My real name’s Bastien Montagne, I was born in 1984, and I live in France.

I discovered Blender (v2.23…) a few years ago in a magazine, and I’m using it mainly for little animations, and sometimes playing with fancy features like fluidsim, softbodies, …



Propagate Render Settings py addon

I have created a small python addon to automatically propagate some of the render settings between different scenes.

See this page.

Select Sequence Strips by Type py addon

I have created a small python addon to allow one to select the sequencer’s strips from their type (audio, scene, video, effect, etc.).

Now in trunk, as C code, in a slightly different form!

WeightVGroup modifier

I have created new modifiers, which affects the weights of a vertex group.

Now in trunk!

See this page.

UI Template List Enhancement Proposal

This is a small modification of the Template List C code, to enable generic inclusion of controls in the list’s items (as it is done, hard-coded, for e.g. materials, vertex color layers, etc.).

Now in trunk!

See this page.

Enhanced pose bones rot/scale parenting

This proposition replaces current Hinge/No Scale options by the ability to choose any upper bone in the chain as rotation and/or scale parent.

See this page.


I have translated and/or I’m trying to maintain the following chapters in french:

I also occasionally correct/write precisions on English pages I translate, and have done a full rewrite of Lighting, Modeling, Animation, Rigging and Constraints chapters (some still in review process…).

I’ve done the refactoring of the Lighting section.

The refactoring of the Modeling/[1] sections (the project page).

The refactoring of the Animation/Rigging/Constraints sections (the project page).

Wiki Internals

I’ve contributed to the new Naiad skin, coding some PHP extensions.

  • A (conditional) cache storing “half-parsed” wiki text and data in the cache, with optional conditions to know when to recompute cached data.
  • A customized, cachable version of the Tree And Menu extension.

I’ve also worked on the Glossary project.

If you want to contact me, please use my discussion page.

--Mont29 15:41, 18 September 2011 (CEST)