Calendar Week 1 (Jan 04th - Jan 08th)


Bug Sprint week, so triaging and spent a bit more time fixing.

Next Week

Triaging and fixing.

Involved in 75 reports:

  • Closed as Resolved (own commits): 9
  • Closed as Resolved (bug is solved, feature implemented, to do is done): 4
  • Closed as Invalid: 7
  • Closed as Duplicate: 6
  • Confirmed (claimed, but solution still pending): 2
  • Confirmed (tagged module etc): 18
  • Needs Info from User: 14
  • Needs Developer to Reproduce: 5
  • Own reported: 1
  • Actions total: 139


  • D10017, D8863, D10002, D9983

Own solutions in review: 9

  • Changes Planned: [WIP] Fix T83926: bmesh.ops.subdivide_edges doesn't report all inner edges in 'geom_inner' D10019
  • Accepted: Sculpt: 'Unifiy' Dyntopo Detail Size operators D9871
  • Needs Review: [WIP] Fix T84398: Multiview images show only one view D10004
  • Needs Review: Fix T84250: Eevee world/material parameter animation not updating the viewport D9959
  • Needs Review: Sculpt / Paint: show "Show Texture in texture tab" button D9813
  • Needs Review: Cleanup: remove redundant decorator for eevee 'overscan_size' D9164
  • Needs Review: [WIP] Fix T81494: missing eevee update switching image texture node source D9153
  • Needs Revision: Add 'Pack/Unpack Blender Libraries' to the File Menu D9279
  • Needs Revision: Duplication in template_ID: take User Preference for duplicating actions into account D9150
  • Changes Planned: [WIP] Light LookAt Gizmo Enhancements (place shadows, reflections, ...) D7971

Relevant Commits: 10

  • remove redundant decorator for eevee 'overscan_size' rB6154aa15
  • Fix T84475: Outliner missing update when adding IDs to main via RNA rBc44a17ec
  • Use the term "N-gon" instead of "Polygon" for triangulation method rB03f1d8ac
  • Fix T84416: Vertex color baking checks for UVMap rB211e161d
  • Fix T70316: Custom "Delete Keyframes" shortcut still requires rB290b6d7e
  • Fix T84389: RGB Curves node shows "tone" option outside of compositor rBda9d471e
  • Fix T84367: Fix crash when showing invalid/legacy constraints rB36ae6e66
  • Asset browser: workspace in the wrong category. rBfab77286
  • Fix T84018: bulk selection (box, circle, lasso) - unwarranted selection. rBc0a8dd94
  • Fix T84216: Drawing a paintcurve [vertexpaint / weightpaint] fails. rB7d152bed