Blender LTS

I will be managing Blender LTS for 2.83 in the upcoming period. This page describes the generic process and it will be updated when needed. The goal of this page is that anyone would be able to take over when I won't be able to handle it, eg conference or holiday.


Tasks will be performed once a week on Thursday morning between 08:00 to 12:00 AMS time.

  • Go over any commits of last week and decide what commits will be merged into blender 2.83.
    • Commits should fix critical issues (Crashes, file corruption)
    • To a small extent corrective issues are allowed. These issues should be approved by Dalai/Brecht
    • Commits should still match the implementation of Blender LTS to a certain extent. Ideally no development should be allowed as development would increase the risk to reduce the quality.
  • Go over the list of open fixes and indicate the commits that are still correct and what commits had a corrective change afterwards.
  • Add new commits and update commits that needed corrective changes and mark them. These commits won't be committed this week as we want fixes to be stable before merging to Blender LTS.
  • Cherrypick commits that were correct from master to Blender LTS. Mark them in the Phabricator task [#77348] that they have been committed.
  • execute test cases + test suits
  • increase file sub version (in BKE_blender_version.h increase BLENDER_FILE_SUBVERSION)

Phabricator task

#77348 contains a table for managing the commits. The ticket contains a table with the next columns. Order: Latest changes are on top so we don't need to scroll.

Report: Reference to the original bug report(s) of the commit that the issues solves.
Commits: Reference to the commits in master or other release branches (eg. blender-v2.90-release). This could become multiple commits when the commit received corrective fixes before it got fixed in Blender LTS. When a commit receives a corrective fix afterwards a new row would be added to the table.
Status: Status of this row.

  • New: This row has been added last week in master and is monitored to be added to Blender LTS the next week.
  • Corrective Fix: The commit received a fix in master last week. We would assume that the fix isn't stable yet. Action is to look next week if the patch didn't receive another fix. As long as a fix received a corrective fix we won't include it in Blender LTS.
  • Reverted: The commit was reverted in master and the commit was already applied to Blender LTS. The reason why it was reverted also applies to Blender LTS. These commits are directly executed. This state is there to monitor new fixes of the issue. When a new fix will be added to master, it would be added as a new row.
  • Fix Applied: Fix was applied, no more work to be done.
  • Wait for Fix: The issue has been discussed that it should be added to Blender LTS, when the fix becomes available. As the fix isn't available we should monitor it. Note that the eventual fix should still be checked on if the solution maps to Blender LTS code base.
  • Invalid: Fix could not be applied as the actual commit couldn't be merged clean to Blender LTS. Additional development is needed to apply fix what should not be allowed as this is Blender LTS.

In the end every commit in Blender LTS should also be in this table. We should go over this on a regular basis so we know for certain that the process is executed correctly.

                                            ╎                      Status column                        ╎
                                            ╎                                                           ╎
                                            ╎                                                           ╎
                                            ╎   ┌─────────────────────────────────────────┐             ╎
                                            ╎   │                                         │             ╎
                   ┌−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−    │                                         │              −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−┐
                   ╎                            │                                         ▼                                ╎
┌────────────┐     ╎ ┌──────────────┐         ┌────────────┐     ┌────────────────┐     ┌─────────────┐       ┌──────────┐ ╎
│ Bug report │ ──▶ ╎ │ Wait for Fix │ ──────▶ │    New     │ ──▶ │ Corrective fix │ ──▶ │ Fix applied │ ────▶ │ Reverted │ ╎
└────────────┘     ╎ └──────────────┘         └────────────┘     └────────────────┘     └─────────────┘       └──────────┘ ╎
                   ╎   │                                                                                                   ╎
                   ╎   │               −−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−┘
                   ╎   │              ╎         ▲
                   ╎   │              ╎         │
                   ╎   ▼              ╎         │
                   ╎ ┌──────────────┐ ╎       ┌────────────┐
                   ╎ │   Invalid    │ ╎       │ Git commit │
                   ╎ └──────────────┘ ╎       └────────────┘
                   ╎                  ╎


digraph {
    rankdir = "LR"
  	BugReport[label="Bug report"]
   	GitCommit[label="Git commit"]

   subgraph cluster_1 {
        label="Status column"

	    FixApplied[label="Fix applied"]
	    CorrectiveFix[label="Corrective fix"]
	    WaitForFix[label="Wait for Fix"]

    GitCommit -> New -> FixApplied -> Reverted
    New -> CorrectiveFix -> FixApplied
    BugReport -> WaitForFix -> Invalid
    WaitForFix-> New