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GSoC Part


During GSoC time, these tasks are accomplished as planned:

- Create a LANPR engine in Blender (2.8 branch).

- Implement GPU side DPIX and Snake edge extraction algorithm.

- Implement CPU side software edge extraction algorithm.

- Include a smooth contour mesh modifier code by Sebastian Parborg, Many thanks! (note: I didn't write the modifier code, but we both are looking forward to make this algorithm into Blender so we did cooperated on this one), the algorithm can be found here.

- Design a basic graphical user interface for LANPR. The UI is going through some major changes during Blender2.8's development, so this part is predicted to have many changes afterwards.

- Make the render pipeline fully functional in viewport, Single image rendering and sequence rendering.

The development report from every week, [be accessed here].

LANPR Outputs

Click here to view LANPR Showcase >>>

User Documents

Click here to view documents >>>

I've written a basic user manual for LANPR engine. Currently not in master document trunk, because it's mainly for Blender 2.79 not 2.8, so here I put a copy of the document here, This should be enough for evaluation and later usages. The patch (D3572) for going into the master document can be seen here.

Code Repository

LANPR patch for Blender 2.8 is linked here >>>, this also including brief explanations. For detailed git commit list (if you are curious...), My branch is over here on Blender's gitweb.

Please note that at the time this passage is written, LANPR branch still haven't been merged into master branch of Blender 2.8

The code for LANPR project can be accessed from Blender's main repository. Want to compile yourself? Please check Blender Wiki for instructions.

Switch to soc-2018-npr branch to see my code result.

The smooth contour modifier by Sebastian Parborg which is been merged into LANPR patch, its task page can be seen here.

Additionally, you will need OpenSubDiv 3.3.0 (and above) pre-built libraries to compile my code (because the smooth contour algorithm uses functions from it). OpenSubDiv part in Blender is also changing at the time, so make sure you check about it if it gives compile errors.

Compile issues on Windows (MSVC) and Linux (GCC) is tested under default compiler settings and works well. There might be some minor issue related with compiler strict flags, tweak your compiler settings if you keep encounter weird problems.

Existing Problems and Future Developments

There are many small issues that are not solved quite well currently. I actually have plans to stay around for some time and fix those small problems when I had time. But I'm not as experienced as full time professional developers, so LANPR could use a little help if you are interested in it.

Please refer to Development Reference Page for detailed info.

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