Weekly Reports

Week 01 (June 01 - 06)

Less active on tracker this week due to University exams. Spent the week on triaging and a little time on devtalk. Next week, I will be doing triaging and devtalk moderation.

Total actions on tracker: 124

  • Confirmed: 14

T88873, T88848, T88834, T88812, T88792, T88755, T88710, T88685, T88674, T88673, T88672, T88665, T88685, T88732

  • Closed as Archived: 12

T88886, T88888, T88867, T88829, T88797, T88825, T88820, T88772, T88453, T88474, T83523, T88465

  • Closed as Duplicate: 2

T88817, T88746

  • Closed as Resolved: 2

T88730, T84135

  • Needs Information from User (open reports):

T88857, T88880, T88818, T88778, T88768, T88757

  • Needs Information from Developers: 0
  • Diff submitted: 2

D11495, D11510

Week 02 (June 07 - 13)

Total actions on tracker: 231

Did triaging this week. Exams are over so I can spend more time on tracker from next week.
Next week: Triaging and spending some extra time on dev talk posts.

  • Confirmed: 17

T89099, T89065, T89056, T88978, T89002, T89036, T88944, T89029, T89021, T88999, T89001, T88957, T88974, T88909, T88924, T88912, T88914

  • Unconfirmed: 1


  • Closed as Archived: 27

T89108, T89019, T89083, T89080, T89066, T89026, T89031, T89007, T89027, T85006, T89023, T89005, T86216, T88671, T88694, T87141, T87362, T88925, T87809:, T88008, T88258, T88358, T88403, T88406, T88425, T88583, T88645

  • Needs Information from User: 11

T89107, T89096, T89094, T89085, T89078, T88979, T88967, T88928, T88881, T88875, T88863

  • Needs Information from Developers: 3

T81497, T89004, T88528

  • Closed as Duplicate: 7

T89111, T89095, T89086, T89042, T88866, T88949, T88915

  • Closed as Resolved: 4

T89072, T80386, T88946, T88661

  • Diff submitted: 0

Week 03 (June 14 - 21)