Weekly Reports: 2023

January 16 - January 22

Worked for 4 days only. Managed to focus mostly on brush assets.

  • Further work on the asset shelf (as part of the brush assets project):
    • Basic asset shelf prototype (rB8ddf492e)
    • Extend asset shelf region with a region for the catalogs & options (rBb3ee7ad2)
    • Popup to select which catalogs are displayed in the asset shelf footer (rB4fa69fbd)

Master Commits:

  • Cleanup: Rename confusing region variable (rB2c6ed49c)
  • Fix crash when listing assets repeatedly in node search menus (rBe4e91bf8)

Created patches:

  • Python: Support multiple custom script directories in Preferences. (D17007)


  • [Accepted] Fix T103881: Unlink operation crash in Blender File view (D17017)

Next Week

  • Focus on brush assets.
  • Catch up with high priority reports.
  • General code review.
  • Technical documentation day.

January 9 - January 15

Only halfway working this week (I'm moving!).

  • Finished "All" asset library patch and merged into master (see below for master commits)
    • Fix all library always tagging catalogs as changed (rBa83d40c4)
    • Cleanups after informal review with Sybren (rB59eec2f6)
  • Updated Blender projects branch:
    • Support & use new asset library path query from master (rBe63671c2)
    • Support project asset libraries in new asset library loading (rBb999b79d)
  • Worked on patch to support multiple custom script directories in the Preferences. (P3438)
  • Added Human Interface Guidelines entry on workflow oriented design as opposed to entity related design (

Master Commits:

  • Cleanup: Compile filesel.c in C++ (rB9b8c2f91)
  • Assets: "All" asset library (rB35e54b52)
  • Refactor: Use new "All" asset library to extend node menus with assets (rB66af1657)


  • [Accepted] Fix: Missing null checks for asset catalog. (D16995)
  • [Gave feedback] Widen the NLA action drop-down menu. (D16857)]

Next Week

  • Focus on brush assets.
  • Technical documentation day?

January 2 - January 8

Came back from holidays mid-week, so had to deal with the usual: Catching up with mails, broken Blender builds, merge branches, etc.

Master Commits:

  • Fix empty asset index files after bug in asset loading (rB1229b966)


  • [Accepted] UI: Skip expensive view button searching when drawing (D16882)
  • [Accepted] BLI: Refactor matrix types & functions to use templates (D16625)

Next Week

  • More catch up work.
  • Brush assets.