Weekly Reports for year 2015

Week 161: 29th December - 4th January

  • General development
    • Lots of time was spent on the tracker, reviewing incoming reports, replying there etc.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42780 Object linking allows to have linked armatures in pose mode
    • Fix T43078 Strip custom proxy files did not respect color space settings
    • Fix T43079 Proxies of 100% size are ignored in sequencer
    • Fix T43099 Modifiers in edit mode might mess up materials
    • Fix T43027 OpenCL kernel compilation broken after QBVH
  • Depsgraph
    • Worked on more clear code separation between old and new depsgraph. Would make it easier to get rid of old code when we're ready. This also showed aspects which needs to be addressed from blender side.
    • Made Cycles viewport rendering happy about depsgraph notifications. Still need some checks and cleanup perhaps.
    • Filled in missing dependency graph callbacks in modifier stack. Hopefully now all modifier relations are correct.
    • Was some more work, but don't think worth mentioning.
  • Cycles
    • Fix crashes with new QBVH on 32bit platforms
    • Added some debug-builds-only sanity checks to help troubleshooting possible further issues.
    • Also spent some time trying to make MSVC compiler happy with preprocessor we've used in kernel
    • Fix compilation error with compilers which supports SSE but doesn't support AVX
    • Fix compilation error on AVX platforms with -arch-native

Fixed: 0b00000101, Closed 0b00000111

Week 162: 5th - 11th January

  • General development
    • Some time was spent on reviewing commits, checking they're all fine for release with Cambo, fixing some last minute bugs. Ended up doing 2.73 release. Seems to be smooth so far.
    • Some minor fixes in master branch.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Doesn't seem to be any oO
    • Need to work even harder!
  • Depsgraph
    • Was going over the code collecting TODOs and trying to make some final-ish plan for master-readify. Ended up with some regressions which used to work before and didn't work in depsgraph anymore. Spent some time with Joshua on fixing them.
    • Did some minor obvious changes which might affect performance, mainly replaced mutex lock with spin. Not as if it's something totally important now but nice to be sorted before merge anyway.
    • Added quite a few of consistency checks to the builder and traversal code. Reduces number of false-positive error messages in console and allowed to have assert() in few places in order to have instand indication that something is not right.
    • Switching between depsgraphs now happens as command line argument, default to the new depsgraph.
    • Solved some issues in graph evaluation for cases when there is a dependency cycle.
    • Solved issues with missing updates on visibility changes.
    • Solved some more issues with graph evaluation which were giving weird sanity check failures. Took like whole day to get to the bottom of this issue..
  • Cycles
    • Report CPU and CUDA capabilities to system info operator

Fixed: 0, Closed 8

Week 163: 12th - 18th January

  • General development
    • SDL wrangler: Support loading SDL2 libraries of different names (solves missing SDL support on some linux distros)
    • Sequencer: Don't crash when trying to rebuild proxy without having sequence edits
    • Sequencer: Allow generating proxies from script without having sequencer space active
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40616 Deformation Motion Blur for modifiers
    • Fix T43156 Cycles incorrect final render, proper viewport with moblur disabled
    • Fix T43195 Cycles uses clipping sphere instead of clipping plane
    • Fix T42621 Glossy world ray visibility affects on transmission rays
  • Depsgraph
    • Spent quite some time looking why Koro rig doesn't work as expected. Turns out it's a bit tricky situation, need some discussion with riggers and spending some time on code. But investigation why tihngs doesn't work took almost whole day (Koro has quite complicated setup with 1.3K bones, drivers etc..)
    • Spent some time on moving stub-like update callbacks to their final destination and filling some of them.
    • Fix for using bones as targets for hook modifier.
    • Fix missing rendered viewport update.
    • Fix missing editors ID update callback invoke (solves missing GLSL update when tweaking material settings).
  • Cycles
    • Some preparation in BVH build and traverse for more intense SIMD usage during traversal (single ray to multiple triangles intersection is the goal).
    • Spent some time on friday trying to understand weird render times Andy was having. Then was looking into ways to speed hair moblur up.

Fixed: 4, Closed 14

Week 164: 19th - 24th January

  • General development
    • Some time was spent on reviewing commits, bugs etc for 'a'. Also needed to urgently sovle some discovered regression from my own.
    • Had some really old reports assigned to self, so spent some extra time this week on bug fixing, cleaning my desk,
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43311 using displacement shader crashes blender
    • Fix T42212 Singular reflection pass is incorrect in regular path tracer
    • Fix T42844 Compositor scale offset
    • Fix T43120 Cycles mapping node rotation order is different from viewport
    • Fix T43357 Cycles crash with spatial splits after recent changes
  • Depsgraph
    • Oh geez, continued working on making koro rig working. We're quite there, need Joshua to finish his patches and commit and then it should work.
    • There is no so much commits done, but quite a few bugs were solves actually. Most of the time is being spent on minimizing faulty case before it becomes clear what exactly does not behave as expected.
    • Started looking into dupligroups and proxies and uh. Code in depsgraph is not really ready for them, would need to do quite some design work next week.
  • Cycles
    • Correction to camera in volume detection after clipping commit
    • Support sphere mapping for the image texture
    • Support tube projection for images
    • Add automated render tests for Cycles (not totally finished, but now it's just matter of adding more small render file tests).
    • Don't re-generate blackbody/beckmann tables on every shaders update (solves 0.2sec lag between shader tree edit and viewport re-render).
    • Worked on patch to support texture mapping from another object, pretty much finished (remained part is related on stupidness of depsgraph..)

Fixed: 5, Closed 10

Week 165: 25th January - 1t February

  • General development
    • Sequencer: Option to skip strip proxy generation if they already exists (Antony picked the up further improvements there)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43427 Particle system children sometimes not generated on reload
    • Fix T43429 bpy.ops.render.render() not working with scene in VSE
    • Fix T43346 Window mapping is wrong in preview render
    • Fix T43398 Viewport "Renderend" ist not updated when a material is assigned to a face
    • Fix T43458 Crashes with hair transmission BSDF
    • Fix T43496 Infinite loop in kernel when using surface attribute for volume
  • Depsgraph
    • Some fixes for IK solvers (missing dependency links mainly)
    • Added some code to help troubleshooting dependency cycles in IK chains
    • Some more minor fixes (which sounds trivial but requires quite some time to nail them down. like uninitialized variable)
    • Nailed down some fundamental issues about broken rigs (like Koro), where there are in fact dependency cycles which makes it a bit tricky to prevent regressions. Would need to check branch status after last night's commits from Jushua.
  • Cycles
    • Finished and committed support texture coordinate from another object
    • Add fast math function module, currently used by hair BSDF and gives some percent of speedup without much distortion in the sampler function results
    • Reduced memory used by BVH builder a bit
    • Don't perform re-intersection if ray distance is zero (solves some weird issues with SSE2-only kernel where comparison with -inf happens differnetly from regular C code and SSE4 code)
    • Looked into hair issues. For transparent hair it should be possible to do some bvh trickery for shadow rays. Also Frank's sheep model takes 11gig atm and that is also to be addressed. Have some ideas which would work for the final renders at least but would need to understand a bit better whether we can do anything for the viewport (where you might want to keep some intermediate data in RAM to speed up synchronization process)

