Weekly Reports for year 2014

Week 108: 30th December - 5th January

  • General development
    • Fix deadlock happening when using Save Buffers for render (was a regression of own major refactor patch, ended up with one more code refactor :)
    • Fix crash happening in cycles fcurve modifier (a regression since threaded object update)
    • Fix crash when trying to reset color space to default value
    • Solved an issue with buildbot which lead to linux slave believe it compiles modified version of blender (splash contained nisleading "modified" mark)
    • Fix memory leak caused by main library split
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38002 crash selecting a view mode for "Preview" in Sequence Editor
    • Fix T38004 size of Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram is incorrect in VSE
    • Fix T37170 Missing curve outline when using constructive modifiers
    • Fix T37056 Making segment flips curves it's not needed
    • Fix T38045 Clone stamp crashes
    • Fix T37136 Cloth render crash on frame 1 only
    • Fix T38072 Duplicating text block with Alt-D causes crash
  • Motion tracking work
    • Update Ceres to the latest upstream (brings some improvements, makes some aspects of motrack code easirt to do)
    • Split tracking.c into several files (tracking.c became too big and creepy to work with)

Fixed: 7, Closed 7

Week 109: 6th - 12th January

  • General development
    • Two days was away
    • Reviewed and applied some patches for libmv/carve to fix compilation error on NetBSD
    • Fix own regression in font->curve conversion from the last week
    • Cleaned up some DAG code which came from GSoC branch and wasn't used yet. Itll be likely re-implemented anyway
    • But most of the week was spent fixing loads of crashes caused by threaded object update:
      • Loads of areas are calling curve displist creation directly which was needed because of some DAG limitations. Heh, solved now..
      • New threaded update uses too much CPU when there's nothing to update. Spent some time solving this issue as well. Touched loads of other areas as well, details will be in the commit log.
      • Solved regression with object update when there're cyclic dependencies
      • Fixed some other bugs which were discovered when checking production files from Pampa and Mango
      • Still fighting with heisenbug which is about memory corruption is some weirdo circumstances. Spend the whole day on this without any luck yet.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38000 vertex parent crash due to threading issues

Fixed 1, Closed 0

Week 110: 13th - 19th January

  • General development
    • Wasted loads of time looking into RAID docs for biserver. As it's known, Dan helped us after all
    • Spend some time wrapping the work from previous week
    • Some of the changes below caused regressions, which are also fixed and listed here
    • Fixed own regression of Font->Mesh conversion
    • Removed some WIP unused code from depsgraph.c which came from GSoC branch
    • Avoid direct display list creation for curves all over the code. This was a workaround for DAG limitations (which are also solved now by the looks of it) and such calls screwed threaded updat
    • Did the same for metaballs
    • And some for lattices
    • Solved high CPU usage and issues with cyclic dependencies mentioned in previous report
    • Make bvhutil safe for multi-threaded usage
    • Avoid memcpy to self when validating UV layer name
    • KD tree now will ensure you're not exceeding limits with BLI_kdtree_insert(). Enabled for debug builds only, helps troubleshooting the issues
    • Fix for infinite freestyle re-render in the viewport
    • Fixed heisenbug from the last week! Only took 3-4 days to troubleshoot the stuff!
    • Sequencer: don't cache frames during proxy rebuild job
  • Infrastructure
    • As was mentioned above tried to help with biserver
    • Fixed SVN notification script, so now SVN commits goes fine to the CVS mailing list (was a TODO since the migration to make this script use names from developer.b.o, not from projects.b.o)
    • Fixed unhandled exception being displayed when browsing commits with binary files changed
    • Fixed indentation issues with tabs in code browser
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38054 High CPU usage with many objects
    • Fix T38139 Objects which are in cyclic dependency are not updated
    • Fix T38040 Crash after loading big image file in compositor
    • Fix T37886 Material does no update when changing keyframes in dopesheet
    • Fix T38196 Crash with smoke simulation
    • Fix T38216 Cycles render crash Blender in some scene in versions
    • Fix T38224 Blender crashes on duplicating curve
    • Fix T38111 Duplicating BOIDS emitter cause glitchy operation
    • Fix T38233 Right click in Particle Edit mode closes application
    • Fix T38116 Crash when using solidify modifier on multi-user mesh
    • Fix T38260 Missing object update with two visible scenes

Fixed 11, Closed 7

Week 111: 21th - 26th January

  • General development
    • Make memory checker happy about FileGlobal. Some parts of it was stack-initialized since git migration changes. Harmless but could annoy some people using valgrind.
    • Fix for IMB_(un)premultiply_rect_float() not doing right business, and some issues with wrong usage of this functions. Not sure why this wasn't noticed ages ago...
    • Fix crash when changing space type to 3D space when having multiple windows
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38295 Crash when changing screen with different visible layers
    • Fix T38312 Crash when using snap transform in edit mode
    • Fix T37198 Vorbis encoding is broken
    • Fix T37940 Curve Render bug in Blender Internal Render.
    • Fix T38284 Crash with several shrinkwrap constraint using same target
    • Fix T38337 Crash when calling to_mesh() on a Curve object after clearing its parent

Fixed 6, Closed 2

Week 112: 27th January - 2d February

  • General development
    • Implement clipboard for mask splines (splines could be copy-pasted from one layer to another)
    • Updated Carve to latest upstream. Fixes some bugs (NaN in special cases) and needed for further improvements, stay tuned
    • Committed option to lock the interface while rendering
    • All the rest time was spent on improving boolean modifier to support:
      • Edge custom data interpolation (seams, crease etc)
      • Origindex support for all the geometry
      • NGons support
    • It is not quite finished, but it's almost there. For those who wants to check on progress on review the code here's the patch
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38374 SSL support missing from the latest buildbot version
  • Motion tracking work
    • Rework feature detector API and implement Harris detector. It is more robust than FAST which we used before
    • Fixes for keyframe selection (jacobian might have be computed wrong in some cases and selector crashes when having zero-weighted tracks)
    • Made euclidean intersection code aware of track weights
    • Fixed some issues with average reprojection error calculation (which didn't take weight into account)

