Weekly reports of Jeroen Bakker (atmind) latest report will be on the top.

Week 201914: 2019/04/22 - 2019/04/28

  • [T57000]: Vertex Color in Workbench
  • [T63680]: Mesh Analysis Overlay

Week 201914: 2019/04/15 - 2019/04/21

  • [T62449]: Hiding faces in Texture paint mode
  • [T57000]: Vertex Color in Workbench
  • [T63517]: Enable Axis Aligned Ortho Grid overlay
  • Mesh analysis overlay

Week 201914: 2019/04/08 - 2019/04/14

  • [T63312] Fix crash xray + border clipping
  • Participated in many meeting in the home stretch week

Week 201914: 2019/04/01 - 2019/04/07

  • [T62876] Show Camera Back Texture in wireframe
  • [T63077] Support Mixing transparent + texture materials during deferred rendering.
  • [T63056] EEVEE+Workbench: render particles in image rendering
  • [T63292] Workbench Texture drawing when no material
  • [T63223] EEVEE crash not able to allocate texture memory, when enough memory available

Week 201913: 2019/03/25 - 2019/03/31

  • [T62874] Fix Crash Transparency + Texture drawing workbench
  • [T62189] Fix Occluded Wires when edit face drawing disabled
  • [T62965] Fix Crash WeightPaint/VertexPaint
  • [T62479] Show object outliner+workbench shadows for displist type of objects
  • [T62876] Show Camera Back Texture in wireframe

Week 201912: 2019/03/18 - 2019/03/24

  • [T60820] Fix Workbench to render with odd number of AA samples
  • [T59046] Fix LookDev QuadView
  • [T61023] Fix world clipping with transparency
  • [T60211] Fix memory leak converting Curve to Mesh
  • [T62248] Fix Compositor Crop node by default not usable
  • [T62772] Fix Alpha Texture Rendering in Texture painting
  • [T62785] Improve Compositor Viewer Node Link
  • [T62810] AA reversed in workbench
  • [T58727] Implement drawing of stencil masks for texture painting.
  • [T62774] Disable edit mode overlays when overlays are disabled.
  • [T62356] Fix memory leak volumetrics rendering EEVEE.
  • [T61816] Fix Array Modifer crashes when Merge, Adjust Edit Cage, Start/End Cap, and Edit Mode are enabled.
  • [T62717] Support Switching Drawing Engines When Sculpting

Week 201911: 2019/03/11 - 2019/03/17

  • [D4485] Reduce the number of recompilation events
  • Fixed bug [T62145]
  • Prototype precompiling kernels.

Week 201910: 2019/03/04 - 2019/03/10

  • [T58953] IES Light texture not working for Opencl GPU render
  • [D4485] Reduce the number of recompilation events
  • [D4428] Background Compilation of Kernels during BVH building
  • [D4481] Removal of OpenCL Single program compilation
  • Research on SPIR to distribute some kernels with blender. (Note: not going to implement due to driver support)

Week 201909: 2019/02/25 - 2019/03/03

  • [T61752, D4428] Cycles OpenCL: Background Compilation of Kernels during BVH building. When in foreground render and the kernels are being build, the system will use an AO kernel. This way users can still interact with the scene.

Week 201908: 2019/02/18 - 2019/02/24

  • [T61513] Volumetric compilation times
  • [T61463] Split bake kernels in own programs
  • [T61576] Do not compile kernels that are not needed
  • [T61501] Reduce kernel recompilations
  • [T61466] Merge small serial kernels
  • [T61700] Do not compile baking kernels twice.
  • [T61736] Remove mega kernel

Week 201907: 2019/02/11 - 2019/02/17

  • Researched what kernels with what compilation directives takes a long time to compile.
  • [T61461] Researched what the distribution of a specific node compared to the total compilation time.
  • [T61459] Created a list of tasks that we will do in the first iteration.
  • [T61513] Reduced OpenCL volumetric compilation times.
  • [D2264] Bundled kernels that compile quickly into a single program.
  • [D4349] Reverting single kernel patch. multi kernel is faster since D2264 was accepted.

Week 201906: 2019/02/04 - 2019/02/10

  • Researched how LuxRender, ProRender structured their kernels.
  • Revamped support multithreaded compilation of kernels D2264 (Original patch by Lukas Stockner). BMW compilation time reduced from 55 seconds to:
    • 40 seconds (cycles.debug_opencl_kernel_single_program = True)
    • 20 seconds (cycles.debug_opencl_kernel_single_program = False)
  • Research on compilation times of Cycles OpenCL kernels

Week 201905: 2019/02/01 - 2019/02/03