Fixed: 6, Closed 7

Week 166: 2nd - 8th February

  • General development
    • Compositor: Implement sampled motion blur for plane track deform node
    • Could be something else..
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43511 Major slow down with many instanced objects in cycles GPU
    • Fix T43544 Runtime Error when Locale is not valid
    • Fix T43544 Runtime Error when Locale is not valid
    • Fix T43514 Environment map doesn't update
    • Fix T43561 Wrong include path to standard OSL headers
    • Fix T43562 Cycles gets stuck with camera in volume in certain setup
  • Depsgraph
    • Fixed some runtime error when editing scene (discovered some cases when depsgraph wasn't tagged for update, happens because of more granular nature of the graph so more operations need to tag relations for update)
    • Added cycle detection and solver (russian roulette solving strategy atm)
    • Some other tweaks which doesn't worth mentioning separately, but all together allowed to have koro kinda working.
  • Cycles
    • Implement cubic image interpolation on CPU
    • Fix inconsistent command line used for runtime kernel compilation (basically kernels compield in the studio were ~20% slower than compiled by buildbot)
    • Use pre-aligned triangle vertex coordinates for subsurface intersection (gives a bit of speedup for SSS)

Fixed: 6, Closed 4

Week 167: 9th - 15th February

  • General development
    • Compositor: Expose Alpha socket for multilayer EXR node
    • issue with some files having non-unique modifier names
    • Worked on a script for replacing Render Layer nodes with Multilayer EXR for the distributed tile rendering on the farm
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43611 Collision shape of rigid bodies changes inadvertently
    • Fix T43596 Refraction BSDF crashes blender on pre-sse4 CPU
    • Fix T43649 Geometry node breaks GLSL shading
  • Depsgraph
    • Revisited proxies support, they didn't work totally correct. Now they should work the same as in old depsgraph (apart from the more granular updates, main issue was with synchornizing proxy_from with local proxy object)
    • Worked on making the branch compilable with fuller set of features (we're trying to use C++11 to avoid Boost dependency for function bindings). Mainly tweaks needed in Freestyle.
    • Fixed issues with wrong Freestyle render (it missed some depsgraph relations update tagging, but took a while to understand what's exactly wrong)
    • Spent time investigating how exactly dupligroups will fit into. Decision for now is: bring dupligroups on the same level as they are currently supported (no local time offset etc) just to make things moving. Will put design proposal for updated dupligroup design later.
    • Basically dupligroups seems to work, but have some issues still (for some reason sometimes IK isn't solved properly in the agent shot, euh)
    • Fixed IK solver with tip excluded
    • Few smaller fixes
    • Also worked on getting rid of redundant node/relations creation
  • Cycles
    • Correction to glossy shaders not handling total internal reflection
    • Implement pointiness geometry attribute
    • Fallback to bottom-top tile order when rendering from the command line (could give some %% speddup on the render farm)

Fixed: 3, Closed 2

Week 168: 16th - 21th February

  • General development
    • Mainly was looking into reports made by Bassam and Juan Pablo about new depsgraph branch. Plus majority of the time was looking into solving memory usage when rendering. Details are in Cycles section.
    • Expose Filter Tracks operators to the Cleanup panel
    • Use guarded allocator for non-arena CCG
    • Plus see patch review from Cambo's report
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43685 New pointiness attribute error with auto-smooth enabled
    • Fix T43706 Creating a directory in the file browser (by typing it in the file path) crashes Blender
    • Fix T43651 New pointiness attribute doesn't work with displacement
  • Depsgraph
    • Fix flickering of copy rot/loc/scale/transform constraints
    • Fix missing curve path in certain situations
    • Fix missing animation update when tweaking fcurves in graph editor
    • Partial fix for missing updates when changing action
    • Fix missing update handles when editing mesh with shapekeys
    • Temp solution for calculate motion paths
  • Cycles
    • Fix for hair transmission BSDF not returning proper label
    • Avoid over-allocation in decouple ray marching (was a mistake by not respecting number of steps done in the volume, and in fact this reduced a lot memory usage for Andy)
    • Some fixes for OpenCL
    • Reduce memory used by background light update
    • Free memory used by intermediate BVH vectors earlier
    • All the rest of memory improvements are currently in the code review:
      • D1121: Cycles: Free caches used by the synchronized objects
      • D1123: Aggressive memory cleanup for locked interface option
      • D1124: Allow save when rendering with locked interface
      • D1125: Add an option to mesh.calc_tessface() to get rid of polygons and loops
      • D1127: Add argument to DM_to_mesh() function to take ownership over the DM

Fixed: 3, Closed 4

Week 169: 23th February - 1st March

  • General development
    • Was mainly working on despgraph, wrapping some memory optimization patches from the last week
    • Also spent time reviewing patches, they can be checked in Cambo's report
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43550 Bug in Cycles Bake Texture
    • Fix T43755 Wireframe attribute doesn't work with displace
    • Fix T43784 Compositing scale node border error
    • Fix T43783 Cycles clipping doesn't match viewport when camera is inside volume
    • Fix T43634 Selecting 'Drop Color' from spacebar menu causes instant close
  • Depsgraph
    • Fix issue with missing materials update
    • Reworked a bit the way how tagging on layer visibility happens, also how legacy ob->recalc flags works together with the new system (some areas are still depending on old flags, like motion paths). optimized this things in memory.
    • Fix for scene update might have been using wrong time
    • Correction for camera DOF relation (( Make sure recalc is flushed before calling scene update handlers
    • Fix update not happening correct in certain circumstances (that's a bit tricky, because graph currently doesn't store intermediate object states it's required to tag a bit more nodes for update than it might look like)
    • Armature object didn't reset recalc flags on object after full evaluation, causing some unnecessary upates in other tools
    • Fix bad memory access in animation for proxy armatures (this one took quite some time to nail down)
    • Fix for a drivers using lamp settings as variables
    • Fix for wrong check of object data nodes were already created
    • Summary state was mailed to the bf-animsys list
  • Cycles
    • Use lower progressive update timeout for preview rendering (more instant update in the preview panel)
    • Investigated ways of making that preview even more instant, some proposed changes are in D1132
    • Moved some memory patches to the branch and merged it into gooseberry
    • Looked into speedup for correlated multi jitter (was a report in the bf-cycles about it's being very slow on GPU, got patch for this which will commit after the release)

