Weekly Reports for Year 2019

Week 283 - 02/09 to 02/15

Tracker week again...

  • Misc:
    • Updated i18n files.
    • Updated API docs.
Fixed: 10; Reviewed: 1; Closed: 8;

Week 282 - 02/02 to 02/08

Another tracker week, also worked on (non-)deletion of unused IDs when saving .blend file.

  • Misc:
    • Checked again process to handle branches after clang-format wave (see T60283).
    • Serious cleanup of our ID copying code (especially regarding flags).
    • Worked on enhancing/modernizing Purge feature of Outliner (in relation to T61209, rB949bc7aa2a73df, rB389515f4415d etc.).
Fixed: 5; Unreported fixes: 2; Closed: 4;

Week 281 - 01/26 to 02/01

Small tracker week…

  • Misc:
    • Tested clang-format WIP, also trying it on a non-master branch (with merge).
Fixed: 7; Unreported fixes: 2; Closed: 1;

Week 280 - 01/19 to 01/25

Mostly a tracker week.

  • Misc:
    • Updated i18n translations.
    • Updated py API doc.
    • Cleaned up old crappy 'vector math' macros from BLI_utildefines.h
Fixed: 9; Closed: 5;

Week 279 - 01/12 to 01/18

Most of the week was on implementing (and checking) new ways to speed-up massive IDs deletions, used currently in Outliner's delete hierarchy when debug value is 666.

  • Misc:
    • Cleaned up some ID management code (mostly freeing one).
    • Added experimental code to batch-delete many IDs at once (gives tremendous speed-up, rBce6d20b54e30).
    • Added experimental code to batch-delete many IDs at once (from Outliner hierarchy, related to T60419), rBce6d20b54e30).
    • Cleaned up and commented debug_value usages.
  • Bug Tracker:
    • BT misc (general check, assign & close work).
    • Fixed T57308 Perfectly overlapping UV islands (result from applied mirror modifier) of exported FBX mesh get broken into individual polygon UV islands when imported into Maya 2018 (rBAa2e1c4f1d1a).
    • Fixed T60580 depsgraph object instance 'matrix_world' always returns identity matrix (rBd86991ef378c).
Fixed: 2; Closed: 8;

Week 278 - 01/05 to 01/11

Mostly bugfixing again.

  • Misc:
    • Updated translations (also progress on French one).
    • Updated asset engine branch (including changes need to make it run again).
    • Redone properly rBd12b3767f81d commit (i.e. add locked sorting option to UIList) (rB90e354fd7a69).
Fixed: 10; Closed: 9;