January 3 to January 9

D12587 (temp-sculpt-colors)

  • Polished D1258 to get ready for master:
    • Fixed bugs
    • Added back color picker panel
    • Fixed icons
    • Updated patch for latest master (including new GPU subsurf);
    • Vertex color node now shows all color layers in its quick search list.


  • New automasking modes:
    • Mask by view normal, works similarly to front face only but with a falloff.
    • Mask by brush normal, compares normals with initial brush normal at start of stroke, see video.

January 10 to January 14

  1. Cleaned up sculpt temp attribute api. 5e27ed5f0e
  2. Fixed various bugs and crashes in sculpt-dev:
    1. 15cb3130c3
    2. fab69104da
    3. bf812abfcb
    4. 4d54182159
  3. Merged master into sculpt-dev and temp-sculpt-colors.
  4. Further cleaned up temp-sculpt-colors (D12587).
    1. Fixed bug with sculpt undo system losing track of the active color attribute.
    2. Made various requested changes.

January 15 to January 21

  1. Cleaned up doc comments for sculpt_intern.h.
  2. Merged master -> sculpt-dev
  3. Fixed a few bugs in sculpt-dev
  4. Worked on blog post

January 23 to January 28

  1. Worked on sculpt colors patch.
  2. Refined draft of blog post.
  3. Roughed out C++ backend for new brush engine system as a proof of concept.
  4. Spent an inordinate amount of time merging branches.
  5. Attempted to debug Wintab. I ended up having to upgrade my drivers;
 I think the stock OEM ones got broken by the upgrade to Windows 11.

February 1 to February 5

  1. Made DynTopo in sculpt-dev use a new, unified edge heap (a min-max heap). a393db3c23
  2. Worked on sculpt colors patch.

February 7 to February 11

  1. Cleaned up some code in sculpt-dev.
  2. Worked on sculpt colors patch

== February 14 to February 18

  1. Worked on sculpt colors patch
  2. Did research for texture paint project.

February 21 to February 25

  1. Worked on sculpt colors patch
  2. Started work on texture paint prototype.
    1. Got seams to work in JS prototype.
  3. Ported vertex paint to C++
    1. Supports vertex and corner (float/byte) color layers.
  4. Added corner colors support to sculpt undo

February 28 to March 4

  1. Continued work on texture paint prototype.

March 7 to March 11

  1. Got texture paint to work on a proof of concept level.
  2. Figured out how to build neighbor lists for texels across triangle seams. JS prototype
  3. Worked on PBVH EEVEE patch D13897

March 14 to March 18

  1. Submitted patch to add triangle iterators to PBVH (in texture paint branch). D14339.
  2. Fix minor sculpt-dev bugs:
    1. b71693b5f0
    2. 194ec7460c
    3. 389724c1ac
  3. Dyntopo fixes in sculpt-dev:
    1. 8b719fee19
    2. 371a6799c4
  4. Roughed out PBVH caching (plan is to implement and test in sculpt-dev before making a patch against either master, the texture paint branch or both). 307f13aee5

March 21 to March 25

  1. Fixed various issues in sculpt vertex colors patch:
    1. Data transfer modifier f42d3caecd
    2. Reverse/rotate face colors in editmode 09eb086779
    3. Changed various UI strings from "vertex colors" to "color attributes." 09eb086779
    4. Mask by color 09eb086779
    5. Alpha getting mangled for byte colors 51c3ce1353
    6. Layer auto creation 19ea75f8cf
    7. Undo crash 4c7ea01cbd
  2. Improved smear brush in sculpt vertex colors patch 9e3e80780c
  3. Fixed various bugs in pbvh caching:
    1. 711bcef7f4
    2. 34d8df4aba
    3. 43af973cd9
    4. b53339edfa
  4. Fix pbvh cache crashes in sculpt-vev:
    1. 711bcef7f4
    2. 273040f84c
    3. 34d8df4aba
    4. b53339edfa

March 28th to April 1

  1. Sculpt vertex colors patch
    1. d6fc7221c8
    2. 7ec7fa03ea
    3. 76d40e26c4
    4. a6c5e738df
    5. 79e471715f
    6. 9200581afc
    7. b1e68a8e3f
    8. 2c29a94531
    9. 820a88e37b
    10. e9d8858ed7
    11. 0e331b0f1e
    12. 7a463bc17a
    13. 9b57037a03
    14. 4e794686a9
  2. Merge master into sculpt-dev 8a58f1f3bb

April 4 to April 8

  1. Land color attributes patch in master eae36be372
  2. Merge master into sculpt-dev.
  3. Worked on D13897, PBVH draw patch.

April 11 to April 15

  1. Fix color attribute bugs:
    1. 0329145712
    2. 7163db99c4
    3. a99639792b
    4. d683ea4862
    5. fbca6aeb7c
    6. 4a70561bbd
    7. 2b191cd2b4
  2. Fix cloth crash in sculpt-dev 185ca2912f
  3. Merge master into sculpt-dev ecbf681e31

April 18 to April 22

  1. Ported old vertex paint mode to C++ 575ade22d4
  2. Fix dyntopo crash with color attributes: 6f190f7f43
  3. Fix data transfer modifier bug b0c428c063
  4. Code cleanup 14f2d37ad1
  5. Fix draw crash 01333cb47f
  6. Fix crash in sculpt-dev d2dee8f482
  7. Fix remesh crash in sculpt-dev afc86042b7
  8. Fix mask slice in sculpt-dev 55740b7bee

== April 25 to April 29

  1. Make sculpt mask filter operator show redo panel 185d9627b3
  2. Change how defaults for mask filter are set so redo panel remembers more of them 296d734344
  3. Fix crash 38eed4ada3
  4. Fix crash 42878ffc26
  5. Fix trim lasso radius bug 2bc0e8d304
  6. Cleanup a8331d8c9d
  7. Fix color space error in vertex paint c20b99b70c
  8. Fix PBVH draw cache invalidation crash bfb4dcaa1a

May 2 to May 6

  1. Implement PBVH texture node splitting:
    1. Initial implementation d2fa1daea6
    2. Debug visualization 1c77f259fd
  2. Fix merge bugs in sculpt-dev 67fdff9d69

May 9 to May 13

  1. PBVH texture node splitting:
    1. Fix bug in pixel row splitting 27fd506501
    2. Multithreading 6e4daa7d3c5f2a77f1c23f5a6333e24118a6519c 6e4daa7d3c
  2. Fix broken vertex color node 0eb2244f0a
  3. Sculpt-dev:
    1. Merge master into sculpt-dev cd316eb6c6
    2. Fix merge errors 7677b2428a
    3. Fix large file sizes caused by brush settings system cfc46e43b2 e5a111c637