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Simple projects do not always mean “quick to do”, but rather that they are well defined and should not reserve much surprises. ;)

Complex projects mean work that will take time, but also that is more challenging (either complex algos, or spreading rather wide throughout Blender code, etc.).

Current Work




Current exporter/importer status can be found here.

Binary format is documented on

Also working on documenting the file structure

Split Vertex Normals

Decided to chose this one as “big topic” (also involves tangent space), after a small talk with Campbell. See here.

TODOs, Ideas…


Add Renaming in UIList - DONE 2.70

Be able to rename items directly inside UIList. Should not be that difficult, but not trivial either (have to figure out what widget to use, and how, UILists are a bit tricky).

Resize Preview - DONE 2.71

Add the same dragg-resize stuff to material/texture/etc. previews that we have for UILists or scopes.


Holes in Polygons

There is some code in BMesh about that, but deactivated currently. Issue here is that, as far as I know, many tools would need to be updated to handle such polygons correctly… Would need to talk about it with Campbell, though.

Multi-objects Editing

Another requirement from users (esp. about UVs). Probably even worse than previous topics, as in Blender we always edit one object at a time. Do we even want to try to support that?