LANPR GSoC 2019 Summary

GSoC 2019 has ended. LANPR was fortunate enough to have get a lot of improvements from the last year’s development. A huge thanks for everyone that checked in and helped me in the development process! I am positive that LANPR could make it into Blender versoin 2.81, at least the core functionalities.

What has been achieved

  • Stability and performance improvements for both modes in LANPR.
  • Feature line chaining algorithm improvements for better animation quality.
  • Grease Pencil output capability for LANPR.
  • A new selection of rendering components.
  • New interface to fully match Blender 2.8x design.
  • Better code structure to match Blender’s source conventions.
  • Many small features for workflow integrations.

Where can I find the work

Code and compiled branch

Downloading a pre-compiled binary for use? Go to GraphicAll and look for NPR for your operating system. Those binary packages are built by the awesome people form Blender Community.

You can get source code from Blender’s official repository as shown below.

git clone

Use soc-2019-npr branch to get a complete working example of all the functionalities LANPR provides. Currently temp-lanpr-staging branch can be accessed to see temporary code for merging. Will update this page when the new code branch is available for upcoming developments.

To see the complete code patch and review changes, go to LANPR patch on Blender Developer. Subscribe this patch to get notifications when there are updates.

User document draft

Document is available on this wiki page. We are going through the process of code reviewing and workflow polishing (and creating a lot of new problems in the same time) with the developers, so this version of the document only applies to current development version of LANPR, and may suffer many changes as the development goes.

Development logs

Development logs together with some notes are all available here on the updates page.

You can also find updates and user feedbacks from this Blender Artists thread and this DevTalk thread.

Other information

LANPR main page on Blender Wiki. The last year’s wiki is archived as the wiki migrates, you can also easily find those previous pages there.

You can access LANPR main page on YimingWu’s personal website, this include all the previous development logs and related information that doesn’t belong particularly to GSoC. Please note that the majority of the content except GSoC related is in Chinese.