Weekly Reports for year 2011

Week 0: 29th August - 4th September

Week contract is started on. Actually, it was two days only.

  • Bug-tracker work (~6hrs)
    • Fix Insert Hook wrong index
    • Crash while deleting objects in outliner too fast
    • Tab width in texteditor ignored if used tabs as spaces
    • Investigate some bugs but haven't found solutions (like bug with openmp on osx)
  • Some documentation work to make life of linuxers easier (related on FFmpeg update) (~1hr).
  • Motion tracking work (~4 hrs)
    • Almost finished affine tracking patch. Not in SVN yet -- some tools have to be ported to deal with markers transformation. almost finished rotation 2D stabilization. Very minor issue remained.

Fixed: 3, Patches: 2 (uncommited) Unreported-Fixed 0.

Week 1: 5th - 11th September

First full week spend on BF work.

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T28503 Selecting a Grease Pencil from the Properties panel does not update 3D View
    • Fix T28500 Reshape in multires modifier makes blender crash
    • Fix T28423 Screw-modifier crash in cunjunction with subsurf modifier
    • Patch for T28404 certain keyboard shortcuts are not shown.
    • Fix T28524 Push/Pull Assert when using Operator Panel to Alter Distance value
    • Fix T28551 Select similar by normals ignores z component of normal angles
    • Fix T28545 User Preferences - System Tab - Reset All To Default Values on OpenGL Lights
    • Fix T28590 Sculpt Overlay Texture in Viewport Glitched and Wrong icon for Overlay Option?
  • Patches
    • Finish re-implementing non-blocking grease pencil sessions started during GSoC, made them trunk-ready and commited.
    • Splitted poly-line mode for grease pencil implemented in tomato project and commited,
    • Fixed bug with missed last point of GP after conversion to bezier.
    • Fixed "Save Game Engine As Runtime" addon for Linux.
  • Branches work
    • Reviewed i18n branch and helping Xiao with finishing work.
    • Made correct fix for sculpting on non-multires mesh in BMesh branch.
  • Motion tracking work
    • Merged trunk into tomato in both of local Git repo and soc-2011-tomato SVN branch.
    • Added python method MovieClip.tracking.tracs.add() to add new track (useful for importers).
    • Implemented rotation 2D stabilization.
    • Fix for pixel aspect and manual calibration.
    • Fixed incorrect usage of sensor size when creating projection matrix for tracking structure.

Fixed: 8, Closed 11, Patches: 5, Unreported-Fixed: 2.

Week 2: 12th - 18th September

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T28613 SEGFAULT: When setting Best-Quality on a Bump Map in GLSL viewport
    • Fix T28639 "FFT" is missing under Physics -> Smoke -> Domain -> Smoke High Resolution -> Noise Method
    • Fix T28555 Save as Runtime addon not working in 2.59
    • Fix T28663 All "unit" properties show a value of 0 (on WinXP&MinGW&scons)
  • Patches
    • Make Blender be compilable by release environment.
  • Branches work
    • Cleaned up i18n branch (soc-2011-garlic)
    • Made i18n stuff use RNA when it's possible
    • Fixed issues with 64bit windows and i18n branch
    • Implemented partial translation and real-time language switching.
    • Helped Campbell with reviewing weight painting branch (soc-2011-radish)
  • Motion tracking work
    • Do not disable track when tracking frame-by-frame and tracking threshold became bad.
    • Show anchored image in track preview widget.
    • Do not show search area for non-selected and disabled markers.
    • Keep anchor constant position when sliding offset parameters in panel.
    • Updated eigen to the very recent version.
    • Implemented "Movie Distort" and "Movie Undistort" nodes

Fixed: 4, Closed 11, Patches: 4, Unreported-Fixed: 0.

