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Code Quality Day ideas


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  • Move auto-keying code into a separate C file, such that the related code sits together instead of strewn across multiple C files. Or at least document what can be found where.
  • Split ed_screen_context() into separate functions, or at least refactor to use early returns.
  • Move keyframe-insertion code from editors to blenkernel.
  • Split splineik_evaluate_bone() into separate functions.
  • Rename BKE_scene_get_depsgraph() to BKE_scene_get_viewport_depsgraph()

After the new Alembic exporter has been merged into master

  • USD/Alembic: refactor code to replace std containers with BLI ones.
  • USD/Alembic: replace HierarchyContext & with HierarchyContext *.