Week 1 Report

GPencil Comp

Things have done

In this week, there are mainly following things to address:

  1. Naming for most parts of the code are now in Blender's style.
  2. Included a GPencil stroke generator. Capable of generating 2D chains from smooth contour modifier result (Sebastian's work) and from 3D chains computed by LANPR code(My part). Included an option for toggling drawing GPencil on overlay or with depth.
  3. GPencil stroke generator now support animation rendering from LANPR data, which execute stroke calculation directly in render, no need to use custom script.
  4. Cleaned up the memory allocation in LANPR's software mode. Now everything uses memory pool in software mode. The data is cached after calculation and freed at the beginning of the next frame or when the engine destroys.
  5. Other code cleanups.

The following week

  1. `engine_free()` from LANPR engine is not called when blender quits. Resulting in memory leaks. Maybe missing some registration parameters.
  2. Ctrl-Z will cause the render buffer to reset. Maybe should move the whole render buffer into `g_data` ?
  3. 3D chaining vertex attribute has a offest of 1, cause determined, suspect incorrect or duplicated vertex when generating GPencil stroke.
  4. New UI for composition, should support material/object/collection selector and the newly integrated GPencil functionality.
  5. LANPR engine should be able to toggle GPencil or internal render mode depending on the modifier and active engine selection.