Fixed: 5, Closed 4

Week 170: 2nd - 8th March

  • General development
    • Mainly was looking into bugs assigned to me, which were more or less nasty and took forever to nail down (CUDA error one and watertight intersection took like 2 days, requiring loads of tests run and so, but they're technically a regression and needed to be addressed).
    • Also looked into some reports which are not fixed yet, like boolean modifier crash. After discussion with Campbell we decided to join our forces on finishing the experiment we started in BI where we used BMesh for boolean operations.
    • Did some non-code work, such as making linux build environment ready for alembic builds
    • Fix access freed memory when doing constraints ID counter on main free
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43859 Texture baking crashes blender
    • Fix T43865 Cycles: Watertight rendering produces artifacts on a huge plane
    • Fix T43894 Wrong alpha with bilateral blur node
    • Fix T43905 Crash happens when press Create Plane Track
  • Depsgraph
    • Fixes for crash with gilgamesh file from tube
    • Make driver working when using node trees variables
    • Fix some missing updates in the viewport
  • Cycles
    • Fix/workaround for toggling world MIS causing CUDA to fail
    • Fix embarrassing typo remained after getting rid of utility SWAP()

Fixed: 4, Closed 1

Week 171: 8th - 15th March

  • General development
    • Was mainly looking into bug tracker, preparing for the release
    • Updated release notes for own areas, plus made Bug Fixes section
    • No mentionable progress in Cycles and depsgraph. Some minor patches so far in there.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43908 Mask render bug, one pixel black line
    • Fix T43484 Motion blur fails in certain circumstances
    • Fix T37832 OpenCL compositing bug in defocus node
    • Fix T43887 Quick Fur duplicate particle system on edit
    • Fix T43831 Image Editor: Render info not displayed
    • Fix T43967 Background is wrong in 2.74
    • Fix T43974 Alpha output of movie clip node crashes blender
    • Fix T43803 Crash playing smoke animation, when linked as group instance

Fixed: 8, Closed 8

Week 172: 16th - 22nd March

  • General development
    • Fix bad memory access freeing viewport which uses movie clip
    • Speedup for constraints update from python script
    • Fix race condition and bad memory access highlighting render tiles
    • Avoid per-draw allocation when drawing currently rendering tiles
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43999 MIS for environment broken after multi-threading commit
    • Fix T44021 Crash switching Rendering Engines while viewport rendering + animating
    • Fix T44020 Crash exporting fluid sim to fbx
    • Fix T44028 Vertex Colors Baking error
    • Fix T44040 Blender crashes when nodes are muted
    • Fix T43786 Cycles bake disregards Auto Smooth (vertex per-face normals)
  • Cycles
    • Fix displacement code creating cyclic dependencies in graph
    • Avoid memcpy of intersecting memory
    • Looked into some other reports, such as artifacts on a small object which is quite far away from the origin (not that far as to blame float precision, do have a solution for it but need to wrap it up and do some intense tests)
    • Also looked into heisenbugs with smoke giving artifacts in certain configuration on CPU and almost always giving issues on GPU. Was in fact uninitialized shader closure values which aren't used by shader itself but used by sampling to compare closures. Need to run some more tests to be sure no speed regressions are happening.
  • Depsgraph
    • Fix add parameters component to camera datablock (Fixes drivers using camera properties as an input)
    • Fix driving property with lattice resolution
    • Ensure node tree dependnecies nodes are not created twice
    • Complementary changes to recent ones happened in master which solved crashes when smoke domain is linked via dupligroup
    • Fixed some other crashes with smoke domain with new depsgraph
    • Fix for tweaking animated custom property doesn't work
    • Made it possible to drive shape key with a value from another one
    • Mainly was doing cleanups, making branch more ready for merge. Majority of it will happen after the final 2.74 release (so changes from the branch doesn't cause PITA backporting possible crucial fixes)
    • Spend some time investigating failures with the mango production files. Fixed some issues, but there are some more to fix

Fixed: 6, Closed 10

Week 173: 23rd - 29th March

  • General development
    • Tracking: Fix one frame memory leak when tracking last frame
    • Compositor: Improve reports to the interface about what's going on
    • Compositor: Fix heap overflow when copying previews
    • Makesrna: Fix function prototypes for struct used RNA_def_struct_sdna_from
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T43926 Volume scatter: intersecting objects GPU rendering artifacts
    • Fix T44007 Cycles Volumetrics: block artifacts with overlapping volumes
    • Fix T44110 Plane track doesn't work when built with scons
    • Fix T44123 Cycles SSS renders black in recent builds
    • Fix T44064 Reroute two-node loop crash
    • Fix T44128 Ray visibility only enables diffuse if glossy is also enabled
    • Fix T44149 Compositing : Node Groups do not work correctly
  • Cycles
    • Was working on point density texture for Andy, will go to code review during the weekend hopefully.
  • Depsgraph
    • Mainly small fixes like uninitialized variables causing some heisenbugs
    • Was looking into fixing mango rigs. One fix would be simple -- for now we'll need to restrict calling IK solvers in threads for the same object (do them sequentially)
    • Earth is actually flat. Just in the reference frame associated with a photon traveling from sub towards the Earth.
    • After that threading issue is fixed there're still some strange pops on legs, not sure yet what's wrong and it's a bit tedious work to troubleshoot because there are like over a 1K bones..

