Week 202013: 2020/03/30 - 2020/04/05

Bug Fixing

  • Paint Overlay Show Modified Wires and Edges [T75053]
  • Loop normal overlay drawing when generative modifier present [57d8bde0886f]
  • Center face normal overlay drawing when generative modifier present [a2d19c1f7811]
  • Multiresolution ghost after orbiting [T74898]
  • Facing Overlay Intervenes With Selection [T73513]
  • Vertex Group Weights in Edit Mode Occludes In Front Armatures [T72688]
  • Screw Modifier Crash [T75244]

Code Review

  • Sculpt: Add global automasking option for all brushes [D7304]
  • Fix Face Sets painting and selection precision [D7303]
  • Fix mesh boundary automasking curve falloff [D7262]
  • Update Face Sets visibility when entering Sculpt mode [D7249]
  • Sculpt: Face Set Boundary Automasking [D7230]
  • Multires: Implementation edge boundary automasking [D7165]
  • Sculpt: New Layer Brush [D7147]
  • Sculpt: Initial Topology Distances and Falloff support [D7059]
  • Delay viewport updates [D6269]
  • Memory leak in surface smooth [D7254]
  • EEVEE: Object Motion Blur: Initial Implementation [D7297]

Indepth Issue Analysis

  • Linked Mesh Editing Doesn't Work As Expected When Using Data Transfer Modifier [T73895]

Animation Playback Performance

  • Updated the project with comments from Brecht
  • Discussed the project with Sergey and finalized the plan

Code Cleanup

  • Introduce GHOST_Bitmap that remove an incorrect dependency from GHOST to IMBuf.

Week 202012: 2020/03/23 - 2020/03/29

Bug Fixing

  • Stereo 3D Anaglyph and Interlace rendering on Intel and NVIDIA [T74964]
  • Weight Painting Overlay Invisible for In Front Objects [T74923]
  • Image Editor Channel Selector [T74586]
  • Drawing in 3D viewport changes object colors [T74782]
  • GPencil: Strokes get darker while drawing in SOLID mode [T75050]
  • When Playback animation in Workbench the first frame flashes [T75062]
  • SubDiv: Incorrect normals loose edges [D7127]
  • Incorrect Wireframe After Applying SubSurf/MultiRes [T67888]

Code Review

  • Sculpt: Use uchar to store the sculpt mask in the GPU [D7148]
  • Fix paint cursor lagging behind the OS cursor [D7174]
  • Fix T74808: Division by 0 in Cloth brush solver with overlapping vertices [D7184]
  • Rename Edge Automasking to Boundary Automasking [D7185]
  • Fix T74899: Add Draw Face Sets brush to versioning defaults [D7199]
  • Sculpt: Face Sets Init operator [D7209]
  • Sculpt: Create Face Set by Edit Mode Selection [D7211]
  • Scultp: Face Set boundary automasking [D7230]
  • Sculpt: Pose Brush Face Sets origin mode [D7235]
  • Missing pmap when using Face Sets in the mesh filter [D7236]
  • Face sets operators not aware of SCULPT_FACE_SET_NONE [D7188]
  • Reset face set data when disabling dyntopo [D7099]

Animation Playback Performance

Analyzed the collected data from last week and added design tasks for areas that are clear that they can be improvements

  • DrawManager: Improved Task Scheduler [T75120]
  • ActionEditor: Keyframes Drawing [T75124]
  • ActionEditor: Add callback function to ANIM_animdata_filter [T75127]
  • Workbench: Cull before batch creation [T75130]

Next Week

Still want to focus on GPU viewport issues. This release has a couple of refactorings what increased the number of issues in this area.

This week I looked indepth to the Drawing side optimizations and create some design tasks. Brecht van Lommel added some comments related to DependencyGraph. Next week I want to do the same exercise for depgraph.

Week 202011: 2020/03/16 - 2020/03/22

Bug Fixing

  • Stereoscopy Composite Rendering Issues: [T73931]
  • GreasePencil Stereo Render renders to one eye only [T74811]
  • Object Outline outlines hidden faces in object mode with XRAY enabled [T74643]
  • OverlayEngine: crash when using hidden faces 8cb463f4ff24f05dde858f9706a2990c6c81d817
  • In editing mode, when "in Front" is on, Annotations are not drawn on the surface [T73929]
  • Incorrect Wireframe After Applying SubSurf [T67888]
  • Incorrect Display Of RGB images with color management [2982c9ba0a9c]


  • WindowManager: Remove Stereo Offscreen [D7153]

Code Review

  • Voxel Remesh: Edit Voxel Size operator [D6449]
  • Update viewport rotation origin when changing Face Set visibility [D7137]

Animation Playback Performance

Next Week

This week I saw some GPU/Drawing issues in the area of painting modes. And the stereo fix I did last week seems only to work on AMD GPUs. I want to focus on that during my bug tracking days.

For the animation playback performance project we should make a selection of files, check with the artists what files reflects what they need (I expect that some files are tailored to get them working, are smoke simulations important for animation). Create tasks what we found out during the analysis we did this week and go one level deeper and detect actual parts of the code we want to improve during the project.

Week 202010: 2020/03/09 - 2020/03/15

Animation Playback Performance

I did some research on areas where we could improve. And found some low hanging fruit.