Week 3: 19th - 25th September

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T28226 Selection highlighting is wrong when Solidify Modifier is used
    • Fix T28722 Segfault when reading volumetric clouds example
    • Fix T28489 Wacom Intuos 4 tablet doesn't work with outliner
    • Fix T28695 path/beziercirlce defined surface dissapears when deleting subdv of path until toggling end point option
    • Fix T28709 Attempt to fix #28709: change language to simplified Chinese: sequencer -> add image strip crashes Blender
    • Fix T28602 sequencer segfaults on loading a video clip
    • Fix T28717 import multiprocessing.synchronize fals on Ubuntu 11.04
  • Patches
    • Get rid of c++ in blenkernel and modifiers. Started working on getting rid of c++ in object editor.
    • Sequencer: switching to preview mode works fine again
    • Changed curve back/front fill option (now it's an enum)
    • Fix for add hook/vertex parent for meshes
  • Branches work
    • Commited improved internationalization and localization to trunk
  • Motion tracking work
    • Working on building undistorted proxies

Fixed: 6, Closed 3, Patches: 4, Unreported-Fixed: 1.

Week 4: 26th September - 2nd October

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T28747 Crash in Node Editor
    • Fix T28601 SEGFAULT: Regression in free_imbuf_seq
    • Fix T28185 Regression test: outlinertest blend
    • Fix T28432 Scrolling lists respond incorrectly if mouse is not moved
  • Patches
    • Helped Benoit and Nick to finish cleaning-up code
    • Abort on guarded memory manager errors if WITH_ASSERT_ABORT is set
    • Fixes for run-time language switching
    • Wrote readme for translators, updated font and fixed some other issues
    • Fix crash when starting baking fluid when baking thread is already started
    • Bump maps flip: now white means salience, black means concavity (patch by Morten, finished by me using tips fro mTon)
  • Motion tracking work
    • Fixed compilation error with collada enabled
    • Fixed issues with grease pencil
    • Added on-fly undistortion for clip
    • Added option (internally) to use custom color for new grease pencil layer. Change default color for movie clip to pink.
    • Lookup grids used for image distortion/undistortion are now caching
    • Small code and UI cleanup, some smaller fixes
    • Fixed incorrect behavior of clean-up operator in special cases
    • Bundles and camera path should be displayed correct when there are several solved cameras in the same scene
    • Added option to use clip from active camera as background in 3d viewport
    • Merge Movie Distort and Movie Undistort nodes into one node
    • Implemented proper distortion/undistortion for scaled images

Fixed: 4, Closed 2, Patches: 6, Unreported-Fixed: 1.

Week 5: 3d - 9th October

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T28780 Undo while painting image sequences issue
    • Fix T27532 Undo test texture after painting gives black blocks
    • Fix T27978 Problem exporting OGG Theora-Vorbis video (and other audio codecs)
    • Fix T28805 Add mesh, align to view, un check align to view. not updating
    • Fix T28819 Normal Maps appear inverted in GLSL shader and offline renderer (2.6rc1)
    • Fix T28818 Error when trying to import obj
    • Fix T28816 Error when importing obj file with texture due to api change
  • General tasks
    • Fix for unix python bundling: config-* directories didn't deleted
    • Enabling JACK for linux buildbot.
    • Update release builder environment and Linux RC build
    • Initial review of dynamic paint patch, deeper review is needed
  • Motion tracking work
    • Overscan feature implementation. Plenty of work, some things aren't finished yet so not in svn.
    • Solved movie distortion nodes threading issues, noticeable speedup on complex compositor setup.

Fixed: 7, Closed 8, Patches: 3.

Week 6: 10th - 16th October

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T28857 2.60 rc1 regression?
    • Fixes for T26837 MPEG Preseek does not work for some h264 files.
    • Fix part of T26837 driver not working properly since 2.594
  • General tasks
    • Split language menu into two columns
    • RC2 build
  • Motion tracking work
    • Support for (un)distortion of images with overscan (not exposed into UI yet)
    • Tweak for scale node to produce images with giver color and resolution
    • Fixes for tracking job. Now transform can be started just after tracking job is finished
    • Fixed movie clip cache drawing -- it used to draw both distorted and undistorted cached frames
    • Undistort markers position in clip editor when using undistorted rendering
    • Display proper image in track preview widget when using undistorted rendering
    • Do not mark scoped as dirty when not in tracking mode (for speed-up)
    • Added space_view3d.background_images.add() function to add new background image from scripts.
    • Added operator to set current clip in clip editor as background in 3d viewport
    • Do not show reconstruction if camera hasn't got camera solver constraint
    • Added button to convert tracking-related constraint to fcurves
    • More safe implementation of delete proxy operator
    • Added option to choose which method to use for feature detector: FAST or Moravec
    • Split-up tracking-related changes from other changes for review by other devs (almost finished, but not published yet)
    • Small improvements to FAST detector to deal better with score factor
    • Added option to place detected markers only on outlined by grease pencil areas

Fixed: 3, Closed 11, Patches: 14.

