Weekly Reports for Year 2019

Week 289 - 03/23 to 03/29

Half a week of work really, for reasons unrelated to Blender…

  • Bug Tracker:
    • BT misc (general check, assign & close work).
    • Reviewed/committed FBX Export: Make empty shape keys exportable (D4496).
    • Reviewed/committed Include blosc, embree and opencollada into BUILD_NOTES.txt file (D4574).
    • Reviewed/committed Fix T62883: Import SVG file remove fill color (D4582, rBAd8177d9e92b4).
    • Fixed T62865 Make Single User after Objects to Scene must be done twice (rB1638204ad407).
    • Fixed T62927 Assert when opening default 2.79 startup file in 2.80 (rB82de58b3184d).
    • Fixed T49979 HSV/HSL 'Far' interpolation in colorbands when both stops have same hue (rB2691dd28e7dc, D4556).
    • Fixed T62929 Linked To Scene Object cannot be made single user (rB6f7392312c9d).
    • Fixed T62984 Backtrace when importing FBX file from the Unity asset store (rBAd0aa840bff2c).
    • Fixed T55956 Transfer Weights: Source Layers can't be set to Active Layer (rB52d5d53b5e36).
    • Fixed T63042 Grease pencil and armature will sometimes copy successfully because of the put in Collection order, sometimes fail (rBd66ed7d5408c).
    • Fixed (unreported) crash when making object single user in some cases (rB5d455a7a908).
Fixed: 7; Unreported Fixes: 1; Reviewed patches: 3; Closed: 5;

Week 288 - 03/16 to 03/22

Somewhat a small week, spent on tracker as usual.

  • Misc:
    • Finished initial porting of X3D io add-on to blender 2.8 (rBAe8da70ab73d2dd5).
    • Updated i18n translations.
    • Updated py API docs.
  • Bug Tracker:
    • BT misc (general check, assign & close work).
    • Fixed T62576 The remaining two unported official add-ons: X3D and 3DS (rBe5e6c3b52c0b).
    • Fixed T62589 Particle system Instance Collection option fails to set a user for a linked collection (rB94507a7fa7ee).
    • Fixed T49420 X3D Exporter generates duplicate edges and splits the mesh when exporting with Triangulate (rBA4ecd2f7a5f13).
    • Fixed T62570 Append Particles System not working properly (rB887d052e56a5).
    • Fixed T62643 ID user decrement error, likely related to custom material PointerProperty (rB606f3c74d36b).
    • Fixed T62633 Model normals not updating in a modifier stack after a deform modifier (rBrBc5fe6ed96bd1).
    • Fixed T62706 Orphan Data : I have now to save a file, close and reopen it, only then I can purge previous deleted meshes (rB91ffd39e7749).
    • Fixed T62713 Paste Normal Vectors (rBf4b57b0190b6).
    • Fixed T62732 Bpy/Python is letting create inputs at the node level for node groups that make blend file unsaveable (rBe8777a729013).
    • Fixed (unreported) broken Py API doc after adding gpencil to buttons_context... (rB94f55d14c34bb).
    • Fixed (unreported) Copy/Paste: orig object being instantiated in active collection on pasting (rB21cd575e88a2).
    • Fixed (unreported) clipboard copying collections when copying objects from 3DView. (rB8314c3188c27).
Fixed: 9; Unreported Fixes: 3; Closed: 73;

Week 287 - 03/09 to 03/15

Usual tracker week…

  • Misc:
    • Updated 'Gotcha' API doc section about crashes with known crashing exception to general rules (rBrB8ba1c3072ca9, reported in T62406).
    • Worked on porting X3D io add-on to blender 2.8.
  • Bug Tracker:
    • BT misc (general check, assign & close work).
    • Fixed T62393 Materials made from 'Make Single User' have linked animation (rB1cc8f9d463a7).
    • Fixed T62310 Batch generate data-block previews broken (rB1bc8ddbc6ce4).
    • Fixed T62488 Can delete collection from indirect linked library (rB9778b0a5bc24).
    • Fixed T54412 FBX Import error (rBA97bd21860f11).
    • Fixed T62528 data transfer modifier error (rBbcc66136c274).
    • Fixed (unreported) broken ID previews reading (rB93633efe69ca).
    • Fixed (unreported) duplicated collection from linked scene would be parented to that scene (rB33dd01fc69d).
    • Fixed (unreported) Outliner's New Collection adding local collection to linked IDs (rB07c8b829b51f).
    • Fixed (unreported) Outliner could add (link...) a collection to a linked scene/collection (rB4b5570533dff).
Fixed: 5; Unreported Fixes: 4; Closed: 24;

Week 286 - 03/02 to 03/08

Big tracker week again, and finished cddata_mask refactor.