  • Increased Performance Of the Cage Deform Modifier. In Daily Dweebs I measures an improvement of 25% of overall playback performance improvements [D7132]
  • Use a single taskpool for subsurf tasks. [D7128]

Bug Fixing

  • View transform for camera background images [T67832]
  • Viewport Background Color visible in Material Preview Mode [982b498c22a3]
  • SubDiv: Incorrect normals loose edges [D7127]


  • DrawManager: Pack Draw State Bits [D7088]

Code Review

Next week I want to focus on GPU Viewport bugs. For animation playback performance I want get more familiar with the current OpenSubDiv implementation.

Week 202009: 2020/03/02 - 2020/03/08

Bug Tracker

  • Stereoscopy Composite Rendering Issues: [T73931]
  • Remove Assert With Look Dev Blurry background [T74362]
  • HDRI preview spheres appear in render passes and reflections [T74392]
  • GPUOffscreen Color Management [T74299]


  • Slowdown on kaby lake intel processors

Regular Development

  • EEVEE: Added support for Shader AOVs [D7010]

Code Cleanup

My plan for upcoming week is bug fixing high prio issues related to GPU drawing and code reviewing the projects that still need to land in Blender 2.83

Week 202008: 2020/02/24 - 2020/03/01

Bug Tracker

  • Stereoscopy Composite Rendering Issues: [T73931]
  • Preview render in Cycles becomes yellow tinted when cursor is on the file browser, [T74119]
  • Eevee Viewport Shading Render Passes have problems once the saturation of the material becomes 1 [T74063]
  • EEVEE: Switch To Combined Render Pass when a Render Pass isnt Available Anymore in the Viewport [T74254]
  • EEVEE: Film Transparency and Bloom [T74229]


  • EEVEE: Shadow Pass Visible on Backsided geometry [T74110]
  • Slowdown on kaby lake intel processors

Patch Review

  • Lookdev: Add support for partially blurred background [D6895]

Week 202007: 2020/02/17 - 2020/02/23


  • EEVEE: Screen Space Refraction Objects Not Rendering In Final Render when Subsurface Render Pass Enabled [T73913]

Code Cleanup

  • EEVEE: RenderPasses Code Cleanup [D6875]

Feature Development

  • EEVEE: RenderPasses Finalized and merge to master [T72007]
  • Tests: Added render tests for render passes [T73925]

Week 202006: 2020/02/10 - 2020/02/16

Bug Fixing

  • Normals Overlay Hidden Part Of Mesh [T73518]

Code Review

  • Color management improvements in Draw Manager [804e90b42d72]

Investigations 2.82 release issues

  • UDIM Zoom in/out shows different textures
  • Alpha channel textures in workbench

Blender 2.83 Development

  • EEVEE render passes [T72007]:
    • Merge transmission pass into the diffuse pass
    • Merge Refraction and reflection passes into the glossy pass
    • Fixed issue where pricipled bsdf clear coating bled into multiple passes
    • Using UBO to optimize the drawing performance
    • Added support objects that have no node-based materials setup
    • End user manual [D6832]
    • Developer documentation

Week 202005: 2020/02/03 - 2020/02/09

Bug Triaging & Fixing

Blender 2.83 development

  • T72007: First code review pass

Week 202005: 2020/01/27 - 2020/02/02

This week want to meet and create an initial plan for the Animation Playback Speed. For the rest tracker curfew.

  • EEVEE: Added a shadow pass T72007
  • Render Output can be used as camera background image T73188
  • Faster Animation Playback design T68908
  • Clean up API removed unused bpy parameters from invoke_popup and invoke_prop_dialog T68749

Week 202004: 2020/01/20 - 2020/01/26

  • Color picker Image Editor Crash T73233
  • EEVEE Indirect Baking Crash T73251
  • UV Sculpt Operator Crash T73224
  • EEVEE Renderlayers T72007
    • Added support for hair geometry
    • Extract the light passes from the final component pass (similar to cycles)

Week 202003: 2020/01/13 - 2020/01/19

  • EEVEE Softshadows not rendering during Viewport Render T71154
  • EEVEE + UV Edit Unused Map T72905
  • Viewport Split Quad View Region Crash T72200
  • Viewport Workbench Render Direct from Sculpt Mode Crash T72063
  • Sculptmode Wireframe Coloring T67305
  • Select Boundary Loop T72250
  • Studiolights Specular were not visible until reload T73069
  • Fixed crash in Retopology Overlay T70267
  • EEVEE Renderlayers T72007
    • Stability in the viewport
    • Implemented renderpasses for the Specular Shader
    • Added reflection pass

Next week I will continue with fixing issues in Blender 2.82 and continue working on the EEVEE renderpasses for Blender 2.83

Week 202002: 2020/01/06 - 2020/01/12

This week I will spend a most of my time in the bug tracker + Code review. Besides that I did some small tasks

  • Fixed Sculpt Brush Text Color T71491
  • Research how to do better color mangement in the window manager.
  • Updated Retopology Overlay patch to overlay engine T70267
  • Added Volumetrics Renderpass for EEVEE T72007

Next week I will spend most my time in the bug tracker fixing viewport related issues. If there is time left want to continue on the color management research