Fixed: 7, Closed 3

Week 174: 30th March - 5th April

  • General development
    • Finally got 2.74 release
    • Made 64bit OSX buildbot using compiler which supports OpenMP. Thanks Jens for assistance :)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44193 Hair intersection with duplis causes flickering
    • Fix T44113 Ashikhmin-Shirley distribution of glossy shader at 0 roughness causes artifacts when background uses MIS
  • Depsgraph
    • Solved issues when operation nodes were trying to be created twice (harmless for users, but impacts on performance of graph building)
    • Fixed wrong relations for the particle system effectors
    • Wrong RNA paths should be fine for the relation builder now
    • Attempt to solve issues with using object's id props as driver target
    • Still need some work about previous one, talked to Joshua about it and agreed on the way how it should work
    • Solved some other minor files found during looking into tube files
  • Cycles
    • Fix typo in distance heuristic for shadow rays
    • Avoid float/int conversion in few places
    • Make SSS intersection closer to regular triangle intersection (could give some %% of speedup and also could avoid having precision issues)
    • Wrapped point density up, committed to Gooseberry. Still need to support OSL before committing it to master
    • Looked into memory usage of some the grass field with sheeps, prepared some patches:
      • D1215: Free unused image buffers when rendering with locked interface
      • D1217: Synchronize images after building mesh BVH
      • D1218: Free mesh BVH after packing the scene BVH
    • Looked into some precision issues with ray intersection, prepared experimental patch for them D1212 Experiment with getting rid of ray_offset() function
    • Looked into getting rid of huge nodes (which are bad for GPU), proposed patch D1219 Use curve approximation for wavelength instead of lookup table
    • Spend some time looking into patch from AMD. Initial set of feedback was sent
  • Studio
    • Setup builds on the trashcan with OpenMP support
    • Made it possible to build blender locally with alembic and renderfarm support

Fixed: 2, Closed 7

Week 175: 6th - 12th April

  • General development
    • No depsgraph/osd work unfortunately
    • As usual, code review session with cambo.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44269 Typo in volume_attribute_float:geom_volume.h
    • Fix T44222 Crash using pointiness attribute for volume shaders
    • Fix T44268 Particles: too many virtual parents + non-100 display% = crash (with some followup to original fix)
    • Fix T44046 Cycles speed regression in 2.74 (CPU only)
    • Fix T44213 Bevel object from different scene won't update generated bezier curve geometry
  • Cycles
    • Was finishing some patches started earlies:
      • Free unused image buffers when rendering with locked interface
      • Experiment with making previews more interactive (some magic with OIIO vs. ImBuf and so)
      • More instant feedback on progressive rendering for first sample
      • Support bultin 3d textures with OSL backend
      • Fix wrong render result in certain configuration of render layer's surface/hair
      • Fix BVH counter on mesh updates
    • Avoid using lookup table for Beckmann slopes on GPU (gives few %% of speedup on my gtx560)
    • Worked on experimental feature to cull objects based on camera space (goal was to reduce number of objects from 3M to some more manageable value, keeping memory usage lower)

Fixed: 5, Closed 7

Week 175: 13th - 19th April

  • General development
    • Was mainly looking into Cycles memory usage this week, details are in Cycles section
    • Usual code review session with Campbell
    • Spent some time reviewing fixes for Dalai
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44348 Blender crashes when selecting bone from inactive scene in outliner
  • Cycles
    • Finished patches from last week, committed to a branch and merged to gooseberry
    • Split BVH nodes storage into inner and leaf nodes (reduces memory usage by like 10% in average, depending on particular scene and solved some speed regressions caused by watertight+qbvh changes in a small scenes)
    • Add debug option to disable pre-aligned triangles storage (reduces memory by 10% in average scenes and it could reduce memory usage quite nicely in a scene with loads of sheeps)
    • Smoke: Don't allocate arrays needed for hi-res simulation if smoke is baked to file
    • Wrote quick patch for Andy which gives extra 15% memory saving for his hi-res tornado. It needs some extra work before it could go officially into branch, currently Andy can use special build from /shared
    • Looked into supporting non-RGBA storage for textures. Currently all textures in Cycles are stored as RGBA buffers, which is really inefficient for things like bump maps and volume density. Didn't quite finish yet.
    • And surely all those changes requires extense benchmark tests to be sure there's no drastic slowdown, and some of the changes required further bughunting.

Fixed: 1, Closed 3

Week 176: 20th - 26th April

  • General development
    • Spent some time on fixing issues caused by memory optimizations (smoke would have crashed when trying to playback frames outside of the baked range)
    • Moved safe memory optimization patches from branch to master
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44337: Cycles is consistently slower in 2.74
  • Alembic
    • Spent some time looking into where the backing bottlenecks are, prepared and committed some patches
    • Fix crash of viewport render with strands read from alembic cache
    • Fix wrong detection in Cycles whether cache is to be used for meshes
    • Limit frame update during bake to only group which we're interested in
    • Use task pool for calculating DM for dupli object data (makes DM calculation threaded on object level)
  • Motion tracking
    • Fix over-allocation in plane track's point tracks pointers when removing point track
    • Add missing plane track remapping when joining two point tracks (caused bad memory access later)
    • Fix missing pointer array check when reading plane track (would have caused crash when opening file with plane tracks on a computer with different bitness)
    • Show plane track outline if image failed to load (solves impression that there's no plane tracks if their image is failed to load)

Fixed: 1, Closed 3

Week 177: 27th April - 3d May

  • General development
    • Some maintenance for release archive packing (some .svn folders sneaked into windows archive)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44544 Cached BVH is broken since BVH leaf split
    • Fix T44132 Crash after open EXR format
    • Fix T44548 Cycles Tube Mapping off / not compatible with BI
    • Fix T44556 Crash on the World Properties > Preview
  • Depsgraph
    • Solved regression in old depsgraph caused by some WIP code related to new depsgraph
    • Solved T-pose of agent327 after opening the scene
    • Prepared some cleaned up commits locally to start merge into master, but was pulled out with some bug report..
    • ..that bug report is a threading issue in both old and new depsgraph, spent majority of friday on it and still not quite nailed the root of the issue :(
  • Cycles
    • Reviewed patch from Local, made final tweaks and pushed: Use native saturate function for CUDA
    • Fix crashes when loading cache created with pre-leaf split builds
    • Fix wrong order in object flags calculations
    • Fix wrong termination criteria in SSS volume stack update
    • Fix possible uninitialized XML read state which might cause crashes

Fixed: 4, Closed 9

Week 178: 4th - 10th May

  • General development
    • Separate scene simplification into viewport and render
    • Majority of the time was spent on cleaning patch from AMD and making it acceptable for master branch. Required re-coding quite some things outside of kernel.
    • rest of the stuff is not really huge enough to be mentioned here.
  • Cycles
    • Fix for wrong clamp usage in fast math

