Week 166: January 03 - 07

  • Fix T94545: Support realizing instanced collections (d960c78693).
  • Fix T94707: Inverted output of separate geometry node incorrect (6c906b7c21).
  • Fix T94534: Dangling pointer in internal link after removing socket (d5e73fa13d).
  • Fix T94659: Crash when deleting instances (3e92b4ed24).
  • Assets: Disable automatic preview generation for node groups (b63f375775).
  • D13739: UI: Show recently selected items at the top of searches.
  • D13747: Assets: Add operator to create preview from active object.
  • D13748: Assets: Enable node group assets.
  • D13752: Add script to check namespace names for unity builds.
  • D13757: Geometry Nodes: Experimental Scale Elements node (WIP).
  • Code Review.

Next Week

General geometry nodes work.