Week 7: 17th - 23th October

  • General tasks
    • Regression tests, 2.60 release build
    • Investigation work for several FFmpeg related issues. Got some patches, but looks like real fix requires deeper code refactor.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix T28942 Minimize stretch in UV editing has no continues grab
    • Fix T28937 Text Editor Selection (Scroll Bar)
    • Fix T28938 Black frames when composite output node even with disabled nodes
    • Patch for T28935 Material display error VBO + Texture Solid + Modifier
    • Patch for T28949 Can't render video to Flash
  • Motion tracking work
  • Allow offset from locked position
  • Set background to camera axis only when setting it from operator in clip editor
  • Initial implementation of graph view for movie tracking data
  • Bunch of smaller changes for issues pointed by Brecht and Campbell on codereview page
  • Basic editing tools for graph editor (not in svn yet, need to be discussed with Sebastian)

Fixed: 3, Closed 2, Patches: 4.

Weeks 8-9: 24th October - 6th November

Half time of this two weeks spent on moving to Amsterdam and back to visit Blender Conference 2011.

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Workaround #29009: Adding modifier deletes half existing mesh
    • Fix #29124: Modifying mesh with mirror and solidify modifiers crashes blender
    • Fix #29122: Curve Radius keyable from Outliner Datablock view but not Transform Radius field in 3D Viewport
    • Fix #28935: Material display error VBO + Texture Solid + Modifier
    • Fix #29005: Bezier/Surface Datablock switching bug?
    • Fix #28998: sequence rendering with wrong progress bar
    • Fix #29147: 'Rotation' flag of particle render settings does not push undo
    • Fix #29139: Comp Group nodes don't retain name
    • Fix #29155: Inconsistency with 0 and Del hotkeys
    • Fix #29024: Logic Bricks allow same name for multiple bricks
    • Fix #28865: Draw_bounds_type does not display Polyhedron or Capsule types
    • Fix #29101: 2D Tilt on Bezier Curve Bug?
  • Patches
    • Backporting changes in general modules which were made during GSoC program and which are necessary for motion tracking be in trunk
    • Fixed proxy generation from sequencer when running on OSX
    • Merged movie cache implementation into trunk, cleaned up unused functions which were supposed to be used for caching images
    • Upgraded Eigen and colamd libraries which are required for motion tracking
    • Applied patch from Kalle-Samuli Riihikoski to fix [ #29051: Set Origin - Center: Bounds does not work
    • Changed node sockets default values to deal better with artists workflow, patch by Sebastian König
    • Merged configurable camera sensor size from tomato branch into tomato
  • Motion tracking work
    • Codereview issues cleanup
    • Selectable tracking graph curves and curve knots
    • Graph curve and curve knots can be deleted now
    • Fixed wrong write when linking libraries (error is caused by hardcoded count of linkable ID blocks)
    • Fixed for KLT tracker when using keyframe adjustment
    • Fix for SAD tracking sliding marker
    • Fixed crash when trying to track from frame where there's no keyframed markers to use for keyframed tracking
    • Fixed jump when sliding movie clip with lock to selection enabled and nothing selected.
    • Reset offset from locked position when adding new marker.
    • Updated camera sensor size before merging to trunk
    • Made behavior of tracks selection more consistent with other areas:
    • Option to place markers for detected features across the whole frame, inside grease pencil areas or outside of grease pencil areas.
    • Automated image sequence offset calculation for image input node and image editor

Fixed: 13, Patches: 15.

