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Modes in LANPR

There are two modes in LANPR: CPU and GPU modes.

CPU mode

LANPR computes everything on your CPU but then draws the results using OpenGL. CPU can compute complex occlusion information and intersection lines.

CPU mode is partly threaded, it should be substantially faster than Freestyle. Also, LANPR should also deliver a relatively stable performance in scenarios with unevenly distributed geometries and camera configurations.

GPU mode

LANPR does line transformations and feature line extraction using OpenGL shaders in a computational way (Hence it doesn’t matter if you enable CUDA/OpenCL or not, it is still OpenGL). Then the result is again drawn using OpenGL.

(Note: When GPU mode is selected, LANPR still needs to calculate intersection lines on CPU. In the future, GPU based intersection calculation may be implemented.)

LANPR can render feature lines in real-time with GPU mode, although with heavy scenes it might be slower. However, GPU mode can not achieve accurate occlusion, when this is a need, you may want to choose CPU mode.

Your machine needs to have video card installed in order to render any results out of LANPR engine itself, because either way it requires OpenGL. Intel core display is acceptable too, but may encounter some problems with LANPR GPU mode (newer models does seem to handle things much better).