User:Quantimoney/GSoC2021/Weekly Report

Week 10 (9th Aug - 15th Aug)

  • Added toggle button for switching on and off thumbnails in video editor.
  • Removed progress bar for thumbnail jobs, add transparency to images on overlap.
  • Fixed pixel errors on cut thumbnails.
  • Cleanup according to code style, removed unnecessary code.
  • Next is upload patch for review, make final report.

Week 9 (2nd Aug - 8th Aug)

  • Fixed the limits on the caching job, unnecessary images not loaded into cache now
  • Removed Global Hash for the sequences. No memory errors
  • Improved speed of entire strip thumbnails.
  • Talked to mentor about final steps before final evaluation.
  • Next week, remove progress bar, add checkbox for thumbnails overlay on/off and final cleanup before GSoC final evaluation.

Week 8 (26th july - 1st Aug)

  • Not much done as college projects and tests took up majority of the time this week.
  • Improved the job needed/not needed checking code.
  • Removed bug in getting strip start_frame.
  • Changed code to duplicate strips and add to hash table. Faster caching of strips and no need to reopen the same file every time job is called
  • Fixed bugs in cropping, SEQ_TYPE_IMAGE support.

Week 7 (19th july - 25th july)

  • 19th - Discussed with mentor and worked out the steps for higher level strip thumbnail caching job setup.
  • 20th - Started setting up the functions needed for the same.
  • 21st - Finished V1 of the task, some bugs in code.
  • 22nd - V1 done, committed to branch
  • 23rd & 24th - Changed code structure to make it simpler and cleaner. V2 ready. Fast drawing and caching possible now.
  • 25th - Bugs fixed. No crashes or memory losses. Pushed to branch. Just cleanup / testing next week and maybe try to improve performance

Week 6 (12th july - 18th july)

  • Bug fixing - Fixed conditions that started thumbnail job, fixed refresh cache and strip slip broken error(crash on both operations)
  • Updated strip slip changes - now works better (prior it used to refresh the images)
  • Checked GHash code to add multiple strips to job.
  • Talked to mentor about multiple strips support, different methods found - some have good performance improvements.
  • Next week implement multiple strips support. Final step remaining, then code cleanup and improving code quality.

Week 5 (5th july - 11th july)

  • Had college exams so not much work was done.
  • Thumbnail Job ready
  • Fixed some bugs in the caching job and made it work for single strips. Multiple strips not yet supported.
  • Created task and uploaded diff.
  • Next week also busy with tests so mostly bug fixing, code cleanup and checking how to have multiple strips running smoothly together

Week 4 (28st june - 4th july)

  • 28th & 29th - Looked into wmJob code for thumbnail drawing job
  • 30th - Set up the functions needed for Job.
  • 1st & 2nd - First thumbnail Job test done. Found errors.
  • 3rd & 4th - Bug fixing. Final code not ready for commit or update on phab. Next week fixing code and update phab.

Week 3 (21st june - 27th june)

  • 21st - Fixed the thumbnail size to max 256 on either x or y axis. New functions for thumbnail transform in the preprocessing stage.
  • 22nd - Code cleanup - Shifted code to dedicated functions for rendering image and caching after scaling.
  • 23th & 24th - Set a limit for the number of thumbnails cached. fixed space used at all time, no unnecessary usage in the case of prefect and cache limit reached.
  • 25th & 26th - Fixed the incorrect cropping of thumbnails at the ends. Now smooth movement and clean cuts on either edge. Multiple methods tested. Fastest implemented in final code.
  • 27st - Cleaned up thumbnail drawing and caching code.

Week 2 (14th june - 20th june)

  • 14th and 15th - Updated the drawing code and removed logical errors in drawing thumbnails. Added a limit to the number of images to be taken. This provided a performance increase GIF. Changed the way thumbnails should update on handle movement and added ability for strip handle to move over the thumbnail rather than push to the side.
  • 16th - Tried finding solution to the incorrect clipping of thumbnails. Looked into caching of thumbnails
  • 17th and 18th - Set-up code for the caching of thumbnails done. New type and flag added. Added conditions wherever required. Around 10x improvement in storage.
  • 19th - talked to mentor about thumbnail caching. Updated code to scale to low res and store rather than crop. Discussed with some devs about image clipping issues.
  • 20th - Fixed bug of incorrect cache storage on preview and sequencer.

Week 1 (7th june - 13th june)

  • 7th and 8th - had college tests.
  • 9th - Read code and understood ibuf drawing functions. created branch soc-2021-vse-strip-thumbnails.
  • 10th - 12th : thumbnail drawing function done. Small bug in last thumbnail drawing to be fixed 14th june.
  • 13th : get the UI looking clean with no overlappings. Uploaded code to branch.
  • next week create task in d.b.o and have final drawing function ready for review

Bonding Period (May 17th to June 7th)

  • Talked to mentor (Richard Antalík) about the plan and what to do as first task
  • Went through the sequencer code and also checked prior work done but later abandoned D4426 and D5908.
  • Set up devtalk for feedback and weekly reports
  • Interacted with VSE contributors on the #vse