Weekly Reports for year 2019

Week 368: 7th - 13th January

  • General development
    • Subdiv: Use defined order of corner/edge vertices
    • Subdiv: Fix memory leak
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T60235 Flickering of object instances
    • Fix T60340 Removing f-curve modifier doesn't update animation
    • Fix T60393 Subdiv gives wrong vertex colors
    • Fix T60227 Crash when Cycles uses more than system threads
  • Cycles
    • Make BVH wider prior to packing, simplifies tweaking it for performance.

Fixed: 4, Closed: 1.

Week 369: 14th - 20th January

  • General development
    • Fix crash creating new file after modifications
  • Blender 2.8
    • Subdiv: Initial implementation of topology cache. Currently disabled, will run tests on production files and enable if those work reliably.
    • Multires: Fix spike issues when sculpting on triangles.
    • Multires: Correct averaging, solving some artifacts with existing files.

Fixed: 0, Closed: 1.

Week 370: 21st - 27th January

  • General development
    • Sequencer: Fix python error on Add menu on default workspace
    • Animation player: tweaks for zooming in and out
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T59395 Subdivision modifier with quality 1 crashes blender
    • Fix T60575 Multiresolution Crashes when appliing more subdivisions
    • Fix T60686 Renaming an animated bone breaks its animation
    • Fix T58640 Round corner in edge crease of subdivided surfaces
    • Fix T60502 Creasing behavior on 2.8 seams wrong
    • Fix T58994 Subdivision modifier generates artifacts with crease=1
    • Fix T56877 Enabling mask Motion Blur overrides the Feather Falloff
    • Fix T54834 VSE can't import OGG Theora video
    • Fix T54581 Clip editor doesn't synchronize frame on layout change
    • Fix T60408 Loose edge distort vertex on a surface
    • Fix T59177 Animplayer extreme zooms in when playing rendered animation
    • Fix T60839 Deleting bevel object for curve will not update
    • Fix T60204 Crash when opening a File
    • Fix T55462 Ungroup in Node editor crash Blender
  • Blender 2.8
    • Multires reshape: correct grids level allocation
    • Fix crash happening with hair evaluation step

Fixed: 14, Closed: 17.

Week 371: 28th January - 3rd February

  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T59963 Can't manipulate hair keys with G, R, S or mirror transforms
    • Fix T60599 Multires crash after doing dyntopo sculpt
    • Fix T60566 Warnings in rigid body and certain conrfiguration
    • Fix T59924 Blender 2.8 particle system error
    • Fix T61030 Drivers for shape keys not evaluated in correct order
    • Fix T59339 Particle render without baking issues
    • Fix T61061 Scopes in image editor are not updating
    • Fix T61046 Object with cloth jumps around
    • Fix T60836 Stretch to flickers when vertex group is used
    • Fix T60451 Soft body cache not being cleared when it should
  • Blender 2.8
    • Make scene statistics to respect locked interface, fixes T60065
    • Particles: Fixes for synchronization to original

Fixed: 11, Closed: 3.

Week 372: 4rd - 10th February

  • General development
    • Some time was spent on supporting team here at the studio
    • Support showing metadata for multilayer EXR files
    • Movieclip: support multilayer EXR by using first combined pass
    • Improvements and fixes to Cycles metadata
    • Depsgraph: Fix dependency cycle when rigid body is involved
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T61148 Particle properties can not be edited after keyframing
    • Fix T61124 Lag on physics simulation
    • Fix T61190 Crash in particles distribution
    • Fix T59587 Hair dynamics works different when opened in 2.8
    • Fix T61231 File open and undo looses unkeyed changes
    • Fix T59339 Particle render without baking issues
    • Fix T61289 Emitting particles from instances not working properly

Fixed: 7, Closed: 3.

Week 373: 11th - 17th February

  • General development
    • Fix fur on Spring characters (became broken after some other fixes from previous week)
    • Fixed unreliable evaluation of instanced metaballs
    • Fixed crash removing drivers
    • Fixed Spring characters being in the rest pose on file open
    • Add global control over disabling high-resolution smoke draw
    • Depsgraph: Speedup constraint source lookup, halves dependency graph build time on Spring files
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T61362 Hair particles does not appear when rendering
    • Fix T61406 Particles don't render
    • Fix T57589 2.79 Rigid Body Sim. Does Not Behave The Same In 2.8
    • Fix T61256 Compositing scenes causes crash, but rendering separately does not
    • Fix T61262 Armature and rigid body crash
    • Fix T61346 Rigid body with modifiers incorrect work
    • Fix T60999 Duplifaced objects are not drawn in edit mode

Fixed: 7, Closed: 0.