Fixed 1, Closed 1

Week 113: 3d - 9th February

  • General development
    • Review and commit patch for possible access to null pointer reference.
    • Fix wrong animation duration when using older Libav
    • Review, finish and commit patch for tabs in MCE
    • Finished carve re-integration part. NGons are supported now! (patch is still to be committed to master tho)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38455 Blenderplayer is not working
    • Fix T38421 Vertex Parenting & Triangle Vertex Parenting causes segfaults.
    • Fix T38450 Remove unused Children Offset option
    • Fix T38420 Segfault when curve deform modifier and cyclic dependency
    • Fix T38411 Free keyframe handles do not snap to frames when duplicating
    • Fix T38427 Sculpt mode dimension changes don't Undo
    • Fix T35247 Particle texture behaves incorrectly after changing the number of particles
    • Fix T35810 Texture faces display white in 3D view, when used as a Particle Object
    • Fix T35328 Disk caches of multiple particle systems on a single object overwrite each other
    • Fix T38500 Audio of a scene strip can't be muted

Fixed 10, Closed 8

Week 114: 10th - 16th February

  • General development
    • Fix/workarond for scenes rendered for sequencer preview (used to crash due to scene_update() not being called before preview render in Sequencer..)
    • Finished (optimized, fixed some bugs etc) and commit carve re-integration for boolean modifier (supports NGons, edges CD interpolation)
    • Minor fix for "Show Overlay" for masks always grayed out
    • Spent quite reasonable amount of time on some reports (nasty ones, for example occasioal bug in OpenCL implementation of defocus node). Moving towards solving the issues, but it's not fastest investigation in the world.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38557 VSE clips with Alpha Over against a transparent background fail to reflect opacity changes
    • Fix T38553 Crash load new level; array modifier using curve length
    • Fix T38281 motion tracker crash blender
    • Fix T38631 Blender crashes when selection faces after new boolean modifier
    • Fix T38562 Wrong curve tilt after Switch Direction

Fixed 5, Closed 4

Week 115: 17th - 23th February

  • General development
    • Spent some time doing release bizz (setting up linux build environment to build blender from git and so..)
    • Added an option to camera preset to include/exclude focal length from the preset
    • Added track weight to presets
    • Allow using strips from the top of the stack as modifier arguments (fix for cases when it's not possible to use specific strips at mask for modifiers)
    • Fix crash when deleting strip used as mask in another strip modifier
    • Fixed buildinfo hash/branch detection
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38664 Blender hang when change scene from script
    • Fix T38669 Mask duplicate fails with multiple layers
    • Fix T38670 Mask transform without a movieclip crashes
    • Fix T38422 Error writing AAC frame when using FFmpeg compiled with vo_aacenc
    • Fix T38658 H.264 with "Lossless Output" enabled gives lossy output
    • Fix T38647 "Make Duplicates Real" crashes in Solid mode
    • Fix T38637 Boolean produces faces with holes which isn't supported by BMesh
    • Fix T38644 H.264 with PNG RGBA encoding crashes
    • Fix T38667 When using "Maya" Input Interface, pressing "E" does not initiate rotation in the UV/Image Editor
    • Fix T38672 Can't select strips inside a Meta on the Mask Modifier
    • Fix T38698 In the Mask tab the Insert Key and Clear Key button labels are switched
    • Fix T38700 Plane track can't be adjust when select mouse is set to left
    • Fix T38691 Curve object bevel not working in group instance
    • Fix T38598 RGBA images don't blend well in VSE with Cross Effect Strip

Fixed 14, Closed 13

Week 116: 25th February - 2d March

  • General development
    • Preserve non-flat faces in boolean modifier (before they were tessellated)
    • Fix root of the issue of bad_cast bug in localization
    • Support planar sample formats in audio mixdown
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38755 Crash when having cyclic dependency and curve deform
    • Fix T38745 Curve parent crash when rendering animation
    • Fix T38806 Proxy file changes don't update until Blender's restart
    • Fix T38824 curve which is constrained on a hidden layer causes cycles crash
    • Fix T38548 Edit externally always uses first frame only
    • Fix T38844 Crash if weight track = 0
    • Fix T38768 New "audio" button in 2.70 release does not 'mixdown' audio
  • Motion tracking work
    • Ignore zero weighted markers in keyframe selection, makes keyframe seleciton more robust
    • Disable eager-refinement step of region tracking (this worked fast bug gave some tracking artifacts)
    • Fix 3D tracks to mesh not aligning mesh properly
    • Fix crash happening when drawing GP for a track which doesn't have visible marker
    • Implement separate BA step for tracks which have constant zero weight (makes reconstruction of zero-weighted tracks more accurate)
    • Finished new distortion model to an usable state. From quick tests it indeed works better for wide-angle lenses.

Fixed 7, Closed 7

Week 117: 3d - 9th March

  • General development
    • Quite reasonable amount of time was spend on the Release Candidate. Learning all the tagging magic, release notes (Bug Fixes section took like a day..) and so and so forth.
    • Some last-minutes bugs found in new boolean modifier also took like 1.5 days (loads of small issues in special topology cases which took time to troubleshoot)
    • Continued working on free handles for masks. Paths is actually ready for the review now.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T38918 Boolean modifier crashes when using specific topology
    • Fix T38962 Boolean modifier crashes when only right operand has UV layer
    • Fix T38985 Setting endpoint_u property while creating spline in Python gives strange behavior
  • Motion tracking work
    • Fixes for proxies color space
    • Hiding plane tracks was never implemented

Fixed 3, Closed 3

Week 118: 10th - 16 March

  • General development
    • I dunno really, just was awesome in space?
    • All that release candidate related bizz
    • Continued working on WIP patches such as free handles for masks
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39101 Can not select object on backface by clicking when Matcap is on
    • Fix T39070 Custom bone shapes appear only one sided
    • Fix T39029 Blender Internal: Render tiles do not appear until render is finished if Save Buffers enabled
    • Fix T39126 Convert To: Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surface does not respect "Keep Original"
    • Fix T39123 Border select without "extend" does nor clear selection of bezier nodes in 3D view
    • Fix T39104 2 clothes on a collision object cause crash
    • Fix T39109 Vertices affected by Hook Modifiers change after "switch Direction" on Curves
    • Fix T39111 Boolean assert failure on widows
    • Fix T39148 Image does not show while rendering
    • Fix T39151 Boolean modifier freeze
    • Fix T39164 Mask tansform doesn't respect parent for center
    • Fix T39166 Disappearing text objects
  • Motion tracking work
    • Fix for proxy colorspace and prefetching

Fixed 12, Closed 13

Week 119: 17th - 23th March

Spent quite a while time in the uni..