Fixed: 0, Closed 1

Week 179: 11th - 16th May

  • General development
    • Worked on getting code form the depsgraph_refactor branch ready to merge
    • Merged all crucial parts of the branch (there's some WIP stuff in the branch which we might want to look into later)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44640 Motion Tracking - (De)selecting Track Marker and Graph issues
    • Fix T44398 Compositing displace node makes image fuzzy with zero displacement
    • Fix T44616 Cycles crashes loading 42k by 21k textures
    • Fix T44689 New Depsgraph crash
    • Fix T44683 Unable to mute movie clip when using stabilized display
  • Cycles
    • Several (or rather quite a few :) post-merge fixes
    • Looked into enabled more features in the kernel for OpenCL split kernel. Technically only volume and SSS are remained parts which are not covered by any of the devices (all the rest fratrues are covered by either Intel or NVidia platforms)
    • Fix missing camera-in-volume update when using certain render layers configurations

Fixed: 5, Closed 7

Week 180: 17th - 24th May

  • General development
    • Several fixes done while hunting some threading-related heisenbugs:
      • Make switching to threaded malloc safe to be called from threads
      • Correction to early output in the parallel range implementation
      • Attempt to make python drivers more safe for threading
      • Make object material drivers evaluation thread safe
      • Solve threading conflict related on proxy group's inverse matrix
    • Send color managed signal if input spaces changes during image saving (solves some confusion caused by Blender not currently supporting saving to a custom color space)
    • Add dedicated command argument to switch depsgraph to a single-threaded evaluation (this way it's possible to see if some issue is caused by threaded update, while having threaded rendering)
    • SCons: Fix for missing avx and avx2 cycles kernels (that's a huge one, linux release builds were never optimal on the new CPUs)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44752 Clip Editor doesn't respect ColorSpace setting when playback after Prefetch
    • Fix T44759 Blender has problems reading and writing 42k images to PNG
  • Motion tracking
    • Clip Editor: Make it more obvious that Rebuild Proxy also rebuilds Timecode
    • Clip Editor: Invalidate clip cache when changing timecode
  • Cycles
    • Spent some time looking into motion blur reports. They turned out to be not specific to Cycles, more up to the way how blender interpolates animation for subframes
    • Some fixes, nothing really exciting to mention

Fixed: 2, Closed 7

Week 181: 25th - 31st May

  • General development
    • Fixes in the new depsgraph (unreported ones, like uninitialized variable which might have caused heisenbug, add missing particle system tagging on update)
    • Solve broken forward compatibility with packed images
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44709 New Depsgraph not evaluating driver interactively
    • Fix T44763 Surface Panel does not update correctly according to Node Output for Cycles UI
    • Fix T44831 Crash when using Intel OpenCL with split kernel
    • Fix T44497 Crash on deleting curve handle with hook modifier
    • Fix T44833 Can't use ccl_local space in non-kernel functions
    • Fix T44854 Creating hooks from curve to objects doesn't work
    • Fix T44748 Particle is not displayed definitely when I use a new dependence graph
  • Cycles
    • Some split kernel compilation error fixes
    • Enable advanced shading for NVidia OpenCL kernel (needed some fixes to be done first)

Fixed: 7, Closed 27

Week 182: 1st - 6th June

  • General development
    • ImBuf: Fix memory leak around EXR handle's multiView
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44908 Blender crashes when trying to use cycles experimental displacement
    • Fix T44922 Split kernel renders black when using Bump node
    • Fix T44921 Node editor, nodes position not maintained after Material panel changes
  • Cycles
    • Implement selective nodes compilation in split OpenCL kernels
    • Initial support for OpenCL capabilities reports

Fixed: 3, Closed 3

Week 183: 7th - 14th June

  • General development
    • Fix for unwanted particle re-distribution happening due to memory optimization
    • Use more proper flag for psys reconstruction after memory optimization
    • Masking: Numpad-. now centers view to selected control points
    • Make scopes update in image editor multi-threaded
    • Fix wrong proxy pointer hanging around after making all local
    • Msgfmt: Fix for generating .mo files from .po without comments
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T44989 Crash on linking external OSL material
    • Fix T44979 Crash when rendering with more threads than the system ones
    • Fix T44968 Python executable crashes due to missing .DLL
    • Fix T44662 Freestyle gives no visual output when the Save Buffers option is enabled
    • Fix T44871 Blender hangs when using masking, dilate-erode and soften node
    • Fix T41870 Cycles OSL - Changing rotation value in anisotropic shader crashes Blender
  • Cycles
    • Fix crash doing render preview of external OSL script
    • Fix wrong name displayed for the debug passes
    • Add debug pass showing average number of ray bounces per pixel
    • Add debug pass which shows number of instance pushes during camera ray intersection
    • Fix missing node distance update when only two child intersected in QBVH
    • Solve possible buffer overrun when using too much closures

Fixed: 6, Closed 5

Week 184: 15th - 21st June

  • General development
    • Flush stdout prior of calling render stats callback
    • Print elapsed time when rendering from the command line
    • Report proper frame and time to the console when doing compositing
    • Return non-zero exit code when running blender from the command line and reading file has failed
    • Support half float file format storage for Multilayer EXR
    • Threads: Cache result of syscall when querying number of system threads
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45052 Compositing-Masks are not editable with new DepsGraph
    • Fix T44980 Shapekeys with driver not working with new depsgraph in 2.75 test build
    • Fix T45086 Crash showing scopes
    • Fix T44682 Save Buffers canceled renders show nothing in Image Editor
  • Cycles
    • Fix wrong numbering of OpenCL devices when some of them are skipped
    • Report total and render time to the log
    • Don't show devices which does not support OpenCL 1.1 in the menu
    • Don't show pre-sm_20 CUDA cards in the device list
    • Report currently sampling tile when CPU is working on the last tile
    • SCons: Fix wrong bunding of Cycles kernel on OSX platform
    • Looked into shadow catcher sort of things and prepared patch for disabled self-shadowing

Fixed: 4, Closed 8

Week 185: 22nd - 28th June

  • General development
    • Majority of the week has been to EGRS. Details are in the code.b.o site.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix TT45034 MirrorBall rendering on wrong camera axis
  • Cycles
    • Ignore light which has no contribution to the scene
    • Rework the way how OpenCL devices are created (solves some issues when having both supported and unsupported OpenCL platforms)
    • Fix for wrong device enumeration in CUDA (actually fix for a regression caused by own earlier ocmmit)
  • Use aligned blender allocator when using guarded allocation (solves crashes when building release version of Cycles with using Blender's guarded allocator).
    • Avoid having duplication of BVH arrays during build

