January 2rd to January 6th

  1. Neighborhood got flooded.
  2. temp-pbvh-split: make requested patch changes afbfa1352b77824

January 9th to January 13th

  1. Sculpt: Fix T102889: Sculpt trim tool extrudes in perspective 88e9826529d1cce
  2. Sculpt: Change expand hotkey to not auto-create mask 92773761d33058e
  3. Worked on Dyntopo. [1]
  4. Sculpt: add support for curves sculpt to paint_init_pivot 325105ee6f68ed2
  5. Sculpt: Fix T102889: Sculpt trim tool extrudes in perspective88e9826529d1cce
  6. Merge branch 'main' into temp-sculpt-roll-mapping dd38fac462b52c0

January 16th to January 20th

  1. Sculpt: Fix T103948: Automasking stroke id not being updated 1184501d5ce1470
  2. Sculpt: Remove old connected component API in favor of new island API fcb0425f64c4b36
  3. Sculpt: Fix T103923: Expand face sets now taking visibility into account da21e035d33535c
  4. Sculpt: Expand NORMALS and TOPOLOGY_DIAGNAL falloff now check islands 4fa6ce09734d113
  5. Sculpt: Expand now waits for click before invoking when called from menu 0e35d5c0957e962
  6. Sculpt: Restrict expand to active mesh islands for geodesic and topology 8b5c2d9ef109014
  7. Sculpt: New API for keeping track of topology islands9889918fd4de7a8

January 23rd to January 27th

  1. Worked on dyntopo b4cc9b67fc7d4e0 f68b5cd7e1c831d 4e76cc86b073ae9 390b6492e7306d4
  2. Sculpt: Fix T104068, depth calculation error in trim tools042775ad482977a
  3. Sculpt: Fix sculpt expand not switching falloff types properlyd76004f48f46164
  4. Sculpt: Add numpad aliases for number keymap entries in expand modal map647cffc00163740
  5. Commit pbvh node splitting patch b6b6e47e1dbc2e4
  6. Sculpt: Fix T104090: Automask topology not constrained by brush radius 789ab9b92aff9a5

January 30th to February 3

  1. Sculpt: Don't invert in geodesic mask expand keymap3750e7ef0b922e7
  2. Sculpt: Un-invert expand normal falloff 0a9520ce846d297
  3. Sculpt: Fix T104040: Always update eevee shadows in sculpt modes 91263a8b8baa5e1
  4. Worked on DynTopo.

February 6th to February 10th

  1. Worked on DynTopo. Created new branch to rebase it onto master. Made pull request in gitea.
  2. DynTopo refactor:
    1. 555b703afae2bcf
    2. b0ba5dece33e73e
    3. 1c0c0d377c6c730
    4. b51ec6b1fc72a71
    5. ac5c10823415b6b
    6. 8d47a57baef2bac
    7. 9188bf38c02431f
    8. d656a1aa13afe96
    9. b413062a09ed4eb
    10. 206334fefdc4cab
    11. f319e95198a8777
    12. 03878a08e86ba5c
    13. 5b7845cecc70a18
    14. c5a69cead3b019e
    15. 3f59466c2968a3e
    16. d1fae4250e296fe

February 13th to February 17th

  1. Sculpt: Fix 104618: Topology automasking errors 5de9a5dea5dbda7
  2. Sculpt: Add support for last operator panel to mesh filter operator c352eeb21345692
  3. DynTopo refactor:
    1. 874668f0ad2b969
    2. 4b0e540d6c4e3cf
    3. 029b2bc02598cee
    4. 029b2bc02598cee
    5. 029b2bc02598cee
    6. 185d06ae74d8ba0

February 20th to February 24th

  1. Sculpt: Fix #104475, data transfer not respecting vgroup for float colors ddcf7186404f8eb
  2. Sculpt: Fix #104618 (again) 4eb90fc15cfe556
  3. Sculpt: fix 104174, clicking over empty space always pushes undo. 7f256e0d33dd545
  4. Sculpt: Implement mesh filter cancelff3fd5f1ce2d52b
  5. BMesh: fix invalid existence check in BM_mesh_bm_to_me 3e049973eec4606
  6. Worked on DynTopo refactor
    1. 26b3aefb8f3d1dc
    2. f52415f82a2d4e4
  7. Fix #104006 Sculpt box/lasso trim projection errors 01d4c8462d3817f
  8. Sculpt: Add trim orientation to sculpt box trim UI a843a9c9bb8a25f
  9. Fix #104803: Fix broken deprecated vertex color RNA APIs c517e4a5019102a

February 27th to March 3rd

  1. Sculpt: Add support for last operator panel to color filter operator b4ee9366278a815
  2. Fix #105341 Hard freeze in scene space stroke code5a4872bd4eb7fc7

March 6th to March 10th

  1. Sculpt: Edit face set operator improvements 66b4a4427b7949f
  2. Sculpt: Fix #105557 Bugs in new sculpt menu entriesd795c00b887c0f5
  3. Worked on dyntopo: 29038867a933ead 0e582f1cc3c0b0e 681a55bb0124491 656c0758438cc28 619c2e1eb9fd2b6 a72c470c5ec686d 806cbce7455647b

March 13th to March 17th

  1. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Fix bugs in edit face sets operator 6064c650e283b4e
  2. Merge branch 'main' into temp-sculpt-dyntopo 9364c401afd8e56
  3. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Code cleanup and bugfixes 6a14199f7d34d3f
  4. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Cleanup code 8ee94a85820751d
  5. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Bring back custom dyntopo spacing 51e6f898d19e129
  6. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Bring back improved topology rake f071a4bb04f0a40
  7. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Rewrite minmax heap in c++ 27bdf013ec88685

March 20th to March 24th

  1. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Fix visibility bug 1889224bd05a0c2
  2. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Fix undo bug a2f908ec6db8de6
  3. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Fix smooth boundary/corner handling ec76d621f639639
  4. temp-sculpt-dyntopo: Fix face set init operator c2a2c8265c5f64c
  5. Fix: Vertex paint filter operators broken undo 16cb13b8a07c711