Week 202304

Texture painting

  • Change approach for manifold meshes as it currently has to many artifacts and limitations. Idea is to replace the vertex based extension with an edge based extension. By doing that we can keep closer to the actual polygons on the mesh. [21eff2c0ac, T104005]
  • Review Support Automasking For Texture Paint [D15298]

Week 202303


This week I will be working mostly on making sure that the Metal backend is production ready.

  • Any add-ons that use OpenGL calls directly should not crash Blender. [D16996]
  • When using add-ons that use OpenGL should be reported to the user. [D16996]
  • Some crashes when using gpu module. [ff814ec5f6].
  • Attribute list in shader interface isn't updated when using Metal [1704217042].
  • Review: Fix T103433: Ensure Metal memory allocator is safe for multi-threaded allocation. Resolves crash when baking indirect lighting. [D17018]

Texture painting

  • Fix edge bleeding of non-manifold parts of meshes [D16963]
    • Fix artifacts when mixing multiple source pixels. Issue was that the second source was not found, due to incorrect search radius.
    • Some performance optimizations added threading, solved outstanding todos.
  • Add print_debug for generated uv islands. [884e14ac93]

Week 202302


  • Crash when using Limit textures. [T103075]
  • Update MacOS minimum requirement to 10.15 for Blender 3.5 [D16953]
    • macOS: Remove user notifications [D16955]
    • macOS: Silence OpenGL deprecation warnings [387fc9b40b]
    • macOS: Replace PboardTypes with PasteboardTypes. [eeff49a3b1]

Texture painting

  • 3D Texturing: Fix seam bleeding non-manifold meshes [T101739]
  • 3D Texturing: Replace pointers with indexes in pbvh_uv_islands [D16752]

Patch Review

  • Fix uninitialized UVs when painting in sculpt mode [D16981]

Week 202301


  • Eevee: Mark Properties on Samples Panel Animatable [D16827]

Texture painting

  • Fix seam bleeding for non-manifold edges.
  • 3D Texturing: Replace pointers with indexes in pbvh_uv_islands [D16752]

Code review

  • Fix empty asset index files after bug in asset loading [D16678]


  • Meeting about personal development with consultant.