Fixed: 1, Closed 3

Week 186: 29th June - 5th July

  • General development
    • Solve wrong vertex parent in linked objects with Locked UI
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45154 Translation binary file( for Japanese is too small
    • Fix T45022 Update missing when linking objects with new depsgraph
    • Fix T45239 New depsgraph does not work with IK pole target
    • Fix T45241 New depsgraph was lacking update of python drivers on time change
    • Fix T45238 New depsgraph flickers with the lattice modifier
    • Fix T45240 New depsgraph ignores animation applied on the curve data
    • Fix T45253 Particle emitter volume mode and grid mode broken in 2.75.x
  • Cycles
    • Fix zero-size buffer allocation with OpenCL devices
    • Error enqueueing split kernels should no longer cause infinite loop

Fixed: 7, Closed 7

Week 187: 6th - 12th July

  • General development
    • Majority of the week spent on OpenSubdiv project. We're now using new OpenSubvdiv 3.0 API, majority of the stuff has been successfully ported. Some work still needed from blender side.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45328 Crash upon finishing render with 'Cache Result' enabled
  • Cycles
    • Add an option to force disable all OpenCL devices (for helping troubleshooting reports form the tracker)

Fixed: 1, Closed 5

Week 188: 13th - 19th July

  • General development
    • Continued working on OpenSubdiv. Wrapped up integration as much as possible, made it almost ready to merge. Still some TODOs in the code, major of which are caused by missing features in OpenSubdiv 3.0
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45385 Crash on render occurring when two hair modifiers are active that both use a UV mapped material for render
    • Fix T45397 Frameserver rendering no longer works in 2.75 or 2.75a
    • Fix T45390 Cycles experimental displacement method ignores scaling when render
    • Fix T45333 Volume Scatter crash blender
    • Fix T45364 NEW DEPSGRAPH: New Torus created can't be transformed
    • Fix T45394 Motion tracking constraints did not work with Cycles motion blur
    • Fix T45423 depsgraph: crash in IDDepsNode::tag_update
    • Fix T45446 Crash when baking a certain object
    • Fix T45484 Regression OpenCL split: access violation
  • Cycles
    • Enable OpenCL rendering on Apple OSX
    • Use feature-selective base kernel compilation when using split kernel
    • Make baking a feature-specific option
    • Camera frustum space object culling scene simplification (wrapped p patch from Gooseberry branch)
    • Point density texture support (wrapped up patch fro, Gooseberry branch)

Fixed: 9, Closed 13

Week 189: 20th - 26th July

  • General development
    • Render preview: Make preview render database lazily loaded
    • ImBuf: Fix OpenExr leaking memory when reading file with IB_test flag
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45218 Crash when trying to open System in the User preferences
    • Fix T45381 Crash Blender 2.75 in Win7 x64 AMD card
    • Fix T45317 Cycles material preview unnecessarily re-rendering
    • Fix T43779 Cycles texture interpolation issues
  • Cycles
    • Implement camera zoom motion blur
    • Expose image extension mapping to the image manager
    • Looked into denoising papers, have working prototype. Still work needed ot integrate all bits in a flawless for artists way.
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Basically moved OpenSubdiv work to master branch, wrapping up and cleaning the branch

Fixed: 4, Closed 3

Week 190: 27th July - 2nd August

  • General development
    • Fixes for windows buildbots after them being switched form SCons to CMake
    • Made Jpeg2000 with Cinema option enabled compatible with OpenDCP and being usable for exporting proper DCP
    • Sequencer: Disable Refresh Sequencer button while rendering (was a straight way to make Blender crash)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45581 GPU failed to find function node_bsdf_refraction
    • Fix T45590 Some more missing glsl functions
    • Fix T45529 Texture Compositor node composition artifact (random pixels)
    • Fix T45557 Using Min Max of the Mapping node and texture extrapolation
    • Fix T45609 The "Filter Glossy" option is broken, makes refractive caustics harder to sample rather than easier
  • Cycles
    • Fixes in the previously implemented Clip image extension mode which was in fact called Extend in Blender's terms
    • Add implementation of clip extension mode
    • Fix for transmissive microfacet sampling
    • Friday spent with Sebastian looking into shadow catcher from the usage point of view, came with prototype solution, needs refinment still and support for indirect light but getting closer to the reviewable patch.
    • Kept looking into denoise, results are nicer now, but still needs some work, mainly in detecting how much to denoise
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Made support of empty meshes (this is still to be controlled from Blender side)
    • Improved support of non-manifold meshes (still some work needed, but it's all clear now, just mater of wrapping thing up)

Fixed: 5, Closed 18

Week 191: 3d - 9th August

  • General development
    • Was mainly working on finishing OpenSubdiv for siggraph and preparing some test scenes for this.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45703 ImportError: cannot import name 'OrientationHelper'

Fixed: 1, Closed 7

Week 192: 10th - 16th August


Week 193: 17th - 23d August

San Francisco trip week

Week 194: 24th - 30th August

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45885: Cycles coordinate extension modes not working as expected
    • Fix T45769: Image Texture Node clipping bug
    • Fix T45778: Objects scaled to 0 cause black artifacts with Static BVH
    • Fix T45833: Light group instances are not rendered in the 3D viewport
    • Fix T45729: Cycles Bake break when building a special mesh
    • Fix T45789: Materials with transparency not properly rendered in viewport in Material Render mode
    • Fix T45904: Cycles bug after recent triangle intersect changes
    • Fix T45909: Garbage output in Viewport with OpenSubdiv device set to GLSL Compute
    • Fix T45709: Cached Hair system is not seen in 2.75
    • Fix T45631: Ambient update rendered bug
    • Fix T45275: F-Curve normalization might corrupt animation
    • Fix T44945: Blender crashes when using multiple domains and multiple flow objects with subframes
    • Fix T45912: Opensubdiv meshes don't properly center when using <numpad .>
    • Fix T45232: Cycles bake artifacts with transparent textures
    • Fix T45702: Editing smoke while viewport render and blender bug
    • Fix T45617: Map UV node produces image artifacts
    • Fix T45929: OpenSubdiv was doing extra object recalc tags
    • Partial fix of ** Fix T44881: Fix for missing particles update when changing seed
    • Fix remaining parts of ** Fix T44881: missing update on loading file
    • Fix T45736: Channel key error: color spaces modes
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Various assorted fixes
    • Support for multiple materials in solid shading mode
    • Fix/workaround bad shading on AMD devices
    • Attempts to solve crash on certain GPUs/drivers
  • Cycles
    • Implemented of object reference nodes spatial split. Not currently in use, aim is to improve instancing traversal in grass field scenes.
    • Speedups of Spatial BVH split building code, gives like 4x speedup on building BVH for grass field scene

Fixed: 19, Closed 35

Week 195: 31st August - 6th September

Mainly continued working on the bug tracker, moving to Russia inbetween.