  • General development
    • Some bizz with 2.70 final release
    • Fix for crash happening on blender exit after the bake (unreported bug fix)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39136 DupliFaces: Inconsistent handling of group member types
    • Fix T38566 "Separate images" in VSE is not working any longer
    • Fix T39233 Face assigned textures bake too bright
    • Fix T39271 Crash in MCE with "p" shortcut without clip
    • Fix T39141 Video Sequencer Proxies don't take into account Strip Input Offset (or strip modifiers)
    • Fix T39270 Since as the Move Clip Editor have only two modes, menu on tab is needless
    • Fix T39186 Matroska audio support (mka, mkv without video stream)
    • Fix T38051 Even if Color Management is disabled, it is still applied to the background
    • Fix T39305 Matcap Crash when using Material Nodes in Blender Internal
    • Fix T39209 Localizing materials could cause heisenbug with concurrent depsgraph updates.

Fixed 10, Closed 8

Week 120: 24th - 30th March

  • General development
    • Unbreak carve build for clang
    • Implement asymmetric and free handles type for masks
    • Upgraded FFMpeg on windows platform, was really needed to fix crash loading some videos. That took some time due to tests and so..
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39318 Blender 2.70 crash when I link an asset
    • Fix T39395 Switching to "Textured solid" and "GLSL" view will cause the FPS drop to 0
    • Fix T38870 Freezes when jumping in front of a keyframe.
    • Fix T39420 Cycles viewport/preview flickers, when moving mouse across editors
    • Fix T39419 Crash when solving camera motion
    • Fix T39423 Blender crashes on iv41 encoded videos in thumbnail display mode
    • Fix T39472 Changing Sequencer color space repeatedly changes movie strip's display gamma
    • Fix T39410 Crashes when Saving HiRes .tif
    • Fix T37599 Crash making linked objects local and undo
  • Motion tracking work
    • Zoom to mouse position didn't work in MCE when locked to a selection

Fixed 9, Closed 13

Week 121: 31t March - 6th April

  • General development
    • Finish and commit asymmetric and free handles type for masks
    • Implement cache line for image editor
    • Slide mask spline segment to define it's curvature
    • Fix crash happening in DAG_pose_sort() due to threading issues
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39446 Blender Crashes when Camera Tracking
    • Fix T38860 Video preview in VSE shows a distorted and jagged appearance at scale 1:1
    • Fix T39546 blender crash on open recent file, when tracking is still in progress
    • Fix T39545 "Track selected markers", does not stop at end of video

Fixed 4, Closed dunno, around 5-10 forgot to count :S

Week 122: 7th - 13 April

  • General development
    • Spent quite a while investigating boolean modifier issue in release builds. Took like 1.5 days :S
    • Spent some time preparing tag for 2.70a (backport revisions, test etc)
    • Speedup track preview widget for byte images
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39608 Blender 2.70 crashes when performing union
    • Fix T39206 Plane deform works incredibly slow
    • Fix T39640 Crash on maximizing/minimizing UV/Image Editor
    • Fix T39584 Effects strips render black
    • Fix T39266 Weird Skin modifier shutdown
    • Fix part T39643 Compositor renders blank Render Layer from other Scenes

Fixed 6, Closed 20

Week 123: 14th - 20th April

  • General development
    • Was wrapping some home stuff around to be good to be away in May, so week stipped down to working 30hrs..
    • Fix the eyedropper not working properly with different scene linear spaces
    • Fix video FFmpeg nt being able to produce video files due to usage of deprecated settings
    • Updated the OpenSubdiv patch, made it working for quads (well, one small glitch remained, need Brecht's eyes), uses new API from osd library which was introduced for us. Run into some design crappyness, will collaborate with osd devs in order to solve them.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39704 Texture painting fails with different float image working space
    • Fix T39702 VSE channel preview: strips used as effect operands no more visible
    • Fix T39700 Plane deform still works forever
    • Fix T39610 Shared mesh used for Mesh Deform causes crash
  • Motion tracking work
    • Support multiple distortion models, including a new division model

Fixed 4, Closed 6

Week 124: 21th - 27th April

  • General development
    • Spent some time investigating on Libmv timings. Found some stupidness and optimized PearsonProductMomentCorrelation function a bit.
    • We're (me+keir) are investing how much sense it'll be to use Halide ( in the tracker. Presentations seems optimistic but i feel kind of skeptical about this. Will look further a bit.
    • Spent some time updating the linux build environment. Needed to get new Python and FFmpeg there. Also installed all the system updates t the environment.
    • Rest of the week spent replying in the bug tracker
    • Also spent some time on wrapping CPU side of opensubdiv patch. Not so much work remained to be done there. Moving towards GPU side of the change.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39785 Video Sequencer, Aspect Ratio issue
    • Fix T39830 Viewer node update error in the compositor when using the seperate/combine YCbCr nodes

Fixed 2, Closed 6

Week 125: 28th April - 4th May

  • General development
    • Fix for nurbs surface merge didn't update key index
    • Frame cursor color was missing for the image editor
    • Made opensubdiv work on CPU. Only remained part there are creases. NGons works beautifully now, UVs also kind of works, but needs crease support to make them working as they used to before. Switching to GPU side now.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39942 Displacement of group instance objects when switching to textured viewport shading
    • Fix T39953 Float data images display trash in image editor
    • Fix T38245 Render slot buffer gets deleted in compositor when input is an image
    • Fix T39795 Crash when duplicate f-curve keyframe, individual origins
    • Fix T39965 Sequencer do not sync cycles strips
    • Fix T39989 Dupli group's objects in Particles are not displayed properly in 3D View
    • Fix T39985 crash while rendering a scene with compositing nodes using another scene
    • Fix T39997 Multiple boolean modifiers sharing the same right operand crashes

Fixed 8, Closed 11

Week 126: 5th - 11th May

Was kind of coding holiday with Keir in the studio. Did some minor fixes in the master branch.

