropdown providing better combining options. (f4056e9ef4)

Copy Transforms


  • Options to explicitly specify the input and output Euler order. (18d4ad5a18)
  • Swing + Twist rotation decomposition as a choice for rotation input mode. (e91ea20ee9)
  • Mix dropdown option that allows changing how the transformation is combined with the original. (e858d21ae8)

Custom Properties

  • Custom property UI now supports short arrays, useful for storing vectors or colors as a single property. (aef08fdaae)
  • Array custom properties can be set to appear as a standard color picker button in the UI. (55c38f4755)