Reports 2020

January 13 - 17

  • General:
    • This week I went step by step through the bug reports for the new fluids system. I started with bugs tagged with high priority and generally try to fix all other bugs chronologically.
    • Besides bug fixing, I also committed an update that speeds up cache file loading (c7596cd).
  • Bugs:
    • Fix T72971: [Mantaflow] FLIP particles not visible
    • Fix T73111: Bake data of fluid causes crash of Blender
    • Fix T72970: [Mantaflow] When changing the domain settings, the current frame of the scene is set to 1
    • Fix T72860: Mantaflow Fluid Sim fails when simulation starts after frame 1
    • Fix T72783: "Persistent images" option crashes smoke animation render with Cycles
    • Fix unreported bug: Fluid: Fix for relative cache paths (Se2c8aa)
    • Fix unreported bug: Fixed secondary particle combined export functionality (81b7f8e)
  • Next up:
    • Fix more fluid bugs from the tracker.
    • Start updating the release logs and the documentation.

January 20 - 24

  • General:
    • Similarly to last week, I spent this week fixing fluid bugs from the tracker. Nothing too exciting to report other than that I am glad that T72894 is out of the way.
  • Bugs:
    • Fix T72505: Mantaflow - Baking Cache=Final
    • Fix T72562: Mantaflow: Same particles for Spray, Foam and Bubble
    • Fix T72894: Mantaflow: several crashes due to null pointers.
    • Fix T72975: [Mantaflow] Mesh generation bug
    • Fix T72643: [Mantaflow] Incorrect fluid flow direction
    • Fix T63630: OpenVDB- Smoke disappeares
    • Fix T73272: Fire + Smoke broken in Linux
    • Fix T73292: Mantaflow - fluid does not render but renders related particles
    • Fix T73311: Mantaflow > Liquid: Enabling Initial Velocity on Inflow / Outflow crashes Blender
    • Fix T71391: Line artifacts in Mantaflow smoke sim when using "Noise"
    • Fix T72789: Mantaflow cache doesn't work with non-latin cache directory
    • Fix T73155: Current Mantaflow build hideously unstable when baking gas sim with adaptive domain
    • Fix T53205: Show Smoke Advance Panel at Outflow type
    • Closed T47655: OpenVDB cache files have extra "_00" at end.
    • Closed T50382: Fluid sim broken when domain/fluid are at large coordinates
    • Closed T65977: domain not replaced by fluid if 'Final Resolution' set higher than 310
    • Closed T66244: Fluid Inflow cant be disabled until it has an enabled keyframe
    • Closed T69850: Fluid Simulation: Volume Initialization bug
    • Closed T70531: Fluid collision doesnť work for objects with armature modifier while "preserve volume" option is checked
  • Next up:
    • Update the release logs and the documentation.

January 27 - 31

  • General:
    • Lots of cleanup (e.g. remove obsolete code, updated comments) in the fluids code. (e782d35d3454, 42318e358a88, 745e35630058)
    • Liquid simulations with particles don't switch to viewport display mode "Wireframe" automatically anymore. It was causing more confusion than it was actually helping. (a8bfa9163341)
    • Improved smoke and liquid inflow. The commits also fix issues with initial velocities mentioned in T73422 and T72949. (33317b464777, 3601924acb32)
    • Particle systems settings created by the fluid simulation were sometimes not in sync when deleted manually. Fixed this and cleaned up a warning. (9b308f27ad8d, 385b34b9b83f)
  • Bugs:
    • Fix T73483: Mantaflow: Smoke inflow in liquid domain emits liquid
  • Next up:
    • Update the release logs and the documentation.

February 03 - 07

  • General:
    • This week there were two things I really wanted to finish and get into the release branch. It was a bit of a stretch to get everything ready but in the end I think it was worth putting in the effort.
      1. Faster file loading for smoke simulations: They should now load way faster when replayed from the cache. The cache now loads the files directly into the pointer variables (instead of first loading them via Python and then accessing the pointers). (e7d71ce9cf1e, 1bb702df1e16, f12b4e53aaf7, ffcccf654c8e, 68221b7ebafe)
      2. Fix fluid guiding functionality: I knew this one came a bit short in the past weeks. So I already assumed that through bigger changes I made elsewhere the guiding would be broken. When I tested it, it turned out that it was. Luckily, the fixes weren't too complicated. (86e24ea10cba)
    • I also wrote some lines for the release notes: Fluid Simulation Release Notes 2.82
  • Bugs:
    • Fix T73537: Particle system Crash
    • Fix T73567: Mantaflow adaptative domain takes objects with the flow turned off…
  • Next up:
    • Fill in the gaps in the manual for 2.82. Fortunately, the maintainers have already adjusted the manual to the new fluids system. Next week, I will fill in all the remaining sections marked as "ToDo" (mostly variable explanations).

February 10 - 14

  • General:
    • This week I worked on the fluid documentation page! (rBM6200, rBM6201)
  • Next up:
    • Wrap up the documentation and get back to bug fixing.