Week 1

March 7 to March 13.

  • Bicubic interpolation support for Realtime Compositor. cbf569523ceeb8d.
  • Allow access to multiple EXR passes and layers in Realtime Compositor by fixing missing GPU texture updates. PR #105547.
  • Refactor GPU texture samplers. Allow per-axis image repetition in Realtime Compositor. PR #105642.

Week 2

March 21 to March 27.

  • Fix: Realtime compositor outputs wrong EXR passes. 04d128f54599a91.
  • Continued working on refactoring GPU texture samplers. PR #105642.
  • Implement Fog Glow Glare node. PR #106042.
  • Implement Anti-Aliasing node. 2f4a7d67b7b8a92.
  • Fix: Glare has an offset on low quality settings. c42370d577d70ce.
  • Use luminance coefficients in SMAA. 3d06905ac45dc6e.
  • Spent some time debugging dynamic linking issues when using RenderDoc to debug Blender. Found the root cause and looking into either fixing it or documenting the workaround somewhere.