Weekly Reports for year 2020

Week 418: 30th December - 5th January

  • General development
    • Another short week due to new year
    • Updated volume regression tests for Cycles (for Manta)
    • Some tasks for the studio (computers, servers, ...)
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T72820 Linked objects jumping around during render
    • Fix T72821 Crash when ID is removed from post-update callback
  • Next week
    • Increase productivity in tracker/fixes.

Fixed 2, Closed 2.

Week 419: 6th - 12th January

  • General development
    • Depsgraph: Fix wrong ID filtering
    • Fix crash opening specific files (like the one from TT48684)
    • Helped OpenData team with the release of new benchmark launcher
    • Looked into performance issues (TT57936). Will publish updated report later next week.
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T62311 Metaball animation playback crash
    • Fix T71908 Animated properties are lost after frame-post handler
  • Next week
    • Some studio related duties (dying hardware)
    • Clean up old patches/reports assigned to self
    • Keep up with high priority bugs

Fixed 2, Closed 0.

Week 420: 13th - 19th January

  • General development
    • Depsgraph: Re-iterated over fix for handlers and animated properties. Initial fix caused regression in more commonly used cases, so it was reverted. Actual solution goes somewhere way deeper.
    • Fixes for non-x86_64 platforms for 2.82 for linux distors.
    • Collected updated performance bottlenecks for T57936
    • Meeting with Brecht and Dalai about roadmap for 2020.
  • Next week
    • Some more meetings will likely be needed for roadmap
    • Document performance investigation
    • Make a plan of action for multires, have second pair of eyes (hi, Brecht :) on it

Fixed 0, Closed 0.

Week 421: 20th - 26th January

  • General development

- Fix wrong DNA alignment on specific architectures (such as arm) - Refactored the way external dependencies are communicated to CMake, letting build system to have full dependency graph. Fixing weird unpredictable linking errors, which depend on feature set. - Fixed static initialization order fiasco of TBB/MKL. - Worked on a way to be able to have measurable

Fixed 0, Closed 0.