Week 127: 12th - 18th May

  • General development
    • Quite a while was spent in the data center.
    • Prepared OpenSubdiv GPU for branch, spent some time getting it compiled on Windows.
    • Perhaps it was something else as well..
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix {{BugReport|40176} Curve Functions broken in several addons
    • Fix {{BugReport|40151} Problem in normal with subdivision surface + Boolean modifier
    • Fix {{BugReport|40053} Cloth simulation, rest shape key does not function
    • Fix {{BugReport|39978} Sculpting shapekeys - Using Smooth tool, turns shapekey into Basis.
    • Fix {{BugReport|39763} Blender renders disabled Render Layers using Blender Internal

Fixed 5, Closed 15

Week 128: 19th - 25th May

  • General development
    • Spent some time on migrating wiki to new server, putting new HDDs into servers, re-balancing power distribution units in the rack.
    • Spent quite a few hours replying in the bug tracker, testing and assigning reports etc
    • Spent loads of time in the meetings
    • Made OpenSubdiv able to detect OpenCL on runtime, so it's possible to make portable builds. Patch is in the upstream now.
    • Made the same for CUDA. Patch is to be cleaned a bit before requesting it for inclusion into the release
    • likely something else, but no idea atm.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T39901 Crashes if the resolution % is changed while rendering an animation
    • Fix T40240 Bug with render region with maya short cut

Fixed 2, Closed ~20-25

Week 129: 26th May - 1st June

  • General development
    • Got cold this week, very much annoying
    • Testbuild2 was this week
    • Fix mask transform when display aspect is not 1:1
    • Experimented with SSE2 instructions in compositor. Gausian blur could be 30% faster on CPU easily, the patch
    • Perhaps was something else..
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40359 Scene / Color Management: White Point Mapping Has Limit
    • Fix T40354 Camera Tracks in the Dope Sheet can't be deselected
    • Fix T40315 Boolean modifier with Freestyle edges
    • Fix T40383 Keying node doesn't work
    • Fix T40403 Particles disappear after rendering
    • Fix T40272 Error setting option flags2 to value fastpskip
    • Fix T40338 Vertex transform origin ignores Normalize option in graph editor
    • Fix T40157 Loading movies larger than 4GB in size fails
    • Fix T39686 Unused omp firstprivate variable sphdata in particles
    • Fix T40438 Name of texture is not synchronize

Fixed 10, Closed 30

Week 130: 2d - 8th June

  • General development
    • Still getting a bit sick, but at least they've proved i don't have pneumonia.
    • Bug tracker is at 149 currently.
    • Keep active layer when setting up tracking scene (patch review and commit)
    • Improve behavior of Setup Tracking Scene when default nodes exists in the tree
    • Tweaks to bevel and crease transform, in order to solve redo panel creepyness.
    • Fix issues when ungrouping meta changes the final sequencer render
    • Fix subpixel precision in transform node
    • Prepared updated phabricator for by merging upstream changes (about 1K commits) onto our custom branch. This allowed to get from 2-3 custom hacks in the code. And we need to update anyway in order to NOT run into a case when our dev.b.o is beyong upgradable state.
    • Prepared small patch for compo:
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40457 Subsurf modifier with Freestyle edges
    • Fix T40448 Blurring bug in the compositor
    • Fix T40482 Cycles matlib file crashes
    • Fix T40436 No preview in Brush with Cycles
    • Fix T40382 2D stabilization uses disabled markers
    • Fix T40519 Keyed parameter are not redrawed
    • Fix T38668 When using Maya Input style, there is no way to snap Knife tool to midpoints

Fixed 7, Closed 25

Week 131: 9th - 15th June

  • General development
    • Spent quite a while on the release candidate, doing release notes and so.
    • Fix wrong memory write in partial render update with Save Buffers enabled
    • Cycles: Support builtin images for OSL shading backend
    • Use advantage of SSE2 instructions in gaussian blur node
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40529 Euler Rotation F-Curve Handlers wrong behaviour on moving keyframes
    • Fix T40547 Can't read single channel EXRs
    • Fix T40057 invisible hair particles slowing down mesh edits
    • Fix T40551 Boolean Modifier distorts UVs
    • Fix T40582 issues with apply scale when having multires and scene simplify
    • Fix T40559 Maya keymap node selection bug

Fixed 6, Closed 6

Week 132: 16th - 22d June

  • General development
    • Still some time is spending on the release bizz (review patches for backport and so)
    • Committed some minor changes to opensubdiv branch, need to re-consider some design aspects before committing it (didn't foresee some stuff, unfortunately)
    • Prepared work we've been working with Keir for merge. It's not as ultimate as we wanted to, but still brings quite a few nice things.
    • Enable texture preview even when Cycles is active
    • Add unit tests for aligned alloc
    • Implement resolution divider in the Blender Internal (the thing which first renders 8x lower resolution, then 4x lower and so). Makes viewport navigation much more responsive.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40606 Blender 2.71RC1 for Windows uses too old file in Japanese
    • Fix T40638 Crash in Particle System, Connect Hair

Fixed 2, Closed 4

Week 133: 23th - 29d June

  • General development
    • Release happened this week, meaning quite some time was spent on checking status, reviewing commits to be backported etc.
    • And what's more disappointing -- with the release out we started to have bunch of incoming reports in the tracker, which was keeping from concentration on a bigger targets
    • Switch allocator to thread-safe when rendering from the command line, solves accidental crashes when rendering from command line. Took several hours to nail the issue down (noticed crashes when was working on another patch)
    • Make main library safe(er) for the threaded usage, needs for my current WIP patch
    • Fix compilation error with scons and older pythons
    • Update Ceres to latest upstream version, needs for some further enhancements in motrack area, required updates to our build systems
    • Fix transparency issues in 3d viewport, kinda a regression, but this never worked reliably.
    • Update Carve to latest upstream version
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40764 Keyframed Render Layers Don't Work as Intended
    • Fix T40800 Crash when editing material nodes
    • Fix T40776 Crash when using empty curve as a deformation target
    • Fix T40757 Video Texture - Video frames dropped from beginning and end
    • Fix T40797 Crash on render on specific file with volumentrics and 'use hair' clicked on render layer
  • Cycles
    • Looked into some bugs, patches sent to Brecht for the review together with some questions.
    • Started working on a threaded object import from Blender to Cycles. Basically works, but there's one stupidness in particles which i need to solve still. WIP patch

