Weekly Reports for Year 2023

Week 500 - 02/11 to 02/17

Week 499 - 02/04 to 02/10

Week 498 - 01/28 to 02/03

Week 497 - 01/21 to 01/27

Week 496 - 01/14 to 01/20

Weak mostly spent again on the Brush Asset project.

  • Misc:
    • Updated i18n translations.
    • Co-reviewed USD patches with Sybren.
    • Investigated using file-locking to secure Draft file access (T103935, D17022).
    • Worked on initial implementation of basics for Draft support (T101942).
    • Worked on improvements to initial implementation of new Brush Asset system (T101908).
    • Fun Wednesday: Worked on initial ideas/design for BConf video processing tool (TT103966).
  • BT:
    • BT misc (general modules management work).
    • Reviewed Support for export curves on alembic (D16744).
    • Reviewed USD Export - New Curves/Hair Support (D16545).
    • Reviewed USD Importer refactor: Extracting read_mesh params into a struct (D15435).
    • Reviewed Fix T100028: Convert USD camera properties into millimeters from USD units (D16019).
    • Reviewed USD Export: Small change to ensure that edit mode changes are properly exported (D15916).
    • Reviewed USD CI Tests (D16274).
    • Reviewed USD import unused materials (D16172).
    • Reviewed USD IO: Moving to the new Mesh Attributes API for Colors (D16103).
    • Reviewed Fix T103354: Author extents on UsdGeomMesh (D16837).
Reviewed: 9;

Week 495 - 01/07 to 01/13

Weak mostly spent on the Brush Asset project.

  • BT:
    • BT misc (general modules management work).
    • Fixed (chat-reported) issue with recent refactor in liboverride diffing (rBa6b6f5db).
Fixed: 1;

Week 494 - 12/31 to 01/06

Smaller week, last days in Korea and traveling back. Most work was put on finishing the install_deps updates for 3.5, and wrapping up some relatively involved 'bug fixes'.

  • Misc:
    • Finished updating for Blender 3.5 libraries requirements (T99618).
  • BT:
    • BT misc (general modules management work).
    • Reviewed Fix T103226: Add "Link (Library Override)" option for asset drag & drop (D16920).
    • Reviewed/Investigated Fix T90732: crash when alt+LMB to change custom properties of different bones (D16780).
    • Fixed T103242 Missing update on undo/redo for some image properties (rBfc9c39e3).
    • Fixed T102766 Crash when editing geometry node tree or curves in the graph editor (rBd05909a7).
Fixed: 2; Reviewed: 2; Closed: 1;