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LineArt Development Log Continued (2020/10)

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1001-1008 is National day holiday :D

Fixed code for GPencil modifier API changes.


Lineart vertex group.jpg

Added a function that allows using mesh vertex group to control result GPencil lines, so that different part of mesh can be controlled differently by using multiple modifiers and even after baking strokes (because weight data is transferred to GPencil).

(After some further discussions with Sebastian we eventually came up with a better UI concept of doing this, so below are just for referencing the mechanism of this functionality.)

Here's what you are gonna do:

  1. Do whatever vertex group in your mesh, this acts like a source.
  2. Add one or multiple output vertex group in the GPencil object that's gonna have the line art modifier.
  3. In line art modifier, enter the vertex group name. If you have multiple groups you want to use, then enter the common prefix of those names.
  4. Select an output vertex group, then all selected source vertex groups will go into that.
  5. [Done 1003] If check "Match output", then all selected vertex groups will go into the ones with the same name in that GPencil object.
  6. In later modifiers, select whatever GPencil vertex group you want to use and adjust effect correspondingly.


Match output option for vertex group data transfer.

Also: can enable/disable smooth weight transfer. When disabled, all non-zero weight in source will be registered as weight=1 in output GPencil vertex group.


Crease value changes to degrees. (Finally?!)


Line cut data reduction, initial test show 100MB memory saving on a 5M face scene. If you have a lot occlusion going on this might save a lot more memory.

Added some memory debug prints.


Camera scaling matrix is applied before rendering, so that you can have a perspective camera that is of any scale but producing the correct result.

  • TODO: Check ortho camera behavior!

Fixed crease line lost bug when having a clipping plane cutting on them.


  • [Done] Ortho camera scaling behaviour check
    • Scaling is correct, but clipping range is wrong, should be z -1 to 1 range in NDC.
LineArt remove double option.png

Added an option for removing doubles during mesh loading. This simplifies steps for a largely triangulated model that probably came from some exports from parametric software.

Optimized vertex weight transferring interface. Now leaving name filter blank will select all vertex groups when "Match names" is checked.

  • TODO: Maybe we need to disable that entirely when that is not checked? (unselect output does the same though).

Chaining now perform better!

  • Fixed a problem within the fuzzy chaining logic, now working properly.
  • Optimized for near-bounding area look up so there should be less "unreasonable breakups" of chains.

Also updated the patch for depth controlled fading in GPencil alone, Here is the Diff now with better controllability for start-end values.


A change that allows only feature lines to be loaded, so there will only be very few lines that go into the calculation stage, thus memory savings!

LineArt memory statistics 1021.jpg

Also some memory optimizations here and there, removed adjacent links from triangle (rt->rl[3]), this typically gives some extra 200MBs back. On the right is a diagram that compares memory usage before today's update and the versions before.

  • [Finally done in 1023] Culling function is now buggy due to new adjacent info storage, needs investigation.


LineArt memory statistics 1022.png

More optimizations on memory footprint, mainly on the intersection data. The same test shows better statistics on the right.

Partially fixed culling.


Culling now allocate its own memory area so it's freed after the stage is done. Adjacent links are good now. Tested on large models and it's working perfectly.

Fixed some bugs.


Moved calculation progress string to appropriate position.


Unchecking "Line Art" master switch will cause hang, because it's waiting for the calculation to be done instead of stop right away. Now fixed with proper cancelling.


All operator code moved to lineart_ops.c.

"Extra" options are now in a separate panel under line art.

I'm doing fixes to format and comments.

Blender now refuse to start :( it says following and crashed:

Fatal Python error: initfsencoding: Unable to get the locale encoding ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'encodings'


I'm now preparing the patch for review. Fixed a bunch of coding style stuff from the comments, including typo, comment styles, UI clean-ups.

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