Weekly Reports

Disccussion and suggestions

High priority

  • Self collision.
  • Revise constrained linear solver.
  • Interface with goal positions to allow scripted motion.
  • Some GUI functionality to change solver/lattice options.
  • Improve lattice generation by subdividing surface cells.
  • Better per-vertex mass computation that considers volume of embedded mesh.
  • Some interesting nonlinear materials.

Low priority

  • Speed up collision detection code/BVH traversal.
  • Perform CCD instead of discrete queries. Possibly consider one round of CCD at start of timestep and require smaller timesteps.
  • Render lattice in Blender viewport.
  • Surface attachment constraints (e.g. Maya's slide constraints).
  • Support for quasi-static solves.


  • A pin group equivalent from cloth sim would be nice, so you could exclude certain vertices from the sim.