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Weekly Reports: September - December 2019 (Blender Institute)

September 16 - September 22


  • Show in-/decrement buttons for exporters (8d6b0eda5d).
  • Open file options region for more operations (28ee0f97c3).
  • Refactor temp-space opening for optional fullscreen mode (95373e274908).
  • Move render display type to Preferences (cac756a92aae).
  • Preference for file browser as fullscreen area (f5bbaf55ac3d).
  • Cleanup: Add/use utility to remove regions (f5dc979a7eb0).
  • Rewrite file region handling for non-editor mode (d1cc340e5669).
  • Refactor: Ensure there's always a valid file editor tool region (b20182e33418).
  • Remove redundant file bookmarks region toggle operator (2f1e8f4b97e7).
  • Use vertical file list for "Recover Auto Save" (f0ec7c2ec6ed).
  • Replace big options button in file browser (adfe68e2025b).
  • Avoid file browser directory change if path didn't change (ac15bf16462b).



September 9 - September 15

Moved to Amsterdam this week! Unfortunately doing that took me quite some time, so this report will be much shorter than the last one.

  • Refactor buttton extra icons to support multiple icons with custom operators (D5730, 828905190e).
  • Add superimposed + and - icons for file increasing/decreasing (2aa3e9c67c).
  • File browser deselect on click on empty space (42c062c98a).
  • [Submitted for review] Preferences options for temporary editor display type (D5754).
  • [Submitted, but abandoned for alternative solution] Ghost: Add support for always-on-top windows (D5765).



September 1 - September 8

Tried to get the file browser UI design overhaul in early in the week. Managed to do that, but had to spend most remaining time fixing many related issues (not all caused by our changes). This did however raise some concerns regarding testing for me, which I'd like to discuss with the UI team soon.
Initially I wanted to address some other usability related tasks while I'm still working from home (mostly T57918). We got plenty of feedback on the file browser changes though and we want to further tweak some things. So I will continue work on the file browser. Pablo, William, Brecht and I seem to agree on this.

General Usability

File Browser Design Overhaul Merge

Overhauled File Browser UI Design.png


All related to the file browser redesign (though, not all caused by it):


Reviewed a few smaller patches for the file browser:

  • D5667: File Browser Optional Created and Accessed Date Columns (requested changes)
  • D5713: File Browser Custom Folder Color (commented with suggestions, didn't want to accept or request changes)
  • D5671: Fbx export crashes blender

Also participated in the UI meeting on Wednesday.


Not much happened on the VR front, plan is to step things up once I'm in Amsterdam. Dalai reviewed my GSoC branch (D5537) and didn't seem to have any bigger concern.
There's also continuous contact with potential XR module team members. I've asked to move design discussion to design tasks now (T68998, T68994, T68995), so expect some activity there soon-ish.