Week 202251

Sculpt texture & paint

  • Experiment with XR painting
  • Designing missing pieces to fix seam bleeding.

Patch review

  • Eevee: Mark Properties on Samples Panel Animatable [D16827]

Week 202250


  • Updated patch to include Eevee shaders support and landed in master. [D16610]

Module work

  • Wrote minutes of the Eevee/viewport module meeting [1]
  • GPU: Select GPU Backend from Preferences [D16774]

Sculpt texture & paint

  • Brush: Swap Texture Slots for Sculpt Brushes [D16781]
  • Sculpt: Vertex painting color textures [D16758]

Patch review

  • Fix empty asset index files after bug in asset loading [D16678]

Week 202249


  • Test building vulkan on Windows.
  • Report macro unrolling issue in Shaderc [2]

Image Engine

  • Initial documentation how image engine works and what are the ideas behind it [3]
  • Did several cleanups and improvements most notable:
    • Improve performance image engine [2ffc9b72ad]
    • Reduce memory size by dividing the region in smaller parts. [c20e456ee0]

Python GPU module

  • Fix using FLOAT_2D_ARRAY and FLOAT_3D textures via Python [fd9b197226]


  • Initial meeting with Reality check festival. [4]

Week 202248


  • Compile vulkan shaders to Spir-V binaries [D16610]


  • Prepared and gave a masterclass on Blender/OpenSource development focused on performance to a network of computer science schools (Bachelor/Master degree) around Europe.

Personal development

  • Initial workshop with a coach about organizing development communities.

Week 202247


  • Checked on potential license risks when using Vulkan validation layers. [#102055]
  • Comitted the GHOST vulkan backend. [6dac345a64]
  • Made MoltenVK as dependency as of the VulkanSDK [dd5fdb9370]
  • Hooked shaderc to VKShader and shader builder; started fixing compilation errors [D16610]

Bug fixing


Week 202246

Bug fixing

  • Fix hair/curve drawing artifacts when workarounds are enabled [5be3a68f58]
  • Regression: EEVEE: AMD driver 22.7.1 - 22.8.2: Volumes created from VDB and Geometry Nodes show artifacts [51914d4a4a]

Code review

  • Fix T101775 : Remove double listing of grease pencil data in dopesheet summary [D16369]
  • WIP: Use GPU_finish() instead of BLI_task_graph_work_and_wait() [D13785]
  • GPU: Improve Codegen variable names [D16496]
  • FIX T102076: Add support for int attributes to draw manager. [D16420]
  • Fix T102365: Wireframe skips edges after recent cleanup [D16451]
  • Fix T102210: Clicking on the Camera icon of the jobs panel should focus Render Window during rendering [D16372]
  • Fix T69000: Hair: changing children related settings not updating in particle edit mode [D13698]
  • Fix T100926: Show UV outline in texture paint mode [D16490]
  • Fix T101211: Image jitters when scaling by large values [D16517]
  • Images: Add "mirror" extension type [D16432]


  • Regression: Grease Pencil: Drawing lines appear after releasing the mouse [#102251]
  • PNG 8bit and 16bit loads differently in compositor [#102484]
  • Regression: Repeating resizing image and undoing causes view in image editor strange state, and editing it causes crash. [#99356]

Metal/Vulkan backend

  • GPU: Enabled Metal test cases [f0ce95b7b9]
  • GPU: Update Vulkan backend with latest API changes. [277b2fcbfa]
  • GHOST: Vulkan Backend. [D13155]

3D Texture painting

  • 3D Texturing: Fix seam bleeding. [D14970]
  • PBVH Texture Paint Node Splitting [D14900]

Week 202245

  • Bug fixing
    • The "Texture Paint" mode is very slow. [#101966]
  • Setting up an AMD renderfarm for project Heist as fall-back.
  • Interview with applicants.

Week 202244

  • Added placeholder for gpu vulkan backend
  • Send GHOST vulkan context for review.
  • Started discussion about virtual cameras [#102182]
  • Testing ShaderC and Vulkan SDK libraries

Week 202243

  • BConf 2022 preparation.
  • BConf 2022 attending.

