January 4 - January 8

This week I reorganised the module workboard, fixed bugs and started tweaking the features in the branch based on the module meeting.

Next Week

  • Continue improving the features in the branch
  • See what can be done regarding the XYZ symmetry in weight paint


  • Fix crash in fairing and memory optimization 11cd86a8d2.
  • Fix crash with scene project and dyntopo d37d96437e.
  • Sculpt Scene Project: Add option to use vertex normals and brush normal 940fb3c044.
  • Sculpt: add option for use the center of mass to the sphere mesh filter f91a2a0831.
  • Add missing random mask init menu 6d6ab057e4.
  • Fix T79146: Sculpt Mode lags until the entire mesh is visible 2ed6055209.
  • Fix crash with custom input curves versioning 601d896fc6.
  • Fix warnings and windows build c237a48104.
  • Fix windows build 7754c4f10f.
  • Sculpt: Update clay strips presets with custom input curves 90931d6de9.