Week 202115

Code Review

  • D10956: Convert vertex colors to linear color space
  • T74680: Incorrect mixing in Glare node
  • D10971: Fix compositor: opencl device queue deleted after creation
  • D10972: Fix (unreported) compositor resolution propagation broken by some nodes
  • D10609: Modifiers: Performance Simple Deformation

Bug Fixing

  • T87252: file output node broken with more than 4 inputs
  • T87292: "File Output" node does not saves anything
  • T77023: Using multiple Denoise Nodes.
  • T81809: Compositor sometimes fails to composite (Image Editor involved)

Week 202113

Code Review

  • Compositor: Add Anti-Aliasing node [D2411, D10778]


  • Compositor: Enable suggest-override warning [D10846]

Bug Fixing

  • Cryptomatte affected by Color Space change in OpenEXR multilayer [T68239]
  • Cryptomatte: Fix When Image based Cryptomatte Aren't On The First Render Layer

Library Override

  • Library Overrride API
    • [D10848]

Week 202112

Code Review

  • Compositor: Add Anti-Aliasing node [D2411]
  • Compositor automated testing [D6334]
  • PNG Banding [T86560]

Bug Fixing

  • Fix: Cryptomatte Metadata Trimmed to 1024 [D10825]

Library Overrides

  • API for restrictive mode

Week 202111

Render Module

  • Finalize Cryptomatte [D3959]
  • Fixed crash when loading malformed cryptomatte metadata.
  • User manual cryptomatte.
  • Release notes cryptomatte.

Code Review

  • Fix T86542: Crash going to UV editing workspace with an instancer that is hidden from the viewport [D10724]
  • Compositor: Add Anti-Aliasing node [D2411]
  • Compositor automated testing [D6334]

Week 202110

Bug Fixing

  • Cryptomatte Crash on Load [T86026]


  • Resource manager for cryptomatte sessions [D10667]

Code Review

  • Fix T86417: Crash deleting Shader AOV from an empty list [D10666]
  • LibOverride: Add a utils to check if override has been user-edited. [D10649]
  • Compositor: Silence -Wself-assign [D10653]
  • Compositor: silence clang/clang-tidy override warnings [D10654]


  • Library Overrides: Manual [D10642]

Blender 2.83

  • Released Blender 2.83.13.

Week 202109


  • Technical Overview
  • Manual

Bug Fixing

  • Performance View 3d Viewport Crash [T86122]
  • Cryptomatte Crash on Load [T86026]


  • Construct Cryptomatte session from metadata.


  • Modernize Compositor code to CPP 17.

Week 202108


  • Windows build


  • Review/Discussion about re-arranging eevee render passes/stages.
  • GPencil: Anti-aliasing quality
  • Fix T85939: Eevee Specular BSDF shader compile error

Blender 2.92 release

  • Making sure release can be done this week.

Week 202107

Override project

  • Moved Overrides functional design to [1]
  • Research overrides + USD compatibility [2]

Code Review

  • T85499: Crash on switching to edit mode with uv editor open
  • D10414: Workbench: Improve AntiAliasing sampling.


  • Code review comments.

Viewport Module

  • Fix T85650: Switch for Fresnel Effect Wires in Viewport [D10436]

Week 202106

Override project

  • Functional design

Bug fixing

  • Initial design how to tackle the double CM issues
  • T79999: Double color management applied during viewport animation render [D10371]
  • Fix T81206: Do not limit gl texture size in image editor

Code review

  • Fix T85499: Crash on switching to edit mode with uv editor open [D10369]
  • Fix issue with render_passes AOVs in viewport [D10375]
  • Fix T85499: Crash on switching to edit mode with uv editor open [D10369]
  • Fix T74680: Incorrect mixing in Glare node [D7138]


  • Load cryptomatte meta data from OpenEXR file.
  • Rebase master into cryptomatte branch.

Week 202105


  • Production hooks are responsible for loading files.
  • Added hook filter on task types.
  • Save file after building
  • Add camera rig.
  • Started with override of props and characters
  • Link animation in lighting file.
  • Fix loading BBQ grill.
  • Fix loading pencil and notepad.


  • Tested overrides from UI perspective.
  • Checked at the basic code structure and listed the important function points. On friday will dive into these function points.

Code Review

  • D2411: Compositor: Anti-Aliasing node
  • Eevee: DoF refactoring

Week 202104

  • T83529: Horizontal stripe artifacts in image editor
  • Fix T84878: Eevee cryptomatte broken with stereoscopy
  • Fix T84398: Multiview images show only one view.
  • Buildbot: Fixed crash when building RC builds
  • Fix T84324: Crash when combining two scenes in compositor.
  • Fix T84438: Crashing when compositing 2 scenes
  • Fix T83198: Crash when switching to in-progress render slot (2.91)
  • Potential Fix T83022: Transparency in Solid View Causes Glitch Artifacts
  • Researched several CM issues [T77909].
  • Added new AMD Drivers to the HQ normals workaround.
  • Helped out Blender v2.83.12 release
  • Fix T83187: Unselected UVs show selected on linked meshes.
  • Fix to add 2.90.1 to opendata benchmark
  • Fix to add 2.91.? to opendata benchmark
  • Fix T81169: Grease Pencil Z-depth drawing issue on OSX + AMD Graphic Cards

Week 202103

Bug Fixing

Code review

  • Fix T84823: crash rendering with unconnected input socket in File Output node [D10137]
  • Fix T84784: Time Remapping not displaying in the timeline [D10134]

Shot builder

  • Loading assets
  • Adding hooks
  • Set render engine + settings
  • Added cleaner method to sync data from external systems.


  • Blender 2.91.2 release

Week 202102

  • Fixed wireframe draw issues AMD drivers
  • Fixed edit normal draw issues AMD drivers
  • Fix T64953: Add cryptomatte meta data to file output node.
    • Applied feedback from code review

Week 202101

Bug Fixing

  • DrawManager: High quality normals for non meshes [d11a87b88c]
  • GPU: Add HQ normals workaround [a3fcbb54f4]
  • GPU: Enable HQ normal work around for AMD Polaris [cb2517016b]
  • Fix: Update normals when switching scene quality [c716b9862a]
  • Regression : Eevee vextex color isn't working with hair [c6e5b3f42d]
  • Fix T84053: Mask overlay in image editor not working [T84053]
  • Compositor: Alpha Mode [D9630]
  • Fix T64953: Add cryptomatte meta data to file output node. [T64953]
    • Added example file and verified with users in external compositor
    • Optimized the patch. (Mostly passing remove passing of std::string)
  • Researched reason why wireframe rendering isn't working on specific platforms. [T84459]
    • Updated the platform detection of failing platforms

Patch Review

  • Fix T84160: Wrong DOF when camera is overriden [D9952]
  • Fix T84389: RGB Curves node shows "tone" option outside of compositor [D10005]