Week 202242

  • Refactoring brush code to work with multiple textures
  • Prepare BConf presentation
  • Blender: Add command line argument to switch gpu backends [D16297]

Week 202241

  • 3D texturing brush
  • Prepare BConf presentation
  • Ensure float values are clamped to half float when uploading to GPU. Fixes some visual artifacts in the compositor backdrop and image editor. [872a45f42b]

Week 202240

  • 3D texturing brush
    • Research potential performance improvements
  • GPU
    • Look into render glitch on NVIDIA.
  • BConf
    • Prepare presentation

Week 202239

  • 3D texturing brush
    • Cleanup UV seam bleeding patch.
    • Research potential performance improvements
  • GPU
    • Python: Add platform feature support methods to gpu.capabilities module. [267aee514a]
    • System info: Added GPU device type and feature support. [6075b04cf9]
    • GPU: Disable SSBO support from commandline. [0210c4df17]

Week 202238

  • 3D texturing brush.
    • Extend unmanifold meshes.
  • Participated as speaker on the EUE-ReConnect conference.

Week 202237

  • Eevee/Viewport module meeting
  • Create presentation for EUE-ReConnect conference.
  • Debugging volumetric issue for Project Heist.

Week 202236

  • Eevee/Viewport module meeting
  • Research depth test issues with AMD 22.7/22.8 drivers.
  • Vulkan status report
  • NVIDIA driver issue with complex scenes + EEVEE (Project Hiest)

Week 202235

Week 202234

Week 202233

  • Writing report out for Siggraph.
  • Catching up with people met at Siggraph.
  • Moving inside the office to a new location.
  • Eevee/Viewport meeting

Week 202232

Siggraph 2022.

Week 202231

  • Image: Display GPU layout in uiTemplateImageInfo [D15575]
  • Fixing failing GPU test cases.
  • Added support of curve objects in eevee-cryptomatte.

Week 202230

Code Review

  • Improve image undo performance [D15415]
  • Python API: ViewLayer.aovs.remove isn't available [D15341]
  • Replace GLEW with libepoxy [D15291]

Week 202229

  • Did some R&R this week.

Week 202228

  • Recruitements
  • GPU module meeting
  • Code reviews
    • Image Undo Performance
  • 3d Texturing seam fixing
    • Select more edges to be fixed.
    • Code cleanup

Week 202227

Week 202226

  • Recruitment
    • Speed dating with students
  • 3d texture painting
  • Add viewport playback performance to benchmark [#99136]
  • Object mode curve outline [D15308]

Week 202225

  • Recruitment
  • Eevee/Viewport meeting
  • 3d texture painting
  • Fix regression tests draw module to work on NVIDIA 10, 20, 30-series card.
  • Fix workbench regression tests on Mac Intel
  • Add platform specific reference images for regression tests

Week 202224

  • Recruitment
  • Write blog post about the final days of Blender 2.83 LTS release.
  • Looking into performance issues in master/viewport related
  • Eevee/Viewport meeting
  • 3d texture painting

Code review

  • Fix T98699: Face dot colors in UV editor was using wrong color from theme

Week 202223

  • Fix Video sequencer screen corruption occurs when resizing [#98620]
  • Recruitment
  • Write blog post about the final days of Blender 2.83 LTS release.
  • Meeting about CI/CD testing with industry partners
  • Sculpt, paint & texture module meeting
  • Looking into performance issues in master/viewport related
  • Get my head back at uv seam fixing.

Week 202222

  • Recruitment
  • Bug Fixing GPU
  • Meeting about viewport compositing
  • Sculpt, paint & texture module meeting

Week 202221

GPU Module

  • Image.update doesn't update the image editor [#98321]
  • GPU Module meeting
  • Share GPUTextures between image data-blocks.

3d Texture painting

  • UV Seams fixing

Week 202220

New design UV seam fixing.

Week 202219

Bug fixing

  • Crash deferred shader compilation
  • Windows NVidia regression light widgets
  • MacOS/AMD: Drawing artifacts in VSE.
  • GPU Subdiv compiler error [#97330]
  • Eevee support for Geometry Nodes Color Attributes. [#97895]
  • Color Attributes shading turns black after switching mode [#97173]
  • DrawManager: Hide lock acquire behind experimental feature. [#97988, #97600]
  • Lag when resizing viewports. [#97272]
  • Eevee: Fix GLSL compilation error.[rB35594f4b]
  • GPU: Unable to compile material shaders.
  • GPU: Fix crash deferred shader compilation.