Fixed 5, Closed 5

Week 134: 29th June - 6th July

  • General development
    • Fix for subpixel sampling was broken for render layers node
    • Committed changes to the compositor border in editor, preserves the frame when defining the border. Useful for comparison when doing tweaks.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40836 Cycles volume scattering shader crash
    • Fix T40795 Dot output is inverted in viewport with Cycles
    • Fix T40878 Translate node is inconsistent
    • Fix T40818 libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
    • Fix T40895 Curves panel, zooming out a lot crashes Blender
    • Fix T40888 Memory error when selecting Cycles render engine
    • Fix T40556 Curve Modifier does not work when used in a Background scene
    • Fix T40903 Rendering: Alpha Channel is Broken
    • Fix T40364 Texture images are not properly displayed in the material preview in BI when using SSS
    • Fix T40941 Bevel factor in Text
    • Fix T40843 Cycles does not support viewport render layer override
    • Fix T40763 Cycles Viewport render crashes often when reconnecting nodes.
    • Fix T36354 Sound actuator: left channel plays in both speakers (linux only)
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Lots of time was spent on learning GLSL, incompatibilities, how it could fit into curren OpenGL for experiments and so.
    • Fixes for Nvidia Optimus
    • Reworked drawing code so it uses much more simplifed shader and runs on lower-end cards like mine Intel card
    • Hide OpenCL compute method if no devices found
    • Supported smooth shading. In fact it's not only one properly supported, flat one is rather hack for until it's clear how OpenSubdiv fits into GPU_material pipeline. We might end up bumping GLSL requirement and use geometry shaders.
    • Support edge and outline drawing
    • Simple subdivisions now uses bilinear subdivisions from OSD

Fixed 13, Closed 13

Week 135: 7th - 13th July

  • General development
    • Setup new OSX builder slave
    • Cycles: Fix crash with environment maps and packed images
    • Implement Start Resolution for preview render in BI, so now preview nagiation is the same exact in BI and Cycles (last week it was hardcoded resolutioNn
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40877 Bezier Hook to New Object does not work properly
    • Fix T40791 Changing path to movie file does not mark the project as changed
    • Fix T40775 Clearing material texture slot through Python does not update 3D View render
    • Fix T40980 Exporting animation in MPEG Matroska using ffv1 and FLAC codecs fails
    • Fix T40939 Border render and SSS doesn't work correct in rendered viewport
    • Fix T41005 Seemingly random crashes with cycles rendering
    • Fix T41013 OSL and Crash
    • Fix T40989 Intermittent crash clicking material color selector
    • Fix {{BugReport|41023}] Specific material cause bad render result, different on CPU/GPU
    • Fix T40957 Particles + force fields lead to crashes in some cases

Fixed 10, Closed 7

Week 136: 14th - 20th July

  • General development
    • Spent some time more on learning papers about microfacets, needed to verify Cycles works correct now (it renders different from previous versions, but it seems forumlas in older blender wasn't totally correct, ans new behavior seems more realistic).
    • Most of the time was spent on OSD work. Visually it only means GLSL shading pipeline is almost supported now. Need to hook up UV coordinates, i do have all the bits for this now, just matter of making tweaks in gpu_codegen.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T40896 Major shading errors when mixing a rough refractive shader with a transparent shader according to IOR
    • Fix T41039 Hook modifier sometimes fails to retain correct bezier curve point assignment
    • Fix T41035 Scale Manipulator CTRL-ALT-S issue with maya shortcuts
    • Fix T41109 Reloading image that has been modified outside Blender does not update image in Image Texture nodes

Fixed 4, Closed 4

Week 137: 21th - 27 July

  • General development
    • Implement option to parent object to undistorted position of 2D track
    • Fix crash in cases when first BA step happens with all zero-weighted tracks
    • Spent quite a while doing platform maintaning (building new llvm, osl, oiio, ffmpeg...)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41065 Audio decoding fails on some video container formats
    • Fix T40839 Object Font Text Rendering Bug
    • Fix T41147 Static BVH shading problem
    • Fix T41079 Solid black render of object with negative scale and smooth shading
    • Fix T41116 Motion Blur causes random black surfaces on rigged models
    • Fix T41115 Motion Blur renders Objects Black - But not in Viewport Preview
    • Fix T41160 Rendering duplifaces crashed blender (cycles)
    • Fix T40925 Scene gravity hard limited
    • Fix T41139 Cycles Hair BSDF roughness problem
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Some bunch of optimizations
    • Fixes for lighting in textured viewport mode
    • Made textured viewport use UV from opensubdiv, so it's now possible to do fully-GPU side texturing. For now active texture only, easy to extend further.
    • Solved old crash caused by opening second window while playing animation back
    • Fixed normals when using pure-CPU subdivisions
    • Hooked up UVs from opensubdiv to the GPU_material pipeline. Same limitation with active UV only, but real easy to tweak this now.

Fixed 9, Closed 9

Week 138: 28 July - 3d August

  • General development
    • Make requests python package to be detected in the same way as numpy
    • Fix bundling of requests on debian-like systems
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41193 2.71 use 100% of CPU at sculpt
    • Fix T40831 Shrink wrap modifier causes very high CPU usage when targeting meshes with shaped keys
    • Fix T41221 3d view rendered mode crashes on new scene
    • Fix T41201 Blender Crashes when UV Editing
    • Fix T41206 Render Border - Operator Panel - Only Camera - Broken?
    • Fix T41174 Tangent space required UV map in Cycles
    • Fix T41258 Crash when entering edit mode while viewport render is enabled
    • Fix T41236 Rendered viewport doesn't update with material actions
    • Fix T41197 Blender freezes to infinite loop when switching to PAUSED Cycles rendered viewport
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Support of multiple UVs for GLSL shading
    • Fix wrong lighting data passed to the shader first time
    • Initial support of tanged spaced normal maps
    • Support GPU tessellation in edit mode
    • Fix crash entering sculpt mode

Fixed 9, Closed 15

Week 139: 4d - 10th August

  • General development
    • Deduplicate CUDA and OpenCL wranglers
    • Solved high CPU usage due to OpenMP on windows when building with MSVC2013.
    • That wasn't that much a productive week, loads of time was spend on stupid issues like the one above.. Also some bugs are still not fixed, but spent quite a while looking into them (like OSL crash after upgrade..)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41318 OSL broken on Linux kubuntu 14.04
    • Fix T41276 OSL bug in getmessage ("trace", "geom:name" , output)
    • Fix T41173 CM view selection is difficult with multiple views
  • OpenSubdiv
    • Fix crash when switching object and edit modes
    • Prevent garbage shading when displaying vertex colors/weights
    • Initial support of crease