Week 10: 7th - 13th November

  • General tasks
    • Merge Tomato branch into trunk, some related on merge things like cleaning code, fixing issues with mingw
    • Re-setup buildbot/release environment to deal with tomatoes/cycles well
    • Boost/OpenImageIO libraries for Linux 32/64bits
  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix #29174: Vertex normals temporarily incorrect after deleting a face
    • Fix #29200: Camera Tracking Solver
    • Fix #29198: Problem with text interface when you enable the International fonts
    • Fix #29201: movie clip editor - right click crashes blender
    • Workaround #29205: Crash while using Edge Split modifier (while rotating vertices in edit mode with edge split viewable)
    • Patch for #29202: Crash - VSE Cross strip probably leads to this (took some time to investigate, but it's a fault from our side, so want this be fixed after some further testing)
    • Patch for #29165: Arrow keys not working correct in Compositing Node Editor
  • Motion tracking work
    • Helped Keir to finish refine camera intrinsics patch
    • Clean-up interface and make it more clear (because of feedback in ML)

Fixed: 6, Closed: 13, Patches: 4.

Week 11: 14th - 20th November

  • Bug-tracker work
    • Fix #29240: multi-res bake broken in 2.60
    • Fix #29245: BuilderBot can't build anymore
    • Fix #29165: Arrow keys not working correct in Compositing Node Editor
    • Fix #29253: 3D Manipulator: "Active Element" not supported for curves
    • Fix #29202: Crash - VSE Cross strip probably leads to this
    • Fix #29260: Missing "Extend" parameter for Border Select
    • Fix #29321: Video does not display, gets frozen or flickers

  • Patches
    • Fix crash in multires baker
    • Speedup of multires baker
    • Workaround for half-transparent windows when running blender-softwaregl
    • Added methods new and remove to scene.render.layers
    • Rename bgpic.add() to and add bgpic.remove()
  • Motion tracking work
    • Finished and commited to trunk Keir's patch for camera intrinsics refining
    • Cleanup of the interface
    • Set floor failed to make camera be in positive Z half-space if it was parented to other object
    • Multiply all camera matrices by inverted first reconstructed camera matrix
    • Camera solving fixed incorrect warnings about failure of solving some frames

Fixed: 7, Closed: 2, Patches: 10.

Week 12: 21th - 27th November

  • General tasks
    • Prepared 2.61 beta build
    • Helping people in tracker, reviewing old reports, assigning bugs to developers
  • Patches
    • Patch #29394: Error in VIEW3D_MT_EDIT_CURVE menu
    • Added method clear to most of collections which supports new/remove
    • Fixed threading issue when tracking several tracks
    • Last part of camera tracking names cleanup: bundles -> 3d markers
    • Camera tracking fixes
  • Bug-tracker work
    • #29369 "test" , type = 'SURFACE') does not create a surface
    • #29306 Alt+N, Enter In Image View Does closes the dialog without executing.
    • #29384 Mesh without polygons + Modifier crashes when switching to sculpt mode
    • #29367 Vertex parent regression
    • #29364 Shade Smooth button is misssing in curve object tools.
    • #29358 Feature "trackness" property misnamed
    • #29295 Problem with Alpha Channel video in Sequencer and textures
    • #29322 'Active Clip' not saving after appending.
    • #29321 Video does not display, gets frozen or flickers
    • Partial fix #29255 Object invisible and weird polygons appearance
  • Camera tracking work
    • Tweaks in convert tracking constraint to f-curves operator
    • Fixed incorrect memory access on distoritons more than 128 pixels
    • Fixes in some operators
    • Moved camera solved into job and improved camera solver reporting (in tomato branch)

Fixed: 9, Patches: 7, Closed 5.

Week 13: 28th November - 4th December

  • Patches (with big changes only)
    • Improved mesh validation function
    • Refactor of VBO code to deal with multiple textures
    • Fixes for multiresolution baker
  • Bug-tracker work
    • #29469 Latest motion tracking not working.
    • #27328 Undoing an operation while baking fluids freezes Blender
    • #29443 Outliner buttons hover on shrink
    • #29434 Cone collision bounds is on the wrong axis
    • #26410 VBO & multitexture doesnt work
    • #29255 Object invisible and weird polygons appearance
    • #29414 2.61 test build: Illegal instruction on Intel Celeron 1200 (Gnu/Linux)
    • #29452 Blender 2.61beta fails to launch on linux (undefined symbol)
  • Motion tracking work
    • Recent changes made in tomato cleaned up and moved into trunk (related on solving in job)
    • SAD tracker now supports patterns with any size
    • Tracking settings are now per-track and can be choosed from rpeset menu

Fixed: 8, Patches: 6, Closed 22.