Week 374: 18th - 24th February

  • General development
    • Jpeg: Fix write past array boundary
    • Cycles: Fix crash with motion blur and hair which changes length
    • Cycles: Fix uninitialized number of hits
    • Fix crash toggling edit mode of curve with animation
    • Playanim: Fix heap use after free on exit
    • Subdiv: Enable topology cache for animation
    • Multires: Support smooth shading when sculpting
    • Depsgraph: Fix relation when lamp has driver on custom property
    • Fix crash when rendering and drawing f-curves at the same time
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T61636 Drivers don't update on viewport using curves
    • Fix T61473 Crash particle system is updating
    • Fix T61594 Frame playback is blank
    • Fix T57583 Assert when moving object parented to curve vertex
    • Fix T61689 Crash when having image and regular animation
    • Fix T61802 EXR preview JPEGs don't have the correct color
    • Fix T60646 From instancer texture coordinate doesn't work in viewport
    • Fix T61836 Saving while in multires makes blender crash

Fixed: 7, Closed: 0.

Week 375: 25th February - 3rd March

  • General development
    • Spent a day on a studio server infrastructure tasks.
  • Blender 2.8
    • Move base flags evaluation to its own function, allowing update of the base flags without whole layer evaluation.
    • Depsgraph: Keep objects which has animated visibility, allowing their visibility to be properly driven/animated, in the cost of higher memory usage.
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T62012 Non-animated property, stuck in previously keyframed values
    • Fix T62015 Duplicating object, rotating, pivot point not used
    • Fix T62087 Crash when rendering in Cycles

Fixed: 3, Closed: 0.

Week 376: 4th - 10th March

  • General development
    • More time spent keeping Studio infrastructure alive for the production
    • Show metadata for rendered images
    • Fix early output check in movie clip prefetch (was impossible to prefetch when scene start frame is higher than the movie duration)
    • Cycles: Store various render stages timings
    • Multires: Fix various memory leaks
    • Multires: Fix crash on exit when sculpting with modifiers
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T61763 Crash on selecting "Background Scene"
    • Fix T62271 Particles with multires crash on sculpt
    • Fix T62327 Multires with Particles: Undo not working
    • Fix T61961 Smooth brush distorts multires

Fixed: 4, Closed: 0.

Week 377: 11th - 17th March

  • General development
    • Depsgraph: Add missing parameters for node trees
    • Sculpt: Fix undo when shape keys are used
    • Fix missing metadata for multilayer exr sequences
    • Fix missing metadata for multilayer exr sequences
    • Cocoa: Fix missing key window after closing "About"
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T62423 Wrong sculpting with shape keys and modifiers
    • Fix T62366 Grease pencil material color keying
    • Fix T58721 Keyframing one transform option reset other transforms
    • Fix T62521 Fake dependency cycle with spline IK
    • Fix T62156 Hair particle only shows up in final render when visible in viewport
    • Fix T62321 Crash on motion tracking when dopesheet open and deleting track
    • Fix T62551 Limited Hair editing (no grab, scale, rotate)

Fixed: 7, Closed: 1.

Week 378: 18th - 24th March

  • General development
    • Spent time to CPR the infrastructure here, and some movie production things.
    • Subdiv: Enable topology cache in edit mode.
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T62700 Disconnect hair bug
    • Fix T62622 Animating vertex does not update viewport
    • Fix T62750 Deleted Keyframe Still Affects Scene
    • Fix T62770 Changing Constraint.mute does not update pose
    • Fix T61759 Dynamic paint smudge crash
    • Fix T59449 Particle system creates error in rigid body
    • Fix T56778 Alembic Override Frame does not update on playback
    • Fix T62768 Softbody cache still not updated correctly

Fixed: 8, Closed: 1.

Week 379: 25th - 31st March

  • General development
    • Depsgraph: Fix dependency cycle when adding rigid body.
    • Still spending time helping the team with finishing the movie, some utility scripts and so on.
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T63030 Edge crease is not applied for boundary edges
    • Fix T62944 Memory leak in animation playback
    • Fix T62908 Missing update when inserting keyframe from dopesheet
    • Fix T62938 Rigid body crash with surface effector

Fixed: 4, Closed: 0.

Week 380: 1st - 7th April

  • General development
    • Fix memory leak in armatures with no bones
    • Constraints: Use RNA update instead of block update, fixing T62960
    • Multires: Make topology cache to work with copy-on-write
  • Bug tracker
    • Fix T63211 Can't move camera in viewport while realtime render mode on
    • Fix T62817 Can't drive modifier property with another one
    • Fix T63217 Curve Modifier skipped in Cycles
    • Fix T63252 Bind in Mesh Deform Modifier fails
    • Fix T63283 Second subdivision modifier does not ignore crease

Fixed: 5, Closed: 1.