Fixed 3, Closed 5

Week 140: 11th - 17th August

  • General development
    • This week was mainly bug hunt-n-smashing
    • There are some really tricky ones in the list
    • One is unlisted, but nailed down OSL crash on OSX, Jens committed workaround to the libs (change was made to OSL, reported to upstream).
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41392 Boolean modificator - crash on application - windows?
    • Fix T41395 Set Object As Camera - Monkey Render bug?
    • Fix T40744 MIP Map is generating strange noise in texture, Blender Internal
    • Fix T41360 Crash on Boolean Modifier
    • Fix T41362 CPU and GPU rendering gives different results
    • Fix T41408 Diffuse and specular passes were incorrect with combined/color passes disabled
    • Fix T41060 Wrong texture 'Object' mapping in 3DView Rendered mode with Blender Internal
    • Fix T40566 Light instances disappears in rendered viewport (Blender Internal)
    • Fix T40717 Screen does not update while scrolling or zooming with touchpad on a laptop
    • Fix T41219 Cycles backface detection doesn't work properly
    • Fix T41443 Separate bug with Curves & Hooks
    • Fix T41340 Latest builds of Blender don't work with Spacepilot Pro 3D mouse NDOF

Fixed 12, Closed 21

Week 141: 18th - 24th August

  • General development
    • Correction to the mipmaps generation
    • De-duplicate EWA filter code between renderer and compositor
    • Roto: Add spline dragging zone in it's center
    • Viewport resolution divider works fine for halos now
    • Fix incorrect 2d stabilization for masks
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41314 OpenGL error when using Cycles engine
    • Fix T41085 Blender crashes when using "spline" or "segments" for bevel curve factor.
    • Fix T41474 Second renderlayer doesnt render if first one has 'Use Surfaces' disabled
    • Fix T41137 Old render result from viewport render in camera view does not go away when middle clicking
    • Fix T41440 Displacement in compositing creates holes
    • Fix T39630 Mouse Wheel doesn't detect Multi Window Focus
    • Fix T41457 Viewport resolution divider does freestyle for every resolution
    • Fix T40962 Ashikhmen Shirley shader fireflies
    • Fix T41499 Can't use Deselect/Select All tool while in Texture Paint mode
    • Fix T41267 Wrong light distribution with when having objects with motion blur
    • Fix T41068 3D viewport shading - Material or Window vs. Rendered
    • Fix T40649 Objects selected when checkbox/button/tab clicked with "Region Overlap" enabled (in certain key configurations)
    • Fix TT36594 Alpha channel of TGA, DDS, JPEG200, IRIS is not interpreted correctly
  • Cycles
    • Fix wrong image update tagging, float vs. byte images
    • DPX is saved in the sRGB space and need to be converted to linear

Fixed 13, Closed 9

Week 142: 25th - 31th August

  • General development
    • Fix windows buildbot rebuilding cubins on both compile and pack
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41532 Some files bounce back and forth between 'packing BVH nodes' and 'Copying Transforms to Device'
    • Fix T41524 Won't open blend file with "space" symbol in the name
    • Fix T41601 Correlated multi-jitter with high samples "hangs"
    • Fix T41604 Double updates of world and material texture settings
    • Fix T41473 Cycles volume rendering is too dark
    • Fix T41629 Won't open blend files with non-Latin charasters in the name
    • Fix T41567 Metaball rendering stuck on 1 sample
  • Cycles
    • Use compiler intrinsics for clz/ctz in CMJ code for MSVC
  • Fix triangle ribbons hair in viewport and ortho camera

Fixed 7, Closed 11

Week 143: 1st - 7th September

  • General development
    • Fix set black/white points didn't operate in the linear space
    • Skip distortion of the grease pencil associated with the track
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41695 No label in UV/Image editor waveform mode
    • Fix T41693 Volumes get brightened with extra volume samples on GPU + BPT
    • Fix T41721 Muting render layer input nodes has no effect
    • Fix T41709 Bump not rendered correctly behind transparency using Branched Path Tracing
  • Cycles
    • Fix crashes cauzed by partially saved BVH to cache
    • Fix second part of Fix T41068 -- reflection mapping was wrong
    • Fix wrong track of the memory when doing device vector resize before freeing it

Fixed 7, Closed 9

Week 144: 8th - 14th September

  • General development
    • Two days was afk due to study duties
    • Some time was spent on checking status of the tracker, doing testbuild1 things
    • Fix crash happening with external engines and dependent objects in an invisible layers
    • Fix wrong area of interest for movie undistortion compositor node
    • Tweaks to setup tracking scene in order to fix usability issues
    • Fix wrong behavior of track refinement with previous frame matching
    • Looked into non-LUT Beckmann slopes sampling D788 Still need a bit of tweaks
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41785 The combination of movie-distortion and lens-distortion leads to artifacts

Fixed 1, Closed 5

Week 145: 15th - 21th September

  • General development
    • Spend quite a long time fixing shading artifacts caused by some combination of SSE, structure alignment, compiler and saturn rings. Committed a workaround, but root of the issue is not nailed down still.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41818 Missing refresh on Undo for nodes (mask example)
    • Fix T41865 Fluid bake not possible in windows using a python script from the command line
  • Cycles
    • Patch for SSS scatter doesn't update volume stack, causing shading artifacts D795
    • Patch for support cameras inside volume D794

Fixed 2, Closed 11

Week 146: 22th - 28th September

  • General development
    • Some time was spent on finishing release notes, running regression tests, tagging, AHOYing, building
    • Add atomic CAS (compare-and-swap) functions, guardedalloc might benefit of them for making peak detection thread-safe
    • Added if-defed code to guardedalloc to use atomic operations to update peak memory usage
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41936 lender 2.72 Crashes on play on *Ubuntu 14.04
    • Fix T39823 SSS scatter doesn't update volume stack, causing shading artifacts
    • Fix T41961 Crash by Copy n Paste splines to new mask without layer
    • Fix T41962 Command-line without specified filename doesn't renders
  • Cycles
    • Add support of Glog logging, for much easier debugging
    • Add method to dump current shader graph to the graphiz file, also useful for debugging
    • Add support for cameras inside volume, currently under Experimental feature set, need to clean some stuff up and solve some TODOs
    • Better feedback about experimental features being used
    • Cleaned up, committed camera ray nodes to a branch
  • Motion tracking work
    • Enable Schur specializations, should give some performance boost on camera solve
    • Update Ceres to latest upstream, brings some fixes, speed improvements
    • Decouple C-API module into more granular files, makes it much easier to extend/maintain.
    • Some improvements to copy/paste, same is improved for masks
    • Prediction tracking is now an official project, committed to it's own branch