  • Compositor meta data to support different workflows [#97905]

Texture painting

  • UV Seams; Concluded that the current approach is to limited. Discussed a possible

new approach, but that would need more research.


  • GPU Module meeting
  • Meeting how to solve new hair requirements in draw manager
  • Sculpt, texture & paint module

Week 202218

Texture painting

  • Improve quality UV seam fixing
  • Undo

Code review

  • Add general Combine/Separate Color nodes [D14034]

Bug fixing

  • Custom Normals tools dont update immediately [#95165]
  • Image/UV Editor poor performance [#95428]


  • Compositor meta data to support different workflows [#97905]

Week 202217

Not in office

Week 202216

Texture painting

  • Stability of the 3d texturing brush
    • Fix use correct colors when painting on byte textures.
  • UV Seams

Week 202215

Texture painting

  • PBVH Pixels
  • UV Seams

Week 202214

Texture painting

  • PBVH Pixels
  • UV Seams

Week 202213

Texture painting

  • Paint slot selection. [D14455]

Bug fixing

  • Several Image editing refresh issues for 3.1.1 release.

Code review

  • Fix T96575: Can't set vertex theme color
  • Python: Add more useful information when attempting to pass incorrect attributes to GPUVertBuf.attr_fill [D14103]

Week 202212

Texture painting

  • Design

Color management

  • GLSL compilation error in OCIO generated code. [D14425]

Code review

  • Color Management: support different settings for render and compositing output [D14402]

Week 202211

Texture painting

  • Prototype 4.
    • Reduced memory usage by pixel encoding.
  • Comparing features between sculpt vertex paint, sculpt texture paint and old texture paint.

Week 202210

Bug Fixing

  • Undo images.

Code Review

  • Remap performance
  • Canvas compositing
  • widget 2d shaders.

Texture painting

  • Prototype 2+3.

Week 202209

Bug Fixing

  • Crash: painting 2D textures with anchored strokes in 3.1 Beta [#95992]
  • Setting Masking->Stencil Mask->Stencil Image crashes Blender [#95981]
  • Multi-view images fail to display properly in the Image Editor [#95298]
  • Render slot issues.

Texture painting

  • Research for technical implementation
  • Rasterizer quality

Week 202208

Bug fixing

  • Float options are shown next to non float textures.

Texture Painting

  • Rasterizer for ImBuf.

Week 202207

Big fixing

  • Compositor backdrop not updating

Texture painting

  • Project setup
  • Worked on a rasterizer for ImBuf

Week 202206

ID Management

  • ID Remapping performance.


  • Role description meetings
  • Project planning meetings

Week 202205


  • Texture painting
  • Material layering

Bug fixing

  • Image editor transparency [#95200]
  • Crash old scenes image editor [#95332]
  • BGL builtin shaders color mismatch. [#95341]
  • Crash shader dependency [#95376]
  • Compositor viewer backdrop not visible.
  • GPUTexture memory leak
  • Textures disappear when going to Edit Mesh on Solid Texture mode [#95467]

Week 202204

  • Remap multiple items in UI performance [D13615]
  • GPUShaderCreateInfo for hair refinement compute shader
  • Sequence backgrouns shows green [#94900]
  • Image engine [D13424]

Week 202203


  • Investigating
    • OCIO 1D lut support
    • Eevee AOV renderpasses AA sampling
    • Sequence background shows green [#94900]
  • GPU shader descriptors [D13360]
  • Regression compiling eevee materials [#95003]
  • Binding keyword not supported on all platforms [#95039]
  • Dragged node links are invisible [#94987]
  • 3D Viewport is missing overlay [#95052]

Asset Browser

  • Add ID Properties to Asset Indexer [D12990]

Week 202202

  • GPU shader descriptors [D13360]
  • Add testcases for library remapping

Week 202201

  • Add ID Properties to Asset Indexer [D12990]
  • Remap multiple items in UI, core, [D13615]
  • Convert color space node, [D12481]
  • GPU shader descriptors, [D13360]