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Name: Sybren A. Stüvel
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Twitter: @sastuvel
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About me

I'm a Blender developer employed by the Blender Institute (weekly reports).

I obtained my PhD in 2016 at the Virtual Worlds group, Utrecht University, on the subject of the animation of virtual characters in very dense crowds. You can find my thesis and other publications on my website. I obtained my MSc degree in computer science (Game & Media Technology) with honours, at the Utrecht University, in 2010. My thesis subject was a solution to the stepping stone problem: the generation of walking motion from pre-recorded motion capture data, such that the feet step exactly at the required positions.

Besides my work at the university, I've worked for several companies, most notably Eyefi Interactive in Amsterdam (2001-2006), and Chess IX in Haarlem (2006-2011) where I was Senior Software Engineer & Technical Architect.

Since 2011 I've been attending the Blender conference, and also gave a workshop "Blender as research tool: from data to visualization" in 2013 and a talk "[2] Simulation of dense crowds of virtual characters]" in 2015.

Since roughly 1994 I've been programming in C/C++, and since 2005 in Python. Open Source projects I currently maintain are the Python Flickr API implementation and a pure-Python RSA implementation. Blender I've used since 2003, for graphics, animations, and creating the video clips of my band The Soundabout. I used it daily for my PhD work, and I've created various add-ons to support my workflow. Currently I work at the Blender Institute to work on the Blender Cloud & Blender ID.

Creative work

Apart from all the computer-related stuff I'm also the drummer in the Dutch ska & reggae band The Soundabout. I'm also a photographer, and mostly shoot either portraits using an old Hasselblad 500C/M (I do my own development in my dark room) or create full-spherical panoramas.