Fixed 4, Closed 10

Week 147: 29th September - 5th October

  • General development
    • Fix for wrong color space when image loader set both rect and rect_float
    • Compositor: Reduce number of int<->float conversions in keying screen operation
    • Fix black matcap when using particle system
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41981 Crash by Copy mask splines without splines
    • Fix T41955 lamp error: double update for all lamps
    • Fix T41993 Constant jittered bug
    • Fix T41988 Shadow pass inaccurate calculation
    • Fix T42018 Crash when displaying beveled poly-curves with spline bevfac mapping
    • Fix T42008 Dragging and packing issue about new blank image
    • Fix T42030 Grabbing the whole mask interfere with grabbing individual curve
    • Fix T41920 Changing Use Alpha settings doesn't refresh viewport properly
  • Cycles
    • Optimization of panoramic camera in volume
    • Speedup of kernel side camera-in-volume detection, make it an officially supported feature
    • Implement preliminary test for volume stack update from SSS
    • Use more accurate implementation of erf() and erfinv()
  • Add support for debug passes
  • Motion tracking work
    • Update Ceres to the latest upstream version, that's for explicit complement matrix usage, speeds camera solving quite a lot.

Fixed 8, Closed 9

Week 148: 6th - 12th October

  • General development
    • Basically just failed, you might skip reading further
    • Compositor: implement OpenCL backend for gaussian blur
    • Add an operator to define render border from rendered image editor
    • Implement custom names for render slots
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T41957 Shadow color texture mapping was using wrong factor
    • Fix T42106 Box image mapping shows black triangles if they point to a corner and blend is 0
    • Fix T42052 Clip editor does not support Continue zoom style
  • Cycles
    • Spend quite some time reading the papers, checking some algorithms etc, nothing really fancy to show.
    • It appears on some linux systems expf() is incredibly slow. Made Cycles faster 10% on my desktop, but newer systems/compilers seems not to benefit. Need to investigate a bit more to write down some conclusion.
    • Implemented watertight triangle intersection. It solves weird artifacts like TT34094 but it's reasonably slower still. Looking into some tricks to speed things up.
    • Also implemented an area preserving parameterization sampling for area lamps which should give better sampling for them. Need to be tested now.
    • Optimize of volume stack update when sampling SSS, gives some speedup when having SSS intersecting volume objects,
    • Fix for camera-in-volume detection
    • Use a bit better approach for erfinv(), gives 2% speedup on BWM.

Fixed 3, Closed 25

Week 149: 13th - 19th October

  • General development
    • Roto: Improve spline sliding vs. curvature detection (before: if the mousei s withing certain threshold of the spline origin spline will be grabbed; after: if the mouse is within that threshold but distance to the curve segment is less than distance to the origin then curvature operator will be invoked).
    • Fix for pose bones not restoring selection index properly
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42021 OSL doesn't work when there are non-ascii chars in the path
    • Fix T42064 Directional blur uses wrong sampler
    • Fix T42160 CUDA error: ILLEGAL_ADDRESS in cuCtxSynchronize()
  • Cycles
    • Do cuda pointer arithmetic in integers, don't use pointer arithmetic (fixed bug reported to Debian).
    • An area preserving parameterization sampling for area lamps is now in finished and in git.
    • Optimize check for transparent surface in shadow rays cast (currently a patch in the codereview)
    • Experiment with low light threshold (the idea is to skip lights which doesn't contribute much, currently a patch in he codereview)

Fixed 3, Closed 8

Week 150: 20th - 26th October

  • General development
    • Participated The Blender Conference 2014
    • Optimization for mesh deform: use BLI_INLINE specifiers, gives about 10% speedup of binding on my laptop
    • Meshdeform modifier: Use threaded evaluation, gives reasonable speedup on my laptop, but doesn't behave that great on dual-xeon stations. Needs some further tweaks.
    • Meshdeform: Use SSE intrinsics in meshdeform_dynamic_bind()
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42178 Cycles Film Exposure not triggering Viewport update
    • Fix T42257 Curve vertex parent not working with animation
    • Fix T42324 Curve deform modifier from mesh edge doesnt work properly
    • Fix T42278 Grease Pencil in Movie Clip Editor can not be erased in Track > Cursor mode
  • Cycles
    • Implement tricubic b-spline interpolation for CPU texture_image

Fixed 4, Closed 8

Week 151: 27st October - 2nd November

  • General development
    • Had few days off, doing a cultural things in Amsterdam and Brussels
    • Optimize vertex parent in cases there are only deform and SS modifiers
    • Optimize vertex parent for edit mode without modifiers
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42401 Gaussian blur node is visibly squared-off at larger sizes
    • Fix T42344 EWA filter produces blured results
    • Fix T42277 Apply track's mask on displaying preview not working
    • Fix T42391 HSV correction shader node gives negative values
    • Fix T42349 Windows Render command line Cycles Crash
  • Motion tracking work
    • Solved some remaining bugs in the branch
    • Some features (like disabling color channels) wasn't re-implemented in new pipeline, it is now
    • Performed some tests, merged the work to master
  • Cycles
    • Optimize math node without links to a single value node

Fixed 5, Closed 2

Week 152: 3d - 9th November

  • General development
    • Spend some time on writing the final-ish depsgraph project proposal.
    • Optimization of parallel range, makes mesh deform modifier faster on systems with laodsa cores.
    • Started bringing depsgrph_refactor branch to life, it does something now at least, still long way to go.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42445 Clamp flag has no effect on result value in Math and MixRGB shader nodes (Blender Render)
    • Fix T42289 'Make single user' not registered in history
    • Fix T42408 FSAA affects Cycles Image Compositing
    • Fix T42411 Camera inside volume + particle dupli (object/group) doesn't work
  • Cycles
    • Be ready for new OIIO and OSL libraries
    • Solved old annoying heisenbug with crashes when using OSL, patch should be applied on OSL itself, it's now under OSL devs review.
    • Small optimization in camera-in-volume code

Fixed 4, Closed 14

Week 153: 9th - 15th November

  • General development
    • Booleans: Boost is no longer a dependency for Carve
    • Depsgraph: Workaround for missing pose update when changing visible layers
    • Was mainly working on dependency graph, made agent walkcycle work in nthe new system. Loads of work to be done still, hope to have a bit of granularities next week
    • Also worked on studio tasks, i.e. render farm is ready for crunch.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • No reported bug fixed
  • Cycles
    • Prevent NaN and inf in area lamp sampling caused by precision issues