  • Misc:
    • Finalized and committed refactor of CDData masks, to have one mask per mesh elem type (rBab0bc65c24bd, D4407).
    • Refactored recursive deep-copy of collection code (rB52f318b9142ba5).
    • Refactored a bit the 'new dir' code of File editor, added auto-scrolling to item after user has renamed it (rB4326f8af08c8).
    • Collection duplication from Outliner: added a 'duplicate hierarchy' operation (rBa77feabb5147) [Partially reverted later...].
    • Updated i18n translations.
    • Updated py API docs.
Fixed: 14; Unreported Fixes: 2; Closed: 4;

Week 285 - 02/23 to 03/01

Tracker week as usual, and kept working on cddata_mask refactor.

  • Misc:
    • Worked on cddata_mask refactor (related to T59338, see D4407).
    • Updated i18n translations.
    • Updated py API docs.
Fixed: 3; Unreported Fixes: 2; Closed: 1;

Week 284 - 02/16 to 02/22

Tracker week as usual, also spent time on cddata_mask refactor to split each mesh elem type apart (i.e. have masks for verts cddata, edges cddata, etc., instead of a single mask for all). This is needed to properly handle some data types common to several mesh elem types (like normals).

  • Misc:
    • Did various cleanup/enhancements in ID management code (regarding FOREACH_MAIN_ID new macro esp.).
    • Worked on cddata_mask refactor (related to T59338).
Fixed: 6; Unreported Fixes: 4; Closed: 4;

Week 283 - 02/09 to 02/15

Tracker week again...

  • Misc:
    • Updated i18n files.
    • Updated API docs.
Fixed: 10; Reviewed: 1; Closed: 8;

Week 282 - 02/02 to 02/08

Another tracker week, also worked on (non-)deletion of unused IDs when saving .blend file.

  • Misc:
    • Checked again process to handle branches after clang-format wave (see T60283).
    • Serious cleanup of our ID copying code (especially regarding flags).
    • Worked on enhancing/modernizing Purge feature of Outliner (in relation to T61209, rB949bc7aa2a73df, rB389515f4415d etc.).
Fixed: 5; Unreported fixes: 2; Closed: 4;

Week 281 - 01/26 to 02/01

Small tracker week…

  • Misc:
    • Tested clang-format WIP, also trying it on a non-master branch (with merge).
Fixed: 7; Unreported fixes: 2; Closed: 1;

Week 280 - 01/19 to 01/25

Mostly a tracker week.

  • Misc:
    • Updated i18n translations.
    • Updated py API doc.
    • Cleaned up old crappy 'vector math' macros from BLI_utildefines.h
Fixed: 9; Closed: 5;

Week 279 - 01/12 to 01/18

Most of the week was on implementing (and checking) new ways to speed-up massive IDs deletions, used currently in Outliner's delete hierarchy when debug value is 666.

  • Misc:
    • Cleaned up some ID management code (mostly freeing one).
    • Added experimental code to batch-delete many IDs at once (gives tremendous speed-up, rBce6d20b54e30).
    • Added experimental code to batch-delete many IDs at once (from Outliner hierarchy, related to T60419), rBce6d20b54e30).
    • Cleaned up and commented debug_value usages.
  • Bug Tracker:
    • BT misc (general check, assign & close work).
    • Fixed T57308 Perfectly overlapping UV islands (result from applied mirror modifier) of exported FBX mesh get broken into individual polygon UV islands when imported into Maya 2018 (rBAa2e1c4f1d1a).
    • Fixed T60580 depsgraph object instance 'matrix_world' always returns identity matrix (rBd86991ef378c).
Fixed: 2; Closed: 8;

Week 278 - 01/05 to 01/11

Mostly bugfixing again.

  • Misc:
    • Updated translations (also progress on French one).
    • Updated asset engine branch (including changes need to make it run again).
    • Redone properly rBd12b3767f81d commit (i.e. add locked sorting option to UIList) (rB90e354fd7a69).
Fixed: 10; Closed: 9;