Reports 2019

September 23 - 27

  • General
    • Mantaflow: Fixed viewport issue with voxel indicator cube in fluid domain object (f1c3777)
    • Mantaflow: Fixed crash that occurred during "Bake Free" when using an unknown / non-existent / invalid cache directory. (Only found this bug through the attached .blend file from T70175) (a937bb8)
    • Mantaflow: Fixed issue with missing materials (regression bug) (0d31127)
  • Bugs
    • Fix T70176: Modifier added to object after mantaflow does not show in stack
    • Fix part of T70175: Mantaflow not using subframes for particle emitters in Gas sim
  • Miscellaneous
    • Tested overall usability of new fluids bake environment + playing with denoise settings in Cycles (Vimeo)

September 30 - 04

  • General
    • Searched for bottlenecks in the baking system. Found that writing cache files and certain Mantaflow internal functions still take disproportionately long (e.g. in secondary particles plugin).
    • Idea to fix caching bottleneck: Caching needs to be divided into two modes:
      • Preview: Equal to existing bake system (e.g. pause + resume functionality, higher overhead due to file IO)
      • Final: Only bake files that are required for replay of final scene (e.g. only load liquid mesh or secondary particle system, ignore supporting liquid grids or secondary particle life + velocities, no pause + resume functionality)
    • Preprocessed Manta code in intern/mantaflow/intern/manta_develop/ from now on also formatted with clang-format (for better readability, still read-only though) (4f33838)

October 07 - 11

  • General
    • Looked into some OSX bugs on the bug tracker, especially T64024 (remains unresolved). All in all interesting, OSX bugs might become a niche area of mine (besides physics maintenance).
    • Mantaflow: More research on particles as smoke emitters T70175. Was resolved partially two weeks ago. The unresolved part looks more like unfortunate settings - i.e. not a bug.
    • Confirmed to be unproblematic: T70531.
  • Bugs
    • Fix TT70511: Mantaflow modifier does not fully copy parameters when linked (ctrl+L) from one object to multiple other objects.
    • Fix T61432: Sampling Subframes not working 2.8
    • Fix Github issue #34: Liquid Sim | When resolution >64 Blender crashes after finishing simulation

October 14 - 18

  • General
    • This week I looked at the caching situation in the fluid-mantaflow branch: I thought it would be nice to see the baking progress in the viewport as well. So I started implementing a new "Cache Type" option.
    • The options for the cache type are "Replay" and "Modular".
      • Replay: It's similar to the current smoke caching in master (i.e. "press play to bake"). For manta, I was able to apply this to liquids too.
      • Modular: Is equal to the existing manta bake system (i.e. bake data, mesh, particles all separately).
    • The new option is located in the "Cache" panel. It's a first version, things like cache invalidation still need to be implemented.
    • Code: Mantaflow: Added first version of new cache system
  • Bugs
    • Reviewed D6076: Volumetric: Debug Voxel Size

October 21 - 25

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