Fixed 0, Closed 2

Week 154: 16th - 23d November

  • General development
    • Support dynamic loading of SDL libraries, so now SDL is not a requirement to run blender.
    • Just another week of depsgraph fight, mainly this week was about IK solvers and interleaved object update which appeared to work quite ok.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42608 Mesh deform modifier for curve fails in render
    • Fix T42475 Vector motion blur on hair
    • Fix T42585 Mask motion blur is wrong when parented to plane track
    • Fix T41969 Enviropment map crash

Fixed 4, Closed 5

Week 155: 24th - 30th November

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42420 Touchpad zoom and scroll gester using touchpad stopped working
  • Cycles
    • Speedup BVH build for certain compilers, gives 2-3 times BVH speedup with official linux builds

Fixed 1, Closed not really sure, ~2-3

Week 157: 31th November - 7th December

  • General development
    • Flied back home, took a bit of time to accomodate here..
  • Depsgraph
    • Not that much actually done unfortunately :(
    • Discussed some stuff with Joshua, synchronizing our development direction
    • Worked a bit on making depsgraph valid (currently some operations would leave depsgraph in an inconsistent state because of extra granularity -- i.e. bone creation should rebuild the graph)
    • Trying to solve this unleashed some weak points, most of them are easy to solve, just needed some more discussion with Ali
    • There's still one question to be answered, but think on monday it'll be figured out and i'll continue full-power code.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42767 Subsurfacing union boolean with same-named UVs crashes Blender
    • Fix T42800 Blender suddenly closes after pressing solve camera motion
    • Fix T42747 "CUDA error" appears only momentarily, then disappears
  • Cycles
    • Solved some threading issues, some of them unreported, some of them were reported to the Debian bug tracker
    • Use 16 bytes aligned closures in OSL, this solves loads of heisencrashes, plus allows to remove some weird workarounds in the code
    • Early output from Scene::device_update when device error occurs (before you'll be waiting for until all steps are done before you see "No enough GPU RAM")

Fixed: 3, Closed 5

Week 158: 8th - 14th December

  • General development
    • Copied laods of terabytes over the studio network
    • This means we've now testes the network and appears it works!
    • Well, seriously, it was an original backup run to the dedicated system. It's still not fully finished. Currently it's set up to hold incremental backups for last 6 days. I'll add weekly backups and maybe monthly once the initial backup is done.
    • Did some boring testbuild related work, such us checking on regressions, reports about regressions, filling in missing parts of release notes from my side. Plus some pending libraries updates.
    • Some unreported issues fixes in the shading nodes (minor ones, related on difference between normal direction in Cycles and BI, plus OSL did one node wrong)
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42175 Modifiers don't render in sculpt mode using multires
    • Fix T42857 Inconsistency between cache line visibility and ability to change frame from image space
    • Fix T42818 Cycles SSS passes are incorrect for SSS size of 0
    • Fix T42184 Normal not displayed correctly in Material Viewport
    • Fix T42829 Cycles crash rendering when file is saved to specific location
  • Depsgraph
    • Mainly only minor stuff is visible in the branch. It was mostly about doing some cleanup, reducing factor of code creepyness, making it so it's more or less reasonably good for the master.
      • This doesn't mean it's mergeable.
      • This only touched technical stuff around the actual brain. Some leftovers of experimental code, some undeeded wrappers around blender's functions and so
    • Was trying to look into how layer visibility and render engine integration would be done. I'll document it over the weekend (hopefully) so next week i can start working on it.

Fixed: 5, Closed 4

Week 159: 15th - 21th December

  • General development
    • Some minor tweaks to own TODO sections, Bug Fixes release notes section
    • Fix in mesh unwrap caused by arithmetic overflow
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42888: Separate and Combine HSV distorts the hue value
  • Depsgraph
    • Made some cleanups, making code more good looking and more master-ready. Mainly just hate working with bad structured (wrapped, indented etc) code.
    • Walter Lewin has some really nice lectures online, interesting if Ton knows him.
    • Made some minor fixes for missing relations update tags.
    • Spent some time solving memory access issues (stupid stuff, easy to track with address sanitizer from Clang, still takes time tho).
    • Put proposal about layer visibility and render engine communication to wiki. Seems we agree on that stuff with Joshua.
    • Started working on implementation of layer visibility. Generally it seems to work, but some final touches are needed.
  • Motion Tracking
    • Fixed some threading issues, causing crashes
    • Fixed some unnecessary cache cleanups after building proxies

Fixed: 1, Closed 7

Week 160: 22th - 29th December

  • General development
    • In the beginning of the week spent time on finishing "Bug Fixes", running regression tests from the svn. Then moved to tagging, ahoy etc.
    • Not sure what else was done for the general development actually.
    • Spent loads of time in the tracker replying to all the upcoming reports.
    • Did some patch reviews, but that was like only couple of patches..
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T42966 Py_Initialize: Unable to get the locale encoding
    • Fix T42952 Curve modifier not taken into account when curve is created from mesh
    • Fix T42928 Drag-drop of generated files to compo reloads them, loosing edits
    • Fix T42997 Support RGBA output for HuffYUV
    • Fix T42938 image.save_render sometimes saved the wrong pass
    • Fix T43019 Child of objectes used by duplis are visible in Cycles
  • Depsgraph
    • Not much, just filled in some holes in the layer visibility from the last week.
  • Cycles
    • Some code cleanup in order to make it more clear to extend
    • Minor optimization in subsurface and volume traversal by avoid redundant ray visibility checks
    • Corrected and filled in all the areas related on QBVH build
    • Solved some over-allocation in packing BVH (both regular and quadro) nodes into device memory, made some other minor memory optimization in QBVH
    • Implemented QBVH traversal in Cycles render kernel for CPUs with SSE2 support and above
    • Finished and committed watertight ray-triangle intersection, which actually solves reasonable amount of shading reports from the tracker. Hopefully could also eliminate noise in some cases. This made Cycles slower by some percent.
    • Enabled QBVH for CPUs (same SSe2 and above requirement) which compensated slowdown of previous patch. For scenes with loads of hair this could give some speedup actually.
    • Needed to spend some time on solving CUDA compilation after that
    • Fixed really old bug with wrong shading caused by bug in shadow ray intersection in processors without SSE2 support (older intel, arm etc).

This is last report of 2014 i'm afraid.

Fixed: 6, Closed 26