Week 14: 4th - 11th December

  • Patches
    • Fix for select similar vertices operator
    • Mesh drawing optimization and fixes
    • Fixed crash when movie clip curves region is opened and clip is getting unlinked
    • Fix for movie clips weren't remapped properly on file save
    • Fix crash when trying to track disabled track.
  • Bug-tracker work
    • #28663 All "unit" properties show a value of 0 (on WinXP&MinGW&scons)
    • #29432 Marquee Select Bug
    • #27622 Sequencer Wipe Angle Incorrect
    • #29511 Separate tool duplicates objects
    • #29498 Seg fault on trying to track byond clip length
    • #29558 Selecting similar edges doesn't work
  • Motion tracking work
    • Merged hybrid tracker from tomato branch
    • Bilinear filtering for preview widget
    • Some smaller bugfixes
    • Finished implementation of object tracking

Fixed: 5, Patches: 6, Closed 6.

Week 15: 12th - 18th December

  • General tasks
    • All tasks related on 2.61 release (preparing builds, checking for stoppers)
    • Review of doublecountoring patch
    • Review of UV tools patch
    • Updated carve_booleans branch to newest trunk and switch it to Boost library (if it's available)
    • Contacted with developers of Carve library and Intel to receive help from their side
  • Bug-tracker work
    • #29615 Crash during undo after toggling "Float buffer" in image paint mode
    • #29603 Mode switch on linked objects
    • #29600 Hook actions wrong Tool Shelf adjust
    • #29599 Side of Active tool not working in Faces/Edges
    • #29577 repeat curve duplication not working in 2.60(as well as 2.61rc1)
    • #29574 Strange crash using translated Blender
    • #29558 Selecting similar edges doesn't work
    • #29516 Twist brush giving crazy results
  • Motion tracking work
    • Fixes for current stuff in tomato
    • Improvements for object tracking
    • Fixed crash related on OpenMP and OSX

Fixed: 8, Patches: 7, Closed 10.

Week 16: 19th - 25th December

  • General development
    • Merged trunk into nurbana branch, so now it might be at least compiled
    • Get rid of hardcoded structure definition in DM drawing callbacks
    • Do not show "Modify" modifiers group for curve objects
    • Fixed annoying crash when using russian interface (permanently happens on windows with 2.61 release, not sure if it's critical enough)
    • Translation context for RNA properties
    • Made carve_booleans branch almost usable by triangulating non-planar faces
  • Bug-tracker work
    • #29652 operator tab can not be maximised
    • #29494 Problem loading translations at Blender's startup
    • #29330 Some messages should be context-dependant for translation
  • Motion tracking work
    • Scale object itself when setting scale in object tracking mode
    • Configurable scale for object solution
    • Various fixes for scene orientation for witness cameras workflow

Fixed: 3, Patches: 7, Closed 6.

Week 17: 26th December - 1st January

  • General development
    • Upgrades FFmpeg and OpenAL libraries on windows which fixed some crashes
    • Add FFmpeg libraries versions to system-info.txt
    • Upgrades of software on build environment to fix OpenMP issue. Not fully finished yet
  • Bug-tracker work
    • #29729 Blender crashes when camera solving with a disabled marker
    • #29718 anchored stroke with image-texture --- strange behaviour
    • #29707 Sequencer presets corrupt audio scene settings
    • #29697 Hang during fluid domain bake if a particular frame is set on the timeline.
    • #29696 Crash on exit of edit mode after deleting contents of fluid domain
    • #29692 3D Scene is Rendering Bright in the VSE
    • #29688 Timecode is not used in tracking
    • #29687 Normal bake from multires gives distorted results.
    • #29494 Problem loading translations at Blender's startup (fixed in much better way than in previous week)
    • #27815 Troubles with AVCHD video format
  • Motion tracking work
    • Merged current stuff from branch to trunk (object tracking and some fixes/improvements)

Fixed: 10, Patches: 4, Closed 12.