Week 202005: 2020/01/27 - 2020/02/02

This week want to meet and create an initial plan for the Animation Playback Speed. For the rest tracker curfew.

Week 202004: 2020/01/20 - 2020/01/26

  • Color picker Image Editor Crash T73233
  • EEVEE Indirect Baking Crash T73251
  • UV Sculpt Operator Crash T73224
  • EEVEE Renderlayers T72007
    • Added support for hair geometry
    • Extract the light passes from the final component pass (similar to cycles)

Week 202003: 2020/01/13 - 2020/01/19

  • EEVEE Softshadows not rendering during Viewport Render T71154
  • EEVEE + UV Edit Unused Map T72905
  • Viewport Split Quad View Region Crash T72200
  • Viewport Workbench Render Direct from Sculpt Mode Crash T72063
  • Sculptmode Wireframe Coloring T67305
  • Select Boundary Loop T72250
  • Studiolights Specular were not visible until reload T73069
  • Fixed crash in Retopology Overlay T70267
  • EEVEE Renderlayers T72007
    • Stability in the viewport
    • Implemented renderpasses for the Specular Shader
    • Added reflection pass

Next week I will continue with fixing issues in Blender 2.82 and continue working on the EEVEE renderpasses for Blender 2.83

Week 202002: 2020/01/06 - 2020/01/12

This week I will spend a most of my time in the bug tracker + Code review. Besides that I did some small tasks

  • Fixed Sculpt Brush Text Color T71491
  • Research how to do better color mangement in the window manager.
  • Updated Retopology Overlay patch to overlay engine T70267
  • Added Volumetrics Renderpass for EEVEE T72007

Next week I will spend most my time in the bug tracker fixing viewport related issues. If there is time left want to continue on the color management research