  • General development
    • Compositor: Support changing distortion models in movie distortion node
    • ImBuf: Fix crash generating preview for really huge image
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45987 Node preview was still using wrong color space
    • Fix T45946 Cycles texture interpolation bug
    • Fix T45937 Cycles hair not rendered if children count set to zero
    • Fix T45937 Cycles hair not rendered if children count set to zero
  • Cycles
    • Fix for uninitialized closure data
  • Fix nondeterministic pass ordering when using baker
    • Fix missing packed images with newer versions of OSL
    • Fix wrong check for zero-sized triangles
    • Fix for wrong optimization of bump node

Fixed: 5, Closed 7

Week 196: 7th - 13th September

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46034 OpenCL kernel compilation error in latest buildbot
    • Fix T46045 Missing viewport update when adding transparent shader to material
    • Fix T46006 Issue with Equirectangular image rendering in Standalone Cycles
    • Fix T46055 Volume doesn't render when PANORAMIC Camera is inside volume mesh
    • Fix T46051 Loading certain Jpeg causes system alert sound (Win32)
    • Fix T46058 Modifiers on curve shows different results on OpenGL and cycles render
  • OpenSubdiv
    • More graceful handling of shader compile/linking errors
  • Cycles
    • Limit triangle magnitude check for only GPU (solves ray-triangle )
    • Solved compilation of 32bit CUDA kernels

Fixed: 6, Closed 11

Week 197: 14th - 20th September

  • General development
    • Apart from being sick spent time on the release candidate preparation, some tests and other relate bizz.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45708 OpenSubdiv crashes on Windows with Intel cards
    • Fix T46128 High Quality DoF broken
    • Fix T46130 Vertex/wire no visible with OpenSubdiv in edit mode
    • Fix T46143 Faces missing with GPU render
    • Fix T46030 Strange behavior of Cycles Brick Texture
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Spent some time looking into hardware related crashed on various configurations. Unfortunately, there are still some remaining.

Fixed: 5, Closed 5

Week 198: 21st - 27th September

  • General development
    • Render: Free persistent image storage when loading new file
    • FFmpeg: Solve memory leak happening on encoding video
    • Spent quite some time in the tracker triaging reports and looking into some regressions in different areas
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46227 ShapeKeys Lattice by the driver, problem updates in new depsgraph
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Fix crash with empty mesh

Fixed: 1, Closed 8

Week 199: 28th September - 4th October

  • General development
    • Blender Internal: Fix regression in point density texture
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46227 ShapeKeys Lattice by the driver, problem updates in new depsgraph
    • Partial fix T46301 Cycles Point Density Texture object space wrong mapping for scale
    • Fix T46332 Can't select an object with OpenSubdiv enabled
    • Fix T46304: Point density texture is ignored by blender internal
  • Cycles
    • Fix wrong particles min/max calculation for point density
    • Correction to point density with particle source and world mapping

Fixed: 3.5, Closed 7

Week 200: 4th - 11th October

  • General development

Passed the pre-defense event of my kandidat (PhD) thesis, started collecting documents for the actual defense.

    • Spent some time on reviewing fixes for 2.76
    • Sure enough we wanted rock-solid release and included a bit too much fixes..
    • ..few of them caused regressions, making us to re-AHOY few times.
    • Rest of the week i've spent in the shame corner after that
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46358 Cycles point density uses repeat extension type
    • Fix T46352 Cycles fails to render when material contains UV mapped texture as volume input
    • Fix T46377 No python executable in 2.76 rc3 distribution for OSX
    • Fix T46354 Curve Modifier does not update (new Dependency graph)
    • Fix T46390 Sound sequencer API doesnt' work when built with SCons
    • Fix T46405 Cycles point density missing update when modifying source object
    • Fix T46407 Enabling OSL breaks Vector Transform node
  • Cycles
    • Fix missing z-coordinate check in volume sampling
    • Remove redundant coordinate clipping in voxel SVM node
    • Fix for builtin textures when linking against OSL 1.6.8
    • Fix for point density always using render settings for modifiers
    • Fix wrong float3->float3 conversion node
    • Fix intersection issues caused by degenerate instance matrix
    • Fix issues with quick inverse of degenerate matrix
    • Fix wrong intersection with motion blur and degenerate object transform
    • Make sure ray direction is always normalized (fixes instancing code in BVH traversal)

Fixed: 7, Closed 5

Week 201: 12th - 18th October

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T45058 Cycles hair shader reflects incorrectly for meshes
    • Fix T46487 OpenSubdiv objects are invisible in Blender Internal "Rendered" viewport mode
    • Fix T46493 Wrong camera zoom blur with non-unit pixel aspect
  • Cycles
    • Increase number of textures allowed for OpenCL render
    • Gracefully handle out-of-memory happening in device vector
    • Make light behavior in local view matching BI
    • Add support for motion blur position

Fixed: 3, Closed 2

Week 202: 19th - 25th October

  • General development
    • Was finishing some paper crap for uni before leaving..
    • Wasted almost full day in airport
    • Spent some time working on the presentation
    • Blender Conference week!
    • Worked on some patches during the conference, will update later
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46521 Python: bvh.ray_cast doesn't find a plane facing in the other direction under certain circumstances
  • Cycles
    • Fix for watertight intersection

Fixed: 1, Closed 5

Week 203: 26th October - 1st November

  • General development
    • Monday was wasted due to loadsa people in the studio
    • Compositor: Add Invert option to the movie clip stabilization node
    • Compositor: Use mask name as mask node label
    • OpenSubdiv: Fix wrong handling of vertex parent
    • Fix curve mapping linear preset not setting handle type correctly
    • New depsgraph: Optimize updates flush (speeds up animation by 10%)
    • Image editor: Add options to display separate R, G and B channels
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46605 Compositing causes access violation when rendering from command line
    • Fix T46471 Sculpt strokes doesn't mark file as modified
  • Cycles
    • Support user-defined shutter curve

