Weekly Reports 2023

Week 14: January 02 - 06

Cycles/Geometry Nodes: working on the microfacet_hair branch

  • Try out different normal modes in the geometry node for the hair curve, such as aligning with the curvature vector or the direction with the minimal potential energy (Cycles only supported hair with circular cross-sections. The new hair BSDF supports elliptical cross-section, it is therefore important to compute meaningful orientations of the ellipse along the curve.)

Week 15: January 09 - 12

Cycles: working on the microfacet_hair branch

  • Replaced the default interpolation weight between the minimal twist vector and the curvature vector with a user-defined weight (rB8ee7e626a5a6)
  • Discussed with Jacques/Hans/Brecht, the new normal mode will be set aside for now, in order to separate Cycles and Geometry Nodes development.
  • Small cleanups and bug fixes in preparation of merging the branch to master.

Week 16: January 16 - 20

Cycles: Refactoring and cleanups.