Fixed: 2, Closed 7

Week 204: 2nd - 8th November

  • General development
    • Was some time off due to flight and so
    • Point Density: Prevent crash when scene is not sent to calc_point_density()
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46677 OpenSubdiv crashes when witching from simple and CC subdivisions
    • Fix T46671 Cycles assert with CMJ sample function
    • Fix T46687 Animating tracks properties from objects didn't use proper path
    • Fix T46589 OpenSubdiv crash with drivers
    • Fix T46587 Drivers do not work in node groups
    • Fix T46712 Crash while rendering Freestyle scene

Fixed: 6, Closed 10

Week 205: 9th - 15th November

  • General development
    • Prevent non-button space used as a SPACE_BUTS from template_preview
    • Looked into file system notifications on Linux, idea is to refresh File Browser when files are added/created in the browsing directory. D1616
    • Looked into different antialias implementation for ID mask compositor node, D1617
    • Spent some time looking into annoying crash reports in the OpenCL area -- driver/OS bug but causes major PITA even for those who doesn't need OpenCL.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46748 OpenEXR output different when frame saved with F3 vs. in an animation
    • Fix T46729 Render result different between animated and still renders
    • Fix T46320 New Depsgraph: Auto-IK doesn't work
    • Fix T46641 Bicubic transform on ID channel is not bicubic
    • Fix T46757 Blender Close when try to render an Animation
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Updated libraries for Linux and Windows to latest upstream, solved reasonable bugs from OSD side
    • Enabled GLSL Compute for AMD devices (was blacklisted for a while, caused by bug in OSD)

Fixed: 5, Closed 4

Week 206: 16th - 22nd November

  • General development
    • Color management: Skip doing float->rect conversion twice when rendering animation
    • Speedup OpenGL sequencer animation rendering
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46793 VSE OpenGL renderer crashes when using grease pencil
  • Cycles
    • Fix filter glossy being broken after recent changes
    • Made some experiments and code tweaks to support scene-adaptive CUDA kernel compilation. Gives up to 4x memory saving used by kernel (109Mb vs. 435Mb) for the simple scenes. Code is disabled still, will need CUDA 7.5 for this to work ideally.
    • Started looking into better SSS support on GPUs. More news on this on next week!

Fixed: 1, Closed 8

Week 207: 23nd - 30th November

  • General development
    • Buildbot: Switch Linux builds to Python 3.5
    • Compositor: Use different approach to the antialias node (solves some edge artifacts of ID Mask node)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46875 Import lzma returns ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    • Fix T46842 Removing World is missing AO update in viewport render
    • Fix T46839 New dependency graph missed time update on motrack constraints
    • Fix T46851 Crash on multires more than million
    • Fix T46782 Updating Shaders very slow with complex nodegraph
    • Fix T46646 Point Cloud Density crashes on real time rendering
    • Fix T46799 Blender crashes when enumerating POCL devices
  • Cycles
    • Support per-render layer world AO settings
    • Memory optimization of Experimental feature set CUDA kernel (around 2x less memory use now, almost no speed difference between regular CUDA kernel and experimental one when rendering scenes without SSS)
    • Some upcoming fixes to the optimization commit
    • Fix wrong volume stack update with SSS object intersecting the volume
    • Ensure order of shader nodes in the dependnecies set
    • Create proper sockets for OSL script nodes (solves some misleading warning prints when building with latest OSL)

Fixed: 7, Closed 6

Week 208: 31th November - 6th December

  • General development
    • Spent some time in uni collecting some reviews and signatures.
    • Enable SndFile in Linux release environment. Solves bug form the tracker, needed some tweaks to the build rules and system itself.
    • Initial work to move linux build environment to CMake
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix TT46898 OpenCL Fails to compile after recent SSS changes
  • Cycles
    • Fix wrong SSS on scaled instanced objects
    • Fix wrong SSS intersection refinement when refinement is disabled
    • Fix SSS object not properly reflected in glossy object with indirect clamping
    • Avoid recursion when doing constant fold (solves some stack-overflow issues on Windows)
    • Implement extrapolation for RGB curves

Fixed: 1, Closed 3

Week 209: 7th - 13th December

  • General development
    • Monday was spent in Chelyabinsk, collecting paperwork (feedback from organization about my thesis)
    • Lots of time was spent on finalizing paperwork which is deadlined 15th Dec
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T46949 Latest blender builds are using shared pcre and xml2 libraries

Fixed: 1, Closed 1

Week 210: 14th - 20th December

  • General development
    • Last week prior to the defence one..
    • Expose track velocity via the Track Position node
    • OpenSubdiv: Avoid having bad-level call
  • Cycles
    • De-duplicate utility functions in ccl::Graph
    • Implement proper texture derivatives evaluation for OSL
    • Log OSL texture system statistics after finishing the render
    • Experimented with shader stack optimization, D1676
    • Implemented node de-duplication, D1673
    • Was working on making vector mapping node more intuitive, D1672. The issue is that due to legacy limitation of curve mapping LUT being clipped to 0..1 in Cycles it was totally non-intuitive logic of remapping input values from -1..-1 to curve values of 0..1. Now it's totally intuitive, but breaks forward compat (newer files opened in older blender wouldn't render correct. On another hand, it's not that common node and it's kinda expected forward compat is breaking sometimes).

Fixed: 0, Closed 4

Week 211: 21st - 27th December

  • General development
    • Successfully defended my thesis, now it's on;y matter of collecting all final reports and such and uni stuff will be finally over.
    • Other than that was mainly replying in the bug tracker triaging the reports and closing invalid ones
    • Was also reviewing patches from Lukas S, Thomas, Mont and couple of other people in the codereview

Fixed: N/A, Closed N/A

Week 212: 28th - 31st December

  • General development
    • Last working week of year 2015! Happy new year everyone!
    • helped Juicy with preparing to MSVC2015 making sure Libmv and it's dependencies are building fine.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T47076 Memory issues when closing Blendera after Cycles baking
    • Fix T46915 Non-intuitive behavior of Vector Curve Mapping node
  • Cycles
    • Improvements to SVM shader tree statistics output (includes number of nodes, number of SVM instructions, time spent on compilation etc). Handy stuff for optimization.
    • Optimize nodes deduplication routines (around order of magnitude optimization on my laptop)
    • Deduplicte CPU kernel declaration and definition code
    • Optionally output luminance from the shader evaluation kernel
    • Experiment with use of runtime tag instead of set for SVM generation (uses a bit more ram for shader compilation, but gives about 2x speedup)
    • Fix viewport rendering with multiple GPU devices (recent regression)
    • Implement rolling shutter effect (patch was prepared a while ago, cleaned it and committed)

